Toy Shopping Guide: Part 2

Akihabara StationFor part 2 of the shopping guide, I explored the area around the train station as well as going up along Chuo-dori (中央通り). There are heaps of shops everywhere and its just a matter of visiting each one to find what you’re after! Even some of the mixed business stores sell some toys so its worth poking your head in and taking a look. Theres quite a bit of walking in between the stores, as they are not all centrally located (apart from the Radio Kaikan Building as seen in part 1 of the guide) so have a good pair of walking shoes on if you intend on staying here for the day, which you’ll probably need to get through all the shops!


First up, opposite Akihabara station’s central gate at the Shouwa-Dori exit is the chain electronics store “YODOBASHI CAMERA”. They sell everything and anything to do with electronics, gadgets, DVDs, bicycles and even sports equipment! Of course this also includes toys and hobby supplies. At this particular store, the toys are located at the very top floor, which also has a music shop and a section for books, magazines and gaming material. I was expecting the prices to be a bit higher because Yodobashi is not a a specialist toy store, but to my surprise the prices were good, some items were even cheaper than department stores and other toy shops. For a full list of stuff they sell and the prices, check out their website ヨドバシ !

  • Yodobashi Akiba
  • RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam display at Yodobashi
  • Closer look at the core fighter - very detailed!
  • Soul of Chogokin GX-54 Tobikage & Black lion on display at Yodobashi
  • Heaps of Gundam models on display at Yodobashi
  • HEAPS of model kits!
  • Ultraman galore!
  • SIC Kiwami Kamen Rider Faiz & Auto Vajin!
  • S.H.Figuarts tea party!
  • Full cabinet of S.H.Figuart figures
  • Heaps of vinyl toys at Yodobashi, great price too!
  • Transformers animated toys
  • Animated Optimus Prime toy
  • Animated Megatron toy
  • ZAKU MANIA...freaking love these things!
  • Heaps of Gashapon machines at Yodobashi


Liberty (リバティー) has a few stores scattered all around Akihabara, they mainly deal in second hand toys which is fine by me as it means rare and limited edition items do pop up from time to time! You can also take your unwanted toys and sell there for some extra cash. Check out their website for a map of their store locations and items they sell.

SHOP No.12&13

Head back towards the Radio Kaikan building (as seen in part 1 of the guide) for Liberty shop 12 & 13, walk through to the back of the building and you will see two shops side by side with simple plain white signs with the words “FIGURE . HOBBY”. Both stores are multilevel with different types of toys on each floor, prices vary and some bargains can be found here, but not everything is worth the sticker price so best to do your research before hand.

  • Figure.Hobby shop 12
  • Cabinets full of toys!
  • Figure.Hobby shop 13
  • Heaps of Gundam stuff


Walking up Chuo-dori towards Ueno (上野) for Liberty Shops 7, 8 and 11. Shop 7 is the first one you’ll come across on the right hand side of the street. It is relatively small compared to the other shops but still has a good selection of toys.

  • Figure.Hobby shop 7
  • Figure.Hobby shop 7 ground floor


Shop 8 is the biggest of the Liberty hobby stores, so much to see, so many cabinets, so many floors, I could have spent a whole day in there! Prices were mostly reasonable and I did manage to pick up some bargains.

  • Figure.Hobby shop 8
  • Figure.Hobby shop 8 ground floor
  • Figure.Hobby shop 8 ground floor
  • Figure.Hobby shop 8 ground floor
  • Transformers, Encore, Masterpiece, vintage and more...
  • Various Tokusatsu action figures
  • Pre-bagged Blindbox and Gashapon toys
  • More pre-bagged Blindbox and Gashapon toys
  • Model kit section
  • Bishoujo figure section
  • Be@rbrick, Kubrick and Designer toys section
  • Mo-chan from Ikkitousen <3

SHOP No.11

Shop 11 is right beside shop 8 on Chuo-dori. They sell die-cast cars, trains, choro-Qs and anything to with cars, trains, trucks etc. Sorry no photos:P


Toys Goldenage is a small vintage toy store located right beside Liberty shop no.8. Theres a whole bunch of US toys, Japanese action figures, vintage toys and heaps of vinyl stuff. Cool shop and certainly worth a visit!

