Marvel Legends Grey Deadpool – Hasbro vs KO

I unwittingly purchased a knock off Marvel Legends Grey Deadpool from a local seller whom I trust, it wasn’t his fault as he was also under the impression the figure was genuine. I am firmly against the purchase of KO figures as this not only undermines the hard work the designers of the original toy (also applicable to any other product and industry) put in, it also creates confusion and possibility for customers to be deceived. Having said that, this was a great opportunity to do some side by side comparisons between the genuine Hasbro product versus the knock off.

Will the real Deadpool please stand up!

How to spot the difference

At a glance from a distance they look pretty much identical, as far as knock offs are concerned this is a very good copy – which is actually really bad! You can tell straight away there is a difference in the overall color scheme, although this is a very difficult thing to tell unless you have 2 figures side by side for comparison. The Hasbro version has a lighter grey color scheme with a satin finish while the KO is darker and glossier. The Hasbro also has a slight tinge of blue while the knock off appears slightly green in color, this color variation is very subtle and may not be immediately noticeable depending on the lighting.

  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool front full view
  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool back full view

Taking a closer look at the figures, particularly in the faces you can see the KO has a “burnt” appearance with very heavy shading. The sculpt detail also appears to be less defined than the Hasbro version although the general shape and lines look very close, almost leading me to believe they came out of the same mold which I’m pretty certain is not the case, and I’ll tell you why in a bit. The red painted cross on the chest is thinner on the KO than the Hasbro, and the strap material itself feels a lot more rigid on the KO version. The biggest giveaway with the KO grey Deadpool (at least in my version) is that it came with gold painted on the grip of the swords, rather than silver. The paint itself is also very sloppy in comparison to the Hasbro version. Again you can see on the sheaths that the sculpt is much more defined on the Hasbro than the KO.

  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool face comparison
  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool back comparison

Looking at the sides of the heads there is a line that runs down the middle through the ears. These are called parting lines or seams, where two halves of the plastic injection mold meet. The parting lines are clearly different on the Hasbro and KO which leads me to believe they are not made in the same mold. Looking from the right, there is a very large round-ish blemish on the Hasbro head which is not present in the KO, this is the injection point where the molten plastic is fed into the mold. Again this confirms my suspicion that these two toys do not share the same mold, and that KO toys are not simply factory rejects.

  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool head left comparison
  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool head right comparison

Going down the body to the utility belt, the sculpted texture is much more evident on the Hasbro toy, and the paint job is very glossy which gives a nice contrast to the satin finish of the figure. The KO on the other hand looks kind of gooey and flat.

  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool utility belt comparison
  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool utility belt comparison

Don’t be fooled just because a figure has the company name detail sculpted on the toy, this detail is just as easy to copy as the rest of the sculpt, if not easier. The other thing to note is that pretty much 99% of all toys are now made in China, even the genuine Hasbro toys. The difference between them is quality control, and the quality of materials used. The Hasbro version of Grey Deadpool also has a some numbers heat stamped on the inner right thigh. I haven’t noticed this on any other Marvel Legends toys but for this particular character it’s a very good way to tell the genuine from the KO. One other thing I notice is that the pins for the joints are more consistent on the Hasbro toy than the KO toy where there are some pins that go too far in, some pins that don’t go far in enough and some pins and holes that are deformed as if someone tried really hard to push it all together but mushed the plastic instead.

  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool thigh detail comparison
  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool thigh detail comparison

Moving on to the weapons, the assault rifle that came with the Hasbro toy is matte in appearance, has really good sculpt detail and has some red paint app on the under barrel grenade launcher. KO on the other hand is super glossy, some sculpt detail has been lost and there are no paint apps whatsoever. The swords are harder to tell if not for the color difference, and they can also be swapped out so best not to rely on accessories to determine if a figure is genuine or KO.

  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool assault rifle comparison
  • Hasbro vs KO Deadpool sword comparison

In terms of articulation the KO is identical to the Hasbro toy, even the way the joints move feels pretty much the same. But in hand there is definitely a feeling of cheapness with the KO toy, they might have used a cheaper grade of plastic because everything feels slightly stiffer but not in a good way. Here’s a full 360 ° spin around of the 2 toys side by side, hopefully after reading the above comparisons you can spot all the differences in the photos below.

Hasbro vs KO Deadpool 360 °

Hasbro vs KO Deadpool 360 °

Hasbro vs KO Deadpool 360 °

Hasbro vs KO Deadpool 360 °

Hasbro vs KO Deadpool 360 °

Hasbro vs KO Deadpool 360 °

Hasbro vs KO Deadpool 360 °

Lastly, the one sure fire way (at the time of writing) to ensure you get your hands on a genuine Hasbro toy is to buy the toy MOC and this is what the packaging looks like. Happy hunting!

  • Hasbro Grey Deadpool packaging front
  • Hasbro Grey Deadpool packaging back

The end!


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    Just curious – after you purchased the figure, how did you determine that it was a knock-off? Was the actual manufacturer stamped on the foot or somewhere else, or did it have Hasbro actually stamped on it like a real one?

    • The fact that it was very different to the original toy I purchased MISB made me believe the other one was a knock off. I have also read other toy customizer’s blogs and reviews and their findings have confirmed my suspicions. Both had Hasbro stamped on, but this type of stamping isn’t hard to replicate either so it’s not a 100% accurate indicator.

    Well, I can confirm that you’re wrong about the KO not using the same mold. I have an original red Deadpool from this mold I bought at Wal Mart (I think…could have been Toys R Us) and that blemish on the head is not present on mine at all. Most times there are multiple versions of the same casting made and different molds have different injection points on them. Depending on which mold was used you won’t see that same injection point from the mold.

    • Hi Toyman, thanks for your input. You could be right as I don’t have the original red Deadpool to compare with. Having said that, I think you need to look at a all the differences to determine if a figure is KO or not and the above is simply my observation of the differences I see in the grey Deadpool.

      Feel free to shoot through any more info that could help fellow collectors spot these KOs! Cheers :)

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