10″ Animated Hellboy with Trenchcoat


Hellboy Animated consists of two original animated films based on the comic book character. “Sword of Storms” is the first of two films released on DVD in February 2007, followed by “Blood and Iron” released on DVD in June 2007.

Animated Hellboy

Name: Hellboy with Trenchcoat Exclusive
Manufacturer: Gentle Giant
Line: Hellboy Animated
Scale: 10”
Material: PVC, cloth
Release: 2008
Original Price: $34.99USD
Height: 270mm / 10.63inches


Packaging was a bit strange for me, it was like a blister packed inside a windowed box. To free Hellboy from his confines, you basically have to destroy the box as some of the twisty wires were hidden behind the sealed blister. The packaging was bulky, space consuming and not very well thought out in terms of functionality in my opinion.

  • Animated Hellboy packaging front
  • Animated Hellboy packaging back
  • Animated Hellboy packaging inside
  • Animated Hellboy packaging inside back


Right out of the box you need to assemble his tail to complete the figure. Other than that Hellboy comes with a closed fist for both hands, his Samaritan and a display base with a rod that connects to his crouch. The Samaritan fits well in his hands and the hands themselves are relatively easy to pop on and off. Hellboy really does need his stand to stay balanced as his legs are pretty thin compared to the body.

  • Animated Hellboy with left hand fist
  • Animated Hellboy's Right Hand of Doom fist
  • Animated Hellboy's trusty Samaritan
  • Animated Hellboy display stand


First thing you’ll notice is how huge this figure is. At 10” tall it is an imposing figure and makes for an impressive display. However due to it being roto-cast, it is hollow and relatively light but substantial. Sculpturally speaking, Hellboy looks absolutely stunning. His skin has all the right textures as you’d expect from a demon (imagine a plaster wall), and his Right Hand of Doom look very “stone-ish” and perfectly proportioned. Apparently there are two face variants, I have the one with an angry grin, I think there may also be one with a closed mouth.

Animated Hellboy


Hellboy comes with 16 points of articulation, which is not bad for a figure of this size and price point. His head is on a ball joint allowing a good range of movement, shoulders are on a swivel joint for rotation with a pin joint to allow the arms to lift sideways, biceps swivel and the elbows on pin joints. The wrists rotate and also has pin joints for lifting/lowering his hands. In the lower body, his waist rotates, legs lift and swivel from side to side but there are no knee joints. Lastly he has 3 swivel joints in the tail.

  • Animated Hellboy with Samaritan drawn
  • Halt! says Animated Hellboy
  • Animated Hellboy not happy...
  • Animated Hellboy about to throw a punch!
  • Animated Hellboy showing us his guns
  • Animated Hellboy mafia style


I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the paint on this figure. The face has the most painted features and every part of it is done very tidily. His Right Hand of Doom has been given an ink wash, not too heavy but enough to show the details in the stone.

  • Animated Hellboy head paint detail
  • Animated Hellboy Right Hand of Doom paint detail

His skin, as I’ve mentioned before is beautifully textured which is enhanced by an ink wash, again just the right amount has been applied. Very neat paint detail on the pouches, great print of the B.P.R.D logo on the trench coat and the display stand has a great looking 3D logo of the Hellboy Animated series.

  • Animated Hellboy skin paint detail
  • Animated Hellboy accessories belt and pouches paint detail
  • Animated Hellboy trenchcoat BPRD logo print detail
  • Animated Hellboy display stand logo detail


Like I said before, this figure is HUGE. Standing beside it is the 7” movie line Hellboy by Mezco and it looks tiny! Looks like the Mezco Hellboy has a case of pistol envy XD!

  • 10 inch Animated Hellboy vs 7 inch Movie Hellboy
  • Thats not a gun, THIS is a gun!


I really cannot recommend this toy enough. It is well made, low price, great design, apparently limited to 2,000 pcs only and it’s Hellboy! What more can you ask for?

Thanks for reading my review!

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