  • Toys Goldenage
  • Jam packed with toys
  • Small store but full of eye candy
  • Heaps of vinyl toys, some very rare and $$$ ones!

LEONARUDO (Leonardo)

Walking further towards Ueno, in one of the side streets is an old model shop called LEONARUDO. This is a multi-level building that sells model kits, mostly second hand and out of production stuff but they also do have some new kits. Each floor has a different category of kits, planes, cars, ships etc. Theres also a second hand books and publication section. Check out their website for more information.

  • LEONARUDO model shop
  • LEONARUDO model shop
  • Custom and pro-built gundam models, not for sale though!
  • Quite narrow and dark inside, but has a nice old school feel about it


Situated approximately half way between Liberty shop no.8 and Akihabara station, on Chuo-dori is another second hand toy shop. This is a much smaller single floor store which is easy to spot from the main street. Selection and prices were not as good as the other second hand stores I visited, but I thought I’d document it anyway. They did have quite a big section of Figma toys though. I have a feeling this shop may also be a part of the Liberty stores, as there are signs which indicate it could be shop no.1, but its not marked on their website.

  • DVD . Game
  • DVD . Game

By no means is this a comprehensive list of the hobby shops in Akihabara, I’m pretty sure its not even close but at least it gives you an idea of what the toy shops there are like there. This completes part 2 of the toy shopping guide, I hope you’ve enjoyed the read!

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    hi.. im looking for crush gear bandai..( turbo or nitro)

    • Hi mate, did a bit of research and it looks like this is an older release toy? I had a look around on eBay and Amazon and there are a few sellers selling these for around $17 with free shipping.

    Hi Im looking for kubrick 400

    • Sorry but I don’t have much info on where to buy Kubricks, you can possibly try Amazon or eBay?

    Very useful guide!

    Do you know any shop with lot of vintage tin toy in Osaka?

    • Thanks! Sorry I don’t have any information for toy stores in Osaka, haven’t been there in yonks!:(

    Hi I’m looking for zoids Gashapon Figures
    Also know as
    Yujin zoids figures
    Zoid Battle Champions

    • Hi David, are you in Japan or are you looking online?

    Hi I’ll be in Osaka for a while where do you think I would best find die cast cars like tomica and for example hotwheels in Osaka Tahnks!

  • Hello. Do you know of any shop in Tokyo that sells Bandai Chogokin Fate/Zero Saber product?

    • Hi J, I don’t know any specific shops that would have those figures in stock but if you go to any of the stores that deal in second hard toys such as Liberty or Mandarake you should be able to find it. Good luck!

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I will go to Osaka at the end of this month. Do you have Bandai Macross Love-remember or VF-1 Valkyrie Strike ? If no, can you tell me where can I find it ?

    Thank you very much.

  • Hi, do you know where to buy second hand bearbrick? I only know a place like project 1/6 . Any suggestion? Thanks

    • Hi William, if I remember correctly the top floor or Libert shop No. 11 had a pretty good selection of Bearbrick figures. Also if you look for stores where people rent out cubes to sell their goods, you can usually find small items like bearbricks.

    Hi im looking for mini zoids collectable figures. Either gashapon or habro battle masters ty

    • Hi Sean, are you looking to buy online or in store in Japan? Online you can probably try the usual places eBay and Amazon. If you are heading over to Japan they have stores dedicated to Gashapon machines. There are a few scattered around Akihabara, usually in the small side streets. You should be able to find some Zoid gashapons there :)

    Can I still find super robots war model?

    • Hi Lol, yes you should still be able to find them on most major online stores like Amiami, HLJ and Hobby Search etc. If you happen to be in Japan, especially Akihabara then you should have no problems getting your hands on the kits!

    Currently I at Japan. I’m looking for this ausenseiter model. Most of the shop I have asked don’t have the kit

  • Looking to buy a Mattel Tony the tattooed man please help

  • Hi

    Can someone advise or assist me where and which store in japan have this two ultraman monster currenlt available as below item and estimate how much each

    1. Ultra series EX arch belial monster
    2. Ultra series EX hyper zetton gigant and imago set

    Khoo san

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