Toy Shopping Guide: Part 3

Akihabara isn’t the only place in Japan to get your hands on toys and anime related merchandise but it is arguably the best place in Tokyo. There are other shops out there of course, some of which you may not even expect to have a toy section, but being Japan, nothing but everything is out of the ordinary.


BIC CAMERA is a huge electronics chain store in Japan, they sell everything from TVs, toaster ovens, iPhones, Air Con units to of course, cameras. And what I didn’t expect to find there when I first visited was toys, and plenty of it. Almost every BIC CAMERA store has a toy section, with the exception of specialist Camera / second hand outlets. The toy section also differ in size and range with each store, but overall they are all pretty well stocked with the latest stuff. I visited several BIC CAMERA stores, including the Lazona plaza store at Kawasaki (川崎), store in Ikebukuro (池袋) and the store in Yurakuchou (有楽町), all of which I managed to loose track of time in XD. Check out their website for a full list of stuff they sell ビックカメラ.

  • YURAKUCHOU 有楽町 BIC CAMERA entrance
  • BIC CAMERA LAZONA - Full of Figmas
  • BIC CAMERA LAZONA - Robot Damashii
  • BIC CAMERA LAZONA - SIC Kiwami & S.H.Figuarts
  • BIC CAMERA LAZONA - Transformers
  • BIC CAMERA LAZONA - Transformers Animated
  • BIC CAMERA LAZONA - Boys character toys
  • BIC CAMERA LAZONA - Vehicle toys


Yamashiroya is a specialist toy store, located just opposite the Ueno (上野) train station in Toyko. It is a huge building with six floors of action figures, model kits, character toys, puzzles and games. Almost everything you can imagine to do with anime and toys is in this store, and you can quite literally spend half the day in here. There are heaps of glass cabinets full of models and toys to slowly admire and drool at, prices are okay but not quite the cheapest around. For more information and floor by floor photos check out their website ヤマシロヤ. Below are a “few” photos I took, in random order.

  • YAMASHIROYA entrance at Ueno 上野
  • Display cabinet full of anime toys
  • heaps of gundams
  • HG 1/144 Unicorm & Rezel
  • HASEGAWA 1/20 Pkf.85 Falke Raider
  • Maschinen Krieger stuff
  • BE@RBRICK series 20 & 1000% BE@RBRICK
  • Cabinet full of BB guns....if only we can get them here!!
  • Kamen Rider & Power Rangers stuff
  • Tokusatsu is quite popular in Japan
  • One Piece stuff....and...woohoo XD
  • One Piece POP display
  • One Piece POP Crocodile - so awesome!
  • One Piece POP SUMOKA
  • One Piece POP Monkey.D.Luffy - kakkoi!
  • One Piece POP Zorro - so cool...
  • One Piece POP Mihawk - badass!!
  • One Piece POP & other merchandise
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure action figures
  • Evangelion Mechandise...ANIMA hiding in the middle
  • Transformers Toys
  • Megatron vs Optimus!
  • Heaps of Play Arts action figures
  • Final Fantasy stuff...
  • Play Arts Kai from Resident evil!
  • Judge Gabranth from FF XII Play Arts
  • Bananas...haha...heaps of them
  • Toy Story 3 characters, what a great movie!
  • Various action figures, Gundams, revoltechs, Chogokins etc
  • Revoltech Sci-Fi Batman
  • Revoltech Vash the Stampede
  • Studio Half Eye!!!!
  • Gundams, Gundams and more Gundams!!!


I’m sure you’re all familiar with this store:P The only difference being they actually have decent toys in the Japanese chains. This one was at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro (池袋), I didn’t take many photos there because compared to all the other toy stores in Japan, this seemed small, but if they happen to have this exact store in Sydney, I’d be there every weekend haha! Website here トイザらス.

