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I recently purchased 2 issues of the popular Hyper Hobby Magazine from Kinokuniya bookstore in the Victoria Galleria during comic day.

About Hyper Hobby

“The magazine mainly focuses on Japanese Tokusatsu (Sci-Fi Live Action) toys, but also on many other various toys including anime figures, candy toys, capsule toys, crane-game prize, and much more in each issue. The pages are filled with hundreds of cool Japanese toys! This magazine may be a little bit expensive, but the excellent photo print quality makes it worth the cost! It’s a photo-oriented magazine that’s highly recommended for people who love to look at fun, beautiful, unique, and amazing toys. Recommended also for anime figure fans! Also, almost every issue comes with a special separate booklet.”

Hyper Hobby Feb 09

Usually I wouldn’t purchase this magazine, not because it isn’t good, but because of the high retail cost here in Australia, but on comic day they had 70% off selected magazines, and Hyper Hobby was one of them.

I picked up the January and February issues, and the February issue came with a bonus Kamen Rider Kiva 仮面ライダーキバkeyring, which is a special version of this keyring, with transparent eyes and right leg.

Kamen Rider Kiva Keyring

Kamen Rider Keyring

It came nicely packaged in a high quality cardboard box, definitely much nicer than I had expected of a product that comes free with a magazine.

Kamen Rider Keyring box

I’m definitely going to keep buying this magazine, but I’ll probably shop around, there are a few online toy stores that sell Hyper Hobby for a good price.

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