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29/04/16 Toybox Online Shop is now closed. We will continue to sell selective items through our eBay Store, thank you!

24/08/09 Toybox Online Shop is now up and running!! Thanks for your support! Toybox Online Shop. Our eBay store will continue to operate for a little while longer, eBay Store @ Toybox eBay Store

For more pictures or information on any toys, or if you need a hand finding hard to get toys, please email me

Below are some of the items that have sold / are selling now at Toybox Collection

Batman the Dark Knight by Mattel

Movie Masters Batman and The Joker Action Figure
Movie Masters Batman Wave 2 and The Joker Action Figure
Movie Masters Batman and Scarecrow Action Figure

Bubblegum Crisis by YAMATO

Bubblegum Crisis 1/15 Moto Slave + Sylia
Bubblegum Crisis 1/15 Moto Slave + Linna

CAUL by Tomy Takara

CAUL Nissan Skyline R32
CAUL Toyota Supra

Chogokin Popy / Bandai

Popy Getter 02
Popy Getter 03
Popy Robot Junior

Die-Cast models by Mattel / Bandai

Kamen Rider V1 + Cyclone
Kamen Rider V3 + Hurricane
Guard Chaser
Kikaider Double Machine

1:50 Animated Batmobile
1:50 Movie Batmobile Tumbler

Garland by YAMATO

1/15 Transformable Garland Factory Colour – Megazone 23
1/15 Transformable Proto Garland – Megazone 23

Gundam by Bandai

HCM Pro RX-78-2 Gundam Roll Out Color Version Limited
HCM Pro Akatsuki Gundam Complete Set 1/200
HCM Pro HCM Pro RX-93 Nu Gundam Special Paint 1/200
HCM Deactive Box: Freedom & Destiny Gundam 1/200
HCM Pro Gundam Exia Special Metallic Painted 1/200

Gundam Fix Figuration
GFF 0037 PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam Frame Model

Mobile Suits In Action MSIA
MSIA Extended RX-78-2 Real Type Color Limited Ver.
MSIA Extended Gelgoog Cannon Limited Ver.

Macross Plastic Kits

Armoured VF-1A
Armoured VF-1S
Super Valkyrie VF-1D

Medicom 70% Pepsi Nex Star Wars Be@rbrick

Star Wars Be@rbrick Darth Vader
Star Wars Be@rbrick Darth Maul
Star Wars Be@rbrick Storm Trooper
Star Wars Be@rbrick Yoda
Star Wars Be@rbrick Tie Pilot
Star Wars Be@rbrick C-3PO
Star Wars Be@rbrick R2D2
Star Wars Be@rbrick Jango Fett
Star Wars Be@rbrick Boba Fett
Star Wars Be@rbrick Chewbacca
Star Wars Be@rbrick Jawa
Star Wars Be@rbrick Wicket
Star Wars Be@rbrick Clone Trooper [EP2]
Star Wars Be@rbrick Clone Trooper [EP2]

Terminator T800 by NECA

Terminator T800 Endoskeleton

Revoltech by Kaiyodo

Revoltech Series No. 031 Getter 1 OVA
Revoltech Series No. 052 Lazengann from Gurren Lagann

S.I C by Bandai

Bandai S.I.C Kamen Rider Black RX Set

Saint Seiya by Bandai

Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Pegasus Seiya
Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Cygnus Hyoga
Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Phoenix Ikki

Transformers by Hasbro / Tomy Takara

Movie Transformers
Movie Nightwatch Optimus with TFC-01 Prime Blade
Movie Revenge: RD-01 Megatron (Japan Import
Movie MD-05 Protoform Starscream (Japan Import)
Movie Optimus Prime Leader Class US Version
Movie Megatron Leader Class Silver/Grey Version
Movie Voyager Megatron Limited Edition metallic finish version
Movie Movie Recon Barricade

HENKEI! Transformers
Henkei Transformers C-09 Cybertron Lambo
Henkei Transformers C-10 Cybertron Streak

Transformers Universe
Delux Class Transformers Universe Megatron Special Edition

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    hey man you got any gundam figures for sale? looking for hcm pro in brissy…

    • Hi Chen,

      I’ve got some HCM Pro figure on my eBay store for sale at the moment, also a Fix Figuration Perfect Gundam. Let me know if you are interested and I can find out the postage cost for you. (



    hi. Do you still have the SkylineR32 & toyota Supra CAUL by Tomy takara in stock? I’m looking to buy a couple. Thanks

  • Hi Kyle,

    I don’t have any stock at the moment, but if you want I can try and get some more in for you from Japan. How man and which cars are you interested in?



  • I’m looking for these item… Is it still available ?
    How much for these item?

    1:50 Animated Batmobile
    1:50 Movie Batmobile Tumbler


    • Hi Ammar, thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately the batmobiles were sold a while ago. Let me know if you need me to give you a hand looking for these items:)

    • Hi there! Was checking out your blog and slmubted upon this version of Bumblebee. I find that it looks really good.May i know where did you get it from?

    • Hi Natalie, are you talking about the Human Alliance Bumblebee or the Voyager Bumblebee? Both of these you will be able to find on eBay or Amazon, but probably not in stores anymore as the were released a few years back.

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  • Hi Folks

    I found inside a small bag at a car boot sale a set of small figures with jointed limbs there appears to be a complete family. In addition there are an old man going bald with a brown overall ,a chef with an american, a sailor and two cats.

    Does anyone have a clue who they are ? There are no trademarks on them and they are hand painted

  • I forgot to ask if anyone would be interested in giving me a valuation or if they are worth anything at all

    Thanks for reading



    • Hi Elaine,

      If you want to send me some photos I can try to find out what they are for you. And if I can identify these toys I can probably give you a ball park figure of what they are worth at the moment. My email address is ken[at]toyboxcollection[dot]com.



    Do you have the caul toyota supra for sale?

    regards ruurd

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  • Hello,

    Do you still sale the Toyota Supra?

    Thank You

    • Sorry mate, that item is long gone.

    Hi, is the takara tomy rd-01 megatron stock available?

    • Hi Jack, RD-01 was sold a while ago and they are very pricy now. If you want I can have a look at trying to source one for you from Japan? send me an email if you are interested info[at]toyboxcollection[dot]com.

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