  • TOYS'R'US at Ikebukuro 池袋 Sunshine City
  • Some cute toys here...
  • Of course, there are Transformers toys!
  • AHAHA, funniest monster I've ever seen, DINO-TANK from Ultraman


This is another one of those stores which I didn’t expect to find a toy section, but lo and behold. Tokyu Hands is a store that basically sells everything, from daily consumer products like shampoo, toothpaste, to electronic good like fans and footbaths, to designer items and DIY materials and tools. Don’t get me wrong, this store is brilliant, everything is so well laid out and organised it makes for super easy shopping. The toy section is not big compared to other chains, but the store in Ikebukuro (池袋) was of a decent size and had heaps of cool and funny toys! Check out their website 東急ハンズ.

  • Gundam model & weapon pens
  • Heaps of ZAKU MANIA & stacking toys - so cute!!
  • Medama Oyaji from GeGeGe no Kitaro
  • Can't get enough of them!!
  • Dal & Pullip dolls
  • Deathnote toys & Figmas
  • Full Metal Alchemist trading figures
  • More Full Metal Alchemist & Kamen Rider trading figures

As you can see, you can find toys just about everywhere in Japan, every district you visit is bound to have a store that sells toys in one form or another, its in their culture, its in their DNA, and I’m sure glad thats the way things are there, if only we can get a bit of that “culture” here:P

This finally concludes the last part of the 3 part toy shopping guide in Japan, I hope this has given you guys a good insight into the toy and anime stores there, and hopefully some inspiration to get yourselves over there if you haven’t already been!

Thanks again for reading and I hope to bring you more shopping guides if I ever get a chance to visit other places in Japan or otherwise!

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    Spongebob And bearbrick…what a terrifying combo

    • lol…i’d still have one though:P

    Every toy shop I saw in akihabara when I was there for a month (and even one or two I missed!) collated and photographed, you are wonderful, trying to remember the places to streetview and google them was impossible.
    Only issue is I am now so nostalgic, sitting in my bedroom, fired from my job, dreaming of if I will ever be able to afford to fly away to Japan just to buy toys ever again ;_;

    • hey Marisa, I’m glad you enjoyed the read!! I had so much fun taking those photos and going around all the shops there, I can understand why u feel nostalgic, I want to go back there too!

      cheer up, jetstar will have cheap tickets to Japan again soon (assuming you’re in Australia), and I’m sure you’ll find a job and be on your feet again soon!:)


    I was googling to find info on Toy/collectible stores in Japan and i came across this awesome blog!! Thank you so much for sharing this info, it´s really helpful and the pics are amazing.

    Marisa i hope by now that everithing is ok. I was without a job in the beginning of 2010 but then in August the same year things turned ok for me and now i am planning my first visit to Japan, it´s my dream trip. As you can see good things can happen, we just need to be positive and not stop dreaming.



    • Hi Mario, glad you found my blog! I miss Japan so much, you will have a blast! Travel safe and enjoy~~~~~!


    Glad I found your blog as I will be going to japan during june period. Can I check with you, does most of the shops sell kamen rider medicom figures? those 12inches one?

    As I am mainly collecting these figures and hot toys. Any specific stores to recommend?


    • Hi Louis, glad you visited! Most toy shops would have a variety of figures but you’ll probably have a better chance going to a bigger store like Yodobashi Akiba. I haven’t been back since the Earthquake where they relocated most of the shops, but I would recommend Mandarake and the Liberty toy stores, you can often find 2nd hand toys in good condition for a fair price there.


    I’m going to Japan for my honeymoon next month. And this is going to be my 1st trip there.So I’m really excited and can’t wait to be there.I’ll be staying in Shibuya.I’m so into Crows X Worst figures collections.Can you tell me where can I go to look for these figures.Thank you

    • Hi Rizal, if you head over to Akihabara I’m sure you will find plenty of stores that sell Crows x Worst figures and merchandise. Sorry I can’t give you specific stores as I have not been there for some time now. Have a good trip!

