Anime Export Shin Getter 1 SG-20 Weathering W-Wing Ver.

The word “gokin (合金)”, literally meaning “alloy”, has been flung around too easily on a lot of modern day toys. Toys with only a few metal bits and pieces, a metal screw here and there, or one lone metal joint have been labeled “gokins” by the manufacturer. But to understand what it really means for a toy to be classified as a “true” gokin, you’ve got to look at toy lines such as the Aoshima Shin Seiki Gokin (新世紀合金).


Shin Getter 1 W-Wings faceEstablished in 1961, Aoshima is one of the largest hobby manufacturers in Japan, the core of their business is in the plastic model kit sector, however this has not stopped them from making some remarkable “Chogokin” toys in the line they call “Shin Seiki Gokin”. This amazing toy line features a big range of Getter machines as well as toys from US franchises such as Thunderbirds and Terminators.

Shin Getter Robo first appeared in 1993 in the manga series “Getter Robo G” before it received its own manga series, not surprisingly named “Shin Getter Robo”. The Shin Getter Robo is possibly the strongest Getter ever made, however its power and attacks varied between different manga and anime series.

Name: Shin Getter 1 W-Wing Version
Manufacturer: Aoshima
Line: Shin Seiki Gokin [新世紀合金] SG-20
Designer: Ken Ishikawa
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, die-cast
Release: Dec 2007
Original Price: ¥13,800 (approx. $170AUD / $165USD)
Secondary Market Price: $180USD – $260USD
Height: 175mm / 6.89inches

Before I begin with the review, I just want to list all of the different versions of the Shin Getter 1 released by Aoshima over the years, just so you know which one I’m talking about.
● Shin Getter 1 SG-01 (Normal ver. with tomahawk. Released in 2000)
● Shin Getter 1 SG-01 (Limited OVA repaint ver. with white chest and tomahawk. Released in 2000)
● Shin Getter 1 SG-02 (Limited edition ver. with scythe & blue lines. Released in 2001)
● Shin Getter 1 SG-02 (Limited Toys’r’Us repaint ver. with silver body, red shoulders and tomahawk. Released in 2001)
● Shin Getter 1 SG-02 (Devil wing black ver. with tomahawk & scythe. Released in 2001)
● Shin Getter 1 SG-07 (Normal ver. with closed wing, red shoulders and tomahawk. Released in 2005)
● Shin Getter 1 SG-08 (Black and silver body closed wing ver. with scythe and tomahawk. Released in 2005)
● Shin Getter 1 SG-08 (Closed wing Kawai weathering ver. limited to 1500pcs. Released in 2007)
● Shin Getter 1 SG-20 (Anime Export Real Color W-Wing ver. limited to 500pcs. Released in 2007)
● Shin Getter 1 SG-20 (Anime Export weathering W-Wing ver. limited to 1500pcs. Released in 2007)


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can talk about the actual toy. This version is the last one on the list, the A.E weathering W-Wing version released in 2007. It features the updated packaging design with a powerful illustration of the Shin Getter 1 at the front. The box is made from good solid stock, but that’s not the only thing protecting the precious cargo.

  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings packaging front
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings packaging back
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings packaging
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings packaging inner polystyrene box

Inside you’ll find a polystyrene sarcophagus with the instruction manual tapped to the top side. This sarcophagus is double sided, the figure, wings and hand accessories in the top compartment, while the menacing weapons are stored below. This is all well and good however I did notice that after a long period in storage, the polystyrene would stick to some of the paint on the figure, I would suggest to Aoshima that they have everything plastic wrapped.

  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings packaging inner polystyrene box top compartment
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings packaging inner polystyrene box bottom compartment


The SG-20 W-Wing weathering ver. comes with a Getter Tomahawk, a Getter Scythe and of course, the two sets of wings – the open wing and devil wing. Fun fact: The stem of the weapons are made of metal, which makes them quite lethal in fact! The wings simply plug into the back of the Getter, although the fitment on mine is slightly loose on the right.

