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To celebrate 6 months online + opening of online toy shop + showing our appreciation for your visits, TBC would like to make a small contribution to the toy collection of one lucky reader!


Leave a REPLY in the comment area below in 50 words or less

“if you could be any anime/manga character, who would you be and why?”

The most creative response will WIN – and remember you’ve gotta be in it to win it:)

The winner will also be able to choose his/her prize(1 only) from the selection of awesome new release toys below.

a. Revoltech Dancouga b. Figma Aegis c. ROBOT DAMASHII Savage (Sand colour)

a. Revoltech Dancougab. Figma Aegisc. Robot Tamashii Savage

Contest will be open until Sunday midnight, 11th November Sydney EST.

* unlimited entry (but please do not spam the site, TBC reserves the right to remove any inappropriate entries)
* winner will be picked by TBC team and contacted via email
* item will be shipped out within a week of close of contest

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    i’d want to be luffy (one piece), so i don’t have to get up to grab a beer from the fridge:)

  • If i could be any anime/manga character then id certainly be Shinji Ikari, if anyone ever hassled me i could could jump in Unit-01 and go smash up their house… :P

    • LOL…anger management?:P

    I’d be Goku, unknown to the world, and capable of doing anything. I’d try my hand at playing in the NBA, break all athletics records, and be an all-round good crime-fighter guy. And I’d pull mad breakdance moves in clubs and do crazy weights in the gym to catch the eye’s of the hottest girls.

    • haha..thats a good one!! Keep them coming!:)

    I would be Sanji from One Piece, because I’m a perve like that LOL

    • yes…yes you are….

    If i was a anime character id be Sonic the Hedgehog, so I could run in a treadmill ultra fast to produce my own electricity to sell.

    • there must be a better way to make money if you could be ANY anime character?:P
      but I like the way you’re producing green clean energy!!

    I’d love to be doraemon – then i can have dokodemo door, i can travel to anywhere i want without paying for pricey air tickets.. hohoho~~

    • and you can take me to JAPAN!!:)

    i would you be Naruto, so i can clone many my self to do many things at same time, homeworks, watching tv, households and games ;D

    • and go on multiple dates?:P

    I’d like be Nobita rather than Doraemon.. so that I can be carefree as Doraemon will take care of my stuff XD I can fall asleep soundly in 2 seconds, take on various adventures and I will MARRY Minamoto in the final! LOL

    • Shizuka Minamoto!! I think every young boy had a crush on her at some stage…AHAHAHA….

    Definitely Ironman!
    Why do I need to care about getting money when I’m the richest? Why do I need chase after women when they will be flirts before me?
    When I’m off the suit I’m just a very smart, handsome and rich human so I don’t need to worry about being the father of a nest of spiders or a hairy freaking monster (especially when having so many hot girls around… hehe :P~~). When I’m in the suit I can run, fly, dive and stronger than everything else.
    Btw, I don’t even need my own energy to do the walking! (What? O… come on! okok… maybe the bald guy in a wheel chair is as good as Ironman on this auto-walking stuff, but u don’t wanna be him, do u?)

    • luffy can definitely take on iron man….:P

    just a reminder, only one week to go, multiple entries are allowed:)

  • I want to be rambo from hitman reborn, carefree and cute!!!!!

  • I want to be Vampire Hunter D, so I have a talking hand/thingy so other people really could “talk to the hand”…

    oh wow, thats cheesy….

    yet awesome…

    • cheesy yet it made me LOL….

    I would be Sagara Sousuke from Full Metal Panic, with so much anger I built up I can pilot the Arbalest with ease using Lambda Driver channeling all my anger into one huge power punch XD (plus I get to have Chidori ^_^)

    • haha u only saying that cos i just did the review of arbalest?:P

    • no no, I rewatch the whole FMP series in 2 days like a week ago XD, no sleep just kept watching. the show is THAT good!

    • I’m just pulling your leg mate:) I love that show too…even tho I’ve only seen bits of it….hope to see the whole thing from start to finish soon!

    Alright guys, just over 24 hours to go before the competition closes I bet you’re all saving your best till last!! Bring it on!!:)

  • I want to be Ryuk from Deathnote so when I have withdrawals from not eating apples I can bust out some mad handstands and twists.

    My handstand game is poor atm…

  • 6 hours to go guys, we’ve got some good entries so far…:)

  • I’ll be Lord Genome (Gurren Lagann). So I can pilot Lazengann & Catheral Lazengann (moon size), protect mankind for thousand years and die twice in 2 epic fights ;).

    Life is about what creating value during life time, and I think Lord Genome will be the best example.

  • Icaros from Sora no Otoshi Mono… Melon of mass destruction…

  • I wanna be Yuki Nagato. I can be under the radar but can also watch Haruhi sexually harassing Mikuru behind the closed door of the SOS Brigade club room.

  • I’d be Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion). I mean, who cares having a cold-hearted dad if you live in the same place as Asuka Langley Soryu? Besides that, I’d be able to see both Asuka and Rei in plugsuits in a daily basis. It just can’t get better than that.

  • 2 hours left guys!! some of the recent entries really cracked me up:)
    Its going to be a tough one deciding the winner for sure!

  • Horo from Ookami to Koushinryou / Spice & Wolf… Her-I mean-my fluffy shippo would be a perfect daimakura… Or a cleaning brush… 0_0


  • winner of contest announcement –

  • i want to be luffy. well i really want to be like him even if i dont join this uhm
    contest because i want adventures and stuff and im pretty childish like luffy. and want to be strong like im never gonna give up even if you cut my hands ill still beat you to a pulp.

    • I’d like to be luffy too, cos Boa Hancock is “very attractive” (to put it nicely for the kids reading) :P

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