The Avengers Movie Series Hulk – Walmart Exclusive

As I much as I love intricately engineered and constructed Japanese toys, sometimes nothing beats a big solid plastic US action figure! I give you, the Hulk!


This particular version of the Hulk is based on the 2012 live action movie “The Avengers”. Played by Mark Ruffalo as Dr. Bruce Banner, his facial features transfer well onto the Hulk which is surprising well captured by Hasbro!

The Hulk is a fictional character first seen in comic books published by Marvel comics. He is a massive green mutant with incredible strength and endurance, fuelled by rage. The angrier he got the stronger he becomes. The Hulk came about from exposure to gamma radiation during a test detonation of a gamma bomb which Dr. Bruce Banner himself invented. Whenever Bruce’s life is in danger, or he becomes overwhelmed with rage, the Hulk takes over!

The Avengers Hulk

Name: Hulk
Series: The Avengers
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Movie Series
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: May 2012
Original Price: $15.99USD
Height: 200mm / 7.87inches


The packaging is a pretty standard clamshell configuration, nice illustration of the movie Hulk on the front and sides. On the back there is a line-up of the rest of the Avengers team to get you “inspired” to collected them all.

  • The Avengers Hulk packaging front
  • The Avengers Hulk packaging back


Hulk doesn’t come with much in terms of accessories, only a small display base which can be interconnected with bases from the other Avenger team member toys. I would have loved to see an extra set of hands included, a right hand fist and left grabbing hand but alas.

The Avengers Hulk accessory - display base


The sculpt of this toy is pretty good consider this is a Hasbro product. The proportions of the Hulk are nice, and it is a big toy in terms of it’s size compared to regular 6″ figures. The only thing I didn’t like about the sculpt is the many little holes scattered around the limbs where the joints are pegged together, they should have done a better job concealing these.

The Avengers Movie Series Hulk


Articulation is surprisingly good on this toy, both the elbows and knees are double jointed, there are swivel joints on both the biceps and thighs, even the ankles can roll and flip down. There is no waist articulation but the torso does roll and twist. All in all a very playable and fun figure to pose.

  • The Avengers Hulk showing off his guns
  • The Avengers Hulk ready to tackle
  • The Avengers Hulk smack down
  • The Avengers Hulk RAGE!!!!
  • The Avengers Hulk showing off more muscles
  • The Avengers Hulk crush Iron Man!


The paint scheme on this Hulk figure is pretty simple but quite effective, I would describe it as clean. The face has good paint app detail in the eyes and teeth, and the hair has been given a subtle green highlight. Not too shabby at all.

  • The Avengers Hulk face paint detail
  • The Avengers Hulk hair paint detail
  • The Avengers Hulk body paint detail
  • The Avengers Hulk pants paint detail


To give an idea of scale, here’s Hulk up against the 6″ Iron Man MKVI from the Iron Man 2 movie series line which I think is the same mold as the Avenger’s Iron Man figure. I just love the size of this thing!

  • The Avengers Hulk vs Iron Man MKVI
  • The Avengers Hulk vs 3.75'' Stormtrooper


To be honest, this is the very first Hulk toy I’ve ever owned so I can’t give it an accurate rating compared to other Hulk toys, but in terms of build quality and design this is a very good toy. It displays well with other 6″ figures, unfortunately for some stupid reason Hasbro decided that good toys like this should only come packed one in each case, not to mention it is a Walmart exclusive making it even harder to get a hold of. Me being in Australia meant I had no choice but to go on eBay to get this guy, at an (3X) inflated price I might add. Was it worth it? You decide.

Thanks again for reading!

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    another great review. standing next to my other hulk figures, this one looks like a mutated avocado. great sculpt, but too lime green. keep up the great work!

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