  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings with Getter Scythe
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings with Getter Tomahawk
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings open wings
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings devil wings


Even though this toy was first released 10 years ago in 2000, it still looks as if it were only released last month. It just goes to show how a well made, well sculpted object can stand the test of time. The proportions are bang on and he looks absolutely deadly especially with his devil wings attached. The blades on his forearm are rather sharp so just be careful you don’t poke out your eyes as you zoom him around the room. Oh, and did I mention this guy had a bit of gokin in him? Well, I’d say over 90% of this toy is made of die-cast and he weighs in at a whopping 615 gram with no accessories attached. As a comparison, the SOC GX-49 Mazinger Z weighs in at around 230 grams.

Shin Getter 1 Weathering Anime Export W-Wings Ver.


Unfortunately, this is the weakest link in the chain. Although all the joints feel solid they are quite limited in their range of movement. The shoulders and knees features ratchet style joints with nice firm clicks, while all the others are just held in place by friction. As you can see, not a huge variety of poses possible, but it still looks kick ass whichever way you look at it.

  • Shin Getter 1 stroking his Getter Scythe
  • Shin Getter 1 ready for a fight
  • Shin Getter 1 will tear you up with his arm blades
  • Shin Getter 1 looking cool
  • Shin Getter 1 showing off his massive Getter Tomahawk
  • Shin Getter 1 Getter Tomahawk attack!
  • Better not mess with Shin Getter 1 when he's holding that thing!
  • Shin Getter 1 fully loaded with Getter Scythe and Getter Tomahawk


Finally we come to the main event of this toy, we are speaking of course about the “weathering” paint job. Basically what it means is that a thin coat of black paint is applied along part lines, ridges, recesses, panel lines, edges etc to make a toy or model look more realistic. I must say they have done a bloody good job on top of what was already a neat and tidy paint job on the normal Shin Getter 1 toy. One thing to note is that the weathering version actually has a matte finish paint job rather than the glossy one found on the normal version, this adds to the realism.

  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings head paint detail
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings shoulder paint & weathering detail
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings forearm paint & weathering detail
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings hips and thighs paint & weathering detail
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings leg paint & weather detail - also note the clear parts!
  • Shin Getter 1 W-Wings Getter Scythe paint detail

Here are also some photos comparing the SG-20 weathering version to the SG-02 limited edition with blue lines version. You can probably see more clearly the difference between a “weathered” and “unweathered” paint job here, also the Getter Scythe has a slightly different style of paint application on the blade, I’d imagine this to apply to the Getter Tomahawk as well if compared to one that came with the SG-01 normal version toy.

  • SG-02 Shin Getter 1 blue lines ver. Getter Scythe paint detail
  • SG-20 Shin Getter 1 W-Wings vs SG-02 Shin Getter 1 limited edition paint detail


As far as I know the normal SG-01, just like the SG-02 limited edition with blue lines version, comes with a mechanism on the back that allows the wings to retract and pop open with a press of a button. The SG-20 weathering version however, does not come with this mechanism, as such the wings are not actually interchangeable as the attachment designs are different.

  • SG-20 Shin Getter 1 W-Wings back has no retracting wing mechanism
  • SG-02 Shin Getter 1 back retracting wing mechanism

Lastly, a frontal shot of the SG-20 weathering version compared to the SG-02 Limited edition blue line version. Both toys are nice, but I’ve gotta say, nothing beats a good weathering, haha! And here he is posing with is new friends, SOC GX-49 Mazinger Z and Hero Collection Dragon Getter for a size comparison.

  • SG-20 W-Wings Weathering ver. vs SG-02 limited edition blue lines ver.
  • SOC GX-49 Mazinger Z, Hero Collection Dragon Getter and SSG Shin Getter 1 W-Wings


Congratulations for making it this far into the review, I know it’s a long one so I’ll keep the conclusion short. This is a fantastic toy, and it will definitely become a future classic if not already, so buy it (if you can find one)!!

By the way, I have 0244/1500, if you own one I’d like to know what number you’ve got!

Thanks again for reading my toy review, check out some others below!

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  • Hi!

    Great review! I have got the real color version W-Wing version, but have now started to find the weathering version of Aoshima Getters really gorgoeus. This “love” for weathering started when I managed to my hands on Black Getter blood painting version.

    Keep on the good work with a very good site!

    • Hi Danny, thanks for the feedback! Yeah I absolutely love this guy…definitely a keeper! Funnily enough, because of this guy I went on the hunt for the Black Getter blood painting version..haha…

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