Chogokin ANIMA Super Evangelion

I can’t say I know much about the particular background of the ANIMA Super Evangelion machine or story, I do know that it’s a really refreshing and well designed variation to the much loved (and slightly over produced) Evangelion EVA-01 machine, but with a little bit of research this is what I found…


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA is a light novel that is serialized in Dengeki Hobby Magazine, with the first chapter published in the January 2008 issue. Produced, and written by Ikuto Yamashita (山下いくと) who was the lead mecha designer of the original Evangelion series, each chapter includes numerous illustrations of the character as well as many redesigned and upgraded Evas.

The story is not set before or after either of the Evangelion series, but rather a new alternate “what if” scenario where by the Super Evangelion Faceevents of episode 25 and 26 of the anime production “Neon Genesis Evangelion” was never set in motion, the third impact never happens, Seele and Nerv stops the production of the mass-production Evangelions (a.k.a Eva Series) and the Human Instrumentality Project (a forced evolution of mankind to combine all humans into one single being in the hopes of turning humans into a godlike form) was successfully stopped. ANIMA takes place 3 years after this.

The Super Evangelion design is believed to have come about from using the F-type equipment to repair a severely damaged Eva Unit-01.

Name: Super Evangelion Eva Unit-01 初号機
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: Chogokin 超合金
Designer: Ikuto Yamashita
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, die-cast, PVC, POM
Release: Mar 2010
Original Price: ¥8,000 (approx. $105AUD / $95USD)
Height: 195mm / 7.67inches (to top of head)


The graphic on the front of the packaging is somewhat messy, could have been much simpler and nicer without those semi-circular shapes. I don’t mind the artwork, and the fact you can see the toy through the front and side is also a good thing. The back has detailed photos and explanation of the figure which is always good as you can quickly and easily see what you are getting. Inside the outer box, the figure and accessories are packed in a standard plastic tray. Packaging is pretty sturdy, and collector friendly.

  • Super Evangelion packaging front
  • Super Evangelion packaging back
  • Super Evangelion packaging inside


The Super Evangelion comes with a pair of high frequency knives (aka stage 2 progressive knife) with sheaths which can be clipped onto the forearms, a railgun (Powerd8) with long and short barrel attachments, two types of magazines, dual optics attachment and a carrying handle. Of course, there are hands to hold all these weapons as well as a pair of closed fist and open palm hands. All these accessories are great, but I found the hands very hard to swap and very stiff when trying to fit the weapons on, it does loosen up slightly once you’ve done it a couple of times, but still not great.

  • Super Evangelion progressive knives
  • Super Evangelion progessive knives attached to forearm
  • Super Evangelion railgun parts
  • Super Evangelion railgun short barrel


I absolutely love the chunky and angular look of the Super Evangelion, although it no longer has the long and slender feel of the original Eva Unit-01, which was one of the reasons I was attracted to this series in the first place as it looked nothing like any other mechas (and strictly speaking it actually isn’t one). The moulding of the toy is very sharp and detailed and solidly put together. The whole thing feels quite substantial and weighty when you hold it, thanks to its mostly die-cast lower legs, which also helps with balance.

ANIMA Super Evangelion


You can put the Super Eva into heaps of dynamic poses with its 24 points of articulation. There are a number of double jointed parts here, the knees, elbows, waist and even the shoulders. The toes are also articulated to further increase balance. The joints are quite tight on the whole, but the shoulders can sag a little when holding the railgun single handed, could use with a bit of tightening.

  • Super Evangelion knife fight
  • Super Evangelion knife fight
  • Super Evangelion knife fight
  • Super Evangelion ready to go
  • Super Evangelion looking for target
  • Super Evangelion target acquired, take aim!


Paint job on this figure is absolutely gorgeous, nice matt finish with consistence and tidy application. To compliment the (almost) perfect paintjob there is heaps of pad printing all over the figure adding another level of realism to the toy. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

  • Super Evangelion chest paint / print detail
  • Super Evangelion shoulder paint / print detail
  • Super Evangelion knife paint / print detail
  • Super Evangelion waist paint / print detail
  • Super Evangelion back paint / print detail
  • Super Evangelion butt paint / print detail
  • Super Evangelion thigh paint / print detail
  • Super Evangelion feet paint / print detail


The Super Evangelion features a closable face when in standby mode, and removable / interchangeable shoulder attachments for different battle scenarios, although it doesn’t come with any extra ones.

  • Super Evangelion closed face
  • Super Evangelion removable shoulder attachments

Some of the body panel parts may come off during play, but this isn’t really a big problem as it just needs a tiny bit of super glue to secure it back on again.

  • Super Evangelion loose parts may need a bit of glue
  • Super Evangelion loose parts may need a bit of glue

The groin tendons are made from a soft rubbery material which act as “muscles”, this gimmick is all well and good except sometimes the ends can pop out during play, Bandai has even included a little print out detailing this asking customers to use the photo as a reference to pop the ends back in if they ever do pop out, and trust me they will and unfortunately this material doesn’t glue so well.

  • Super Evangelion groin tendons may pop out, reinsert according to photo
  • Super Evangelion vs Soul of Chogokin Eva Unit-01

Lining up the Super Evangelion against a Soul Spec Eva Unit-01, you can see that the size is almost the same although the proportions are quite different. Have I ever told you guys I love collecting toys of the same scale? Especially from the same franchise!


I think this is a really great toy, not only is the design very unique it is also very well made. I would almost say this is a must have if you are a collector of Chogokins, and even though I don’t own many Evangelion toys I just couldn’t go past this one.

The only drawback for this figure for me is the difficult to swap hands and weapons, apart from that I really can’t fault it. Now, if only they would make other Evangelions from the ANIMA story!

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    Do you have any high resolution pictures of it? I may use a few of them as wallpapers!

    • Hi Chris, thanks for visiting the site! I sure do have hi-res images, let me know which ones you’re after and I’ll email them to you. Cheers!

    • I really wouldn’t mind all of them to be honest ahaha

      If that’s too much of a bother though send some action poses and as many head close-ups as you can, they look great.

      My email’s, thanks for your effort anyway!

    How can I tighten the shoulders to hold the weapons better? Any tips?

    • I had a look at mine, you might be able to pop the arm off and give the joints a coat of clear nail polish, that might help?

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