About me

About Toybox Collection:

Here at Toybox Collection, we aim to bring you high quality images, reviews and information on a variety of toys and action figures, from the old to the new, Japanese to US and mass produced to the limited editions! We believe that toys should be shared and enjoyed, taken out of the box and played with. This is the reason behind our website, we hope you enjoy our collection and thanks for stopping by!

About me:

I’m an industrial designer currently working in Sydney. I love all things to do with design, fashion, food, trends, gadgets, photography and of course TOYS. I’ve only been collecting toys seriously since mid 2008, but I’ve always had toys around me in one form or another from matchbox cars, to old transformer toys. To me, toys are much more than just a product or object, they connect with you and form a bond, and coming from a design background I can’t help but to review some of the toys in my own collection and share them with my readers.

But, good or bad, all toys deserve to be LOVED and played with, that is my philosophy.

We hope you enjoy your visit:)