Black Getter OVA ver. ブラックゲッター

You may have noticed by now that I really like the colour black, and even more so figures and toys that are black. Then it’s no surprise that I think the Black Getter looks awesome, just how awesome? Let’s see…


The Black Getter appears in the OVA released in 1998 by Bandai – “Change!! Getter Robo” (真(チェンジ!!)ゲッターロボ:世界最後の日) literally meaning Armageddon, it was based on the manga and anime series “Getter Robo” created by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa.

In short, Ryoma Nagare (流竜馬), the leader of the Getter Robo team, was framed for the murder of the man that built the Getter machines, Dr. Saotome (早乙女博士) by his former teammate Hayato Jin (神隼人) and imprisoned. He was released only after the Japanese government discovers that Dr. Saotome was actually alive and has a new Getter machine, the Shin Getter, and plan to release Getter rays all over the world. Black GetterRyoma reunites with his old team mates in order to stop Dr. Saotome, they discover that the doctor was actually trying to save the world, but it was too late as a proton missile had already been launched at Dr. Saotome’s Laboratory and the Shin Dragon (a gigantic weapon made from lots of Dragon Getters and Liger Getters combining), thus resulting in an explosion and the Getter rays wipes out 99% of the world’s population. This was just the beginning…

The Black Getter appears sometime after this, custom built and modified by Ryoma from an abandoned Getter Robo machine found on the moon. It now has more firepower and can be piloted by a single person, but lacks the ability to split apart and change forms.

Name: Black Getter OVA 版 ブラックゲッター
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Line: Revoltech Yamaguchi Series
Sculptor: Yamaguchi Katsuhisa
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: 2007
Original Price: ¥1,995 (approx. $26AUD / $20USD)
Height: 120mm / 4.7inches


Unfortunately, back when I purchased this figure I was so anxious to get it out of the box to play with it, I’d forgotten to take a photo of it first. Fortunately this means that you get to see the various wonderful layers of plastic that make up the packaging. As you can see, the figure would sit very snug between their custom shaped liners, and beautifully presented in the classic Revoltech style box.

Black Getter Packaging


Black getter comes with Getter’s signature double Tomahawks, as well as a .44 Magnum Shikishima SP, Strike Gun, ammo clips, cape piece and three extra sets of hands. And as with all Revoltech figures, the display stand as well.

  • Black Getter's Guns
  • Black Getter's Tomahawks


The Black Getter has many parts carried over from the previous Revoltech series No.31 release of Getter 1. These parts include the same chest and torso, shoulders and biceps, and also the thighs and feet parts. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing as the Black Getter is based on the Getter 1 design, and actually, it looks rather nice. There are several enhancements to original sculpt including a neck piece for the cape and overly large, sharp and intimidating looking blades on his left forearm. The sculpture has achieved what it’s set out to do, and that’s to make a meaner, darker and more sinister version of the original Getter 1 machine.

Black Getter front and back


This guy is really great for making those dramatic poses, just like in the anime. On the whole I think the articulation is quite good. There are 17 points of articulation, and I think it’s quite clever that even though there is no waist joint, Kaiyodo have managed to add a joint to the chest to allow the figure to turn from side to side and up and down. This immediately makes the poses more dynamic, as opposed to the stiff and upright posture of some Chogokin figures for this character.

  • Black Getter Tomahawk attack
  • Black Getter side kick

One thing that annoys me with this line is the design of some of the shoulder joints which has been implemented on this figure. It’s basically a sphere that has a slice through it and can rotate to give the arm a wide range of positioning, but to get the right position you sometimes have to fiddle around a bit to get it where you want.

  • Black Getter palm punch
  • Black Getter takes aim
  • Black Getter going insane
  • Black Getter cool pose


I was really impressed with the paint work on this figure, every part of the toy is painted and most have been covered in glorious metallic colour, usually reserved only for the limited edition figures. The paint work is rich and tidy, with hardly any overspray or mistakes on even the smallest details. The blades on the left forearm have been painted with metallic fade treatment which really brings it to life!

  • Black Getter metallic paint
  • Black Getter's blades


One thing I noticed on this figure which is a little odd when it is holding the gun, the gun doesn’t appear to point straight. Shouldn’t the gun be following the same line as the forearm when you’re aiming? Not a big issue but just seemed a bit weird.

  • Black Getter can't aim...
  • Black Getter's head detail

Now to the good details, I love the head design of this figure, even on this small scale it is faithfully represented. The paint work even brings out the madness of the character!

  • Black Getter's shell holder on right forearm
  • Black Getter's ammo clips

Then of course there is the shell holder on the right forearm and the ammo clips under each shoulder. Just a note, the ammo clips can be a bit lose, and fall off from time to time. If you want to save yourself from getting frustrated at this, I suggest you either glue these on, or make them tighter with some tape. Other than this small issue both of these are great addition of detail to really make the Black Getter what it is.


This is a great get, it’s a really nicely made figure with great metallic paint work usually reserved for limited edition figures. There are plenty of them around so the price is always going to be reasonable. It really is a great addition to any collection.

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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