Arkham Asylum Batman


Batman: Arkham Asylum is an action-adventure video game based on DC Comic’s Batman. The game is played in third-person mode, where the player controls Batman as he makes his way around the prison island and facilities of Arkham Asylum.

The plot revolves around the Joker being returned to Arkham Asylum by Batman, aided by Harley Quinn, the Joker escapes and takes control of the facility. Long story short, Batman has to go in there and kick some ass to restore control and stop the Joker’s plans.

Arkham Asylum Batman

Name: Batman
Manufacturer: DC Direct
Line: Arkham Asylum Series 1
Sculptor: Dave Cortes
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: Mar 2011
Original Price: $26.95AUD
/ $17.99USD
Height: 180mm / 7.08inches


I didn’t notice this at first, but what I really like about the packaging is the little “bat ears” detail they have moulded into the clam shell. It isn’t functional whatsoever but it shows that they’ve given thought to the character and designed a packaging to suit.

  • Arkham Asylum Batman packaging front
  • Arkham Asylum Batman packaging back


Batman comes with only a folding batarang and a small display disk. The display disk doesn’t really add much value to this set, it’s too small to fit both feet on if you peg his right foot, and it’s rather plain and cheap looking.

  • Arkham Asylum Batman batarang
  • Arkham Asylum Batman display disk


This is definitely one of my favourite Batman design/sculpts, it captures the game styling perfectly! There are heaps of awesome details such as the seam of his bat suit and accessories belt etc. The best part has to be the face though, he has a determined and purposeful look, and with the Joker on the loose I can understand why.

Arkham Asylum Batman


I had to think hard and try out a few things before I could come up with 4 good looking poses that were different enough. The problem is that the typical “T” joint hip does not allow much diversity in poses below the waist, there is no waist joint and no ankle joint either. The hands rotate at the gauntlets rather than at the wrists, and the shoulders are restricted by the cape. This is typical of most DC Direct action figures unfortunately.

  • Arkham Asylum Batman about to throw batarang
  • Arkham Asylum Batman swooping in
  • Arkham Asylum Batman looking cool
  • Arkham Asylum Batman stands heroically


Fortunately however, most DC Direct action figures have a beautiful paint job such as this one. The head is particularly good on this toy with game-realistic face. The cowl, gauntlet, shorts and boots are painted in blue while the cape is back. This is an interesting combination as most Batman colour schemes are usually either black or blue. One problem I found was with the grey on Batman’s suit, being matte it shows a imperfections easily such as scratches and glossy spots which came standard with this toy.

  • Arkham Asylum Batman head paint detail
  • Arkham Asylum Batman body paint detail
  • Arkham Asylum Batman gauntlet paint detail
  • Arkham Asylum Batman boots paint detail


Batman’s folding batarang, fits well in his hand. Standing next to other DC Direct action figures, he fits right in in terms of size. Compared to other Batmans in my collection, he is smaller then Bandai’s Movie Realization Batman, but bigger than Mattel’s Movie Masters Batman.

  • Arkham Asylum Batman batarang extended
  • Arkham Asylum Batman batarang folded
  • Arkham Asylum Batman with Blackest Night Hal Jordan
  • Movie Realization Batman vs Arkham Asylum Batman vs Movie Masters Batman


For any fans of the game, or Batman in general this will be an awesome addition to your collection, but if you are looking for a fun, well articulated Batman action figure stay away from this one. The Arkham Asylum Batman looks great, but it’s more of a statue than anything, but its one which I could not pass up on.

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