    Hi, May i knw where can i buy those miniatures like those re-ment types but not re-ment brand, knw lots of Japanese made these miniatures and put up for online order but do u’ve any idea where can i find these shops in Tokyo/Osaka?? Everytime i go Tokyo but couldnt find. Can help me,please? Thanks a lot

  • Hi Shirley, I think place like Akihabara will be your best chance. But if you are not in the area you can also check out Toys’r’us, Tokyu Hands or BIC Camera, they usually sell a lot of these type of collectibles. The other place I can think of are Gashapon machines, they should be relatively common so if you see one on the street, go and check it out, you never know what they might have!

  • Good thing I came across this blog! I’m preparing myself (and my money) for an all-out toy hunting spree in Akihabara.By the way, may I ask, are taxes imposed on all goods in Akihabara?

    • Hi Angelo, glad you found my site:) Very lucky indeed to be going toy hunting in Akihabara! Taxes are compulsary for all goods you buy in Japan, and the prices marked are all inclusive of tax so you don’t really need to worry about it. What you see is what you pay. I’m not sure about tax exemptions though, some shops may do it for you if you show them your passport / plane ticket? This is something you should check with customs. Have fun, and good luck with finding whatever you collect:)

    Hey! This blog is great, thank you for sharing. I just arrived into Tokyo yesterday and I’m a big Bandai, Figma, Revoltech and PlayArts Kai collector. Any advice of where I should go while I’m here? I’m here for ten days. I hope to hear your thoughts!

    • Hi Edson, glad you found my blog! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Last time I went to Tokyo I visited the 1:1 Gundam in Odaiba, there are lots of shops there and a Toys’R’Us as well so good place to visit. The Tokyo Sky Tree is also worth visiting, especially at night. The views up there are amazing! Other than that, the default places like Shinjuku, Asakusa, Ginza etc are all good places to visit if this is your first time. And of course Akihabara for all your toy needs! Have fun!

    Hi admin,
    Can i ask you some question? How about Nakano broadway? Could you please suggest me of this place. I’ll go to JP next month and stay at Ikebukuro and im looking for Crows×Worst (rare item). Thank you for your help ;)

  • Hi, thx for the info, it’s really helpful, can i ask where can i find vintage toys in japan? Maybe i will go to osaka and tokyo.. the toys i search especially vintage robots, and tin toys.. maybe you have more info? Thx, good luck for next journey 😊

  • Where can I get cheapest gundam in Tokyo?

    • There’s generally no one shop that is cheaper than all the rest, but definitely avoid big chain stores like BIG CAMERA or YODOBASHI camera if you want cheaper prices unless there is a sale on, ie New Years. I would suggest second hand stores like Mandarake, Jungle or Liberty if you are looking for cheap Gundam figures.

    I just wanted to come back and say a MASSIVE thank you for taking the time to construct this 3 part guide.

    I used it as my very own “Otaku Lonely Planet” and each time I found one of the recommended shops on your list, it was like entering a museum or art gallery to me..even my wife got caught up in the excitement!!

    I am hoping to collate my own guide too as I found a few other shops not mentioned here which sold some great items… I will post back once I get all of their names sorted :)

    • Hi Phil, I’m really glad to hear my guide was of some help to you. It has been a few years since I wrote this so some shops would have changed. Thanks again for visiting my blog, and hope you found some nice treasures on your trip to Japan!

    Thanks so much for this detailed set of blog posts. I’m off to Japan today and I’ll be using these as my guide whilst there. I’m primarily a hot toys collector – do you know which shops specifically that might be the best for these. Thanks again!

    • Hey man, thanks for checking out my blog. If you’re a hot toys collector then you definitely need to check out the Toy Sapiens store in Tokyo – Other than that Mandarake should have some second hand Hot Toys figures, not sure about the rest as it has been a few years since I’ve been there. Have fun toy hunting man!

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