Japan Earthquake & Tsunami 2011 fundraiser

Japan Earthquake 2011“image from www.cnbc.com

Hi guys, I’m sure you are all aware by now the crisis Japan is facing after the the massive earthquake, tsunami and now the damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima.

As a massive fan of Japanese toys, anime, culture, food, and everything else in between I feel obligated to help as much as I can and give back to the Japanese people in their time of need.

That is why from today until the 1st of April, I will be donating 50% of all proceeds through my eshop and eBay store to the “Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund”, either through Paypal (GlobalGiving Project), the Australian Red Cross (Japan & Pacific Disaster 2011) or to the Japanese Red Cross directly. I’ll let you guys decide so please comment below.

Please spread the word, take this opportunity to purchase something for yourself knowing you will be making a contribution to the relief effort.

Thanks guys.

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  • For those that prefer to donate directly please see the links below:

    Japanese Red Cross: http://www.jrc.or.jp/english/relief/l4/Vcms4_00002070.html
    Australian Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org.au/japan2011.htm
    Donate with Paypal: https://www.paypal-donations.com/pp-charity/web.us/campaign.jsp?cid=-12

    Thanks guys!

  • Hi, I’m Japanese. I’m looking for a place to donate that doesn’t charge/spend for themselves out of what’s been donated…I’ve heard American Red Cross and possibly Aussie Red Cross takes away anything from 15%~30% as charge….
    Does anyone know any bodies that send 100% of the donation to Japan??

    • Hi LW, wouldn’t the Japanese Red Cross be the best and most direct way of donating to the Earthquake and Tsunami relief? Thats what I think anyway…also, with any of these organizations, they probably have to take a small % of the donations for admin and operations etc in general….

    • To: admin
      Thank you for your info.
      It’s a donation made by others as cash for fundraiser. Because it’s in cash, I hoped to find some group who’s collecting in cash, who also don’t charge for handling.
      Yes I understand that charges may apply but I have seen some groups in Japan (at least) to do it all for free of charge. Unfortunately they don’t deal with overseas donation.
      Anyhow, I’m sure we will work it out. As long as charges are no issue then obviously we can donate straight away.
      Thanks again for your help! Awesome!

    • I see, thats a little bit different then. I know in Sydney there was a collection in the city run by the Japanese community here last week I think…so maybe if you walk around your city during the weekend you might find people doing this? Good luck!

    I will have 2500 handmade stuffed rabbits to donate in May and I am looking for organizations in Japan that can take them. I am currently in Tokyo so I am here. I was hoping you might have some info.

    • Hi Liz, its great that you have done this to go towards the donation for Japan. I don’t know any organizations that takes donations in terms of product, but I can ask some of my Japanese friends for you.

      As far as I know, most organizations prefer monetary donations from the public, so most businesses will promote special deals / charity events to raise funds instead. Perhaps you can sell the stuffed rabbits to raise funds then donate to Red Cross etc?


    OK guys, once I do the accounts for this month I can work out how much to donate. Thanks again for everyone who supported this, I’m sure however little this is compared to the big picture it will help! (I hope!)

  • Just donated directly to the Japanese Red Cross for the Earthquake relief through Paypal (new on their site)….by my calculations this should be enough to buy them a couple of hundred packets of instant noodles..^___^


    Thanks to all those that helped out!!

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