Warhammer 40K Ultramarines Dreadnought

Slowly getting back into model making lately so I thought I’d post something I made a couple of years ago to get myself motivated. From what I remember, this is the last thing I worked on…not my best work but its always good fun.

For those of you unfamiliar with this model, this is a Space Marines Dreadnought painted in the “Ultramarines” Chapter colours. A Dreadnought is a mecha of sorts, piloted by a highly decorated veteran soldier who has been injured to the point where the only way they can keep fighting and serving the Emperor is to be placed in the metal confines of the Dreadnought. This particular Dreadnought is armed with a power fist and storm bolter combo on the left arm, and an assault cannon on the right.

This kit is entirely plastic, nicely moulded with high level of detail in the parts but I still prefer the old metal figures, they feel much more substantial as you can probably imagine!

  • Ultramarines Dreadnought front view
  • Ultramarines Dreadnought front view
  • Ultramarines Dreadnought armed with power fist and storm bolter on the left
  • Ultramarines Dreadnought armed with assault cannon on the right

My default army of choice is the Space Marines Blood Angels (Red), so I’m not very experienced when it comes to the blue colour scheme. Painted this as I wanted to try something different as red can get boring very quickly hehe…Any feedback, comments, advice on model building / painting is always welcome! Thanks!

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