Blackest Night Black Hand

While I’m still sorting through the 11.2GB worth of photos from my July trip to Japan and preparing to write my shopping guide, I thought I’d put up a review I prepared earlier. I purchased this figure on impulse, and it’s not something I usually collect but there was something about it that I really liked, so here it is.


William Hand, aka Black Hand is a DC Comics supervillain who first appeared in Green Lantern (vol.2) #29 (June 1964), created by John Broome and Gil Kane.

Description from the back of the packaging:
Throughout the decades, death has plagued the DC Universe and taken the lives of heroes and villains alike. But to what end? As the War of Light rages on, The prophecy of the Blackest Night descends upon us, With Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps At the center of it all. Black Hand Face

From the story by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.

William Hand used the weapon of Atrocitus to drain the power from Green Lantern’s ring, energizing his own criminal activities. Plaguing Hal Jordan for years, Hand never posed a serious thread, fading into obscurity. His return ignited the foretold Blackest Night, threatening to destroy everything the Guardians and Green Lantern Corps stand for – in ways never dreamed imaginable.

Name: Black Hand
Manufacturer: DC Direct
Line: Blackest Night Series 4
Sculptor: Jonathan Matthews
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: April 2010
Original Price: $19.95USD / $24.95AUD
Height: 175mm / 6.89inches


Blackest Night series figures come packed in clamshell packaging and secured with one single twisty wire which is cheap and effective. Each series of 4 figures uses the same printed sheet which saves cost at the same time allowing you to read information about all the characters from the same series, only difference being a round sticker at the front which denotes the character’s name. Not particularly collector friendly so either take the figure out for good, or keep it sealed.

  • Black Hand packaging front
  • Black Hand packaging back


Black Hand comes with two accessories, a skull which appears to belong to that of the dead Batman, and a display plate. The skull looks cool, it is wrapped in a clear green transparent soft rubber which is supposed to mimic the skull engulfed in green flames (which is supposed to look like Batman’s helm), and I think it works well. The Stand has the symbol of the Black Lantern Corps, and a small peg to clip into Black Hand’s feet.

  • Black Hand with the dead Batman's Skull
  • Black Hand display base


This has to be the highlight of the figure, it is beautifully sculpted with awesome detail. There is fine leather like texture on the custom as well as rotting flesh on the arm and face, all meticulously sculpted.

Blackest Night Black Hand


From the highlight, we come to the lowlight of this figure. Sure it looks great, but there aren’t many joints, and the few that are there don’t offer much movement. The head has good swivel action, the arms can rotate all the way around but cannot be raised at the shoulders. Elbow bends just short of 90 degrees, there are no waist joints and the hips are very restricted. Surprisingly there is a swivel joint on the thighs, but knee joint only bends to about 60 degrees and there are no ankle joints. As much as I tried, I could only make about 4 decent & different poses with this figure.

  • Black Hand holding skull
  • Black Hand is angry!!
  • Black Hand fighting
  • Up yours!! says Black Hand


Fortunately, the paint job is quite good on this figure and makes up for the limited articulation somewhat. Paint job is realistic, and dark which is perfect for this character. I love the “glow” in the eyes simulated by the careful paint application, really brings the character to life…or rather…death if you know what I mean. The rotting skin is realistically portrayed, and you can even see some details on the actual Black Lantern ring. All in all, very good in this department.

  • Black Hand head paint detail
  • Black Hand hand  paint detail
  • Black Hand flesh and ring paint detail
  • Black Hand cheset paint detail


So far I haven’t mentioned the softness of the cape, and it really is soft unlike some other solid capes I’ve encountered before. Ah hum…and speak of the devil, I mean look at Black Hand compared to Movie Masters Batman and S.O.G Karas, he sits somewhere in between the two figure sizes, just a nice thing to know as a reference to scale.

  • Black Hand has soft rubber cape
  • Black Hand vs Movie Masters vs Karas for size comparison


For an action figure, there isn’t much action to speak of. But if you are after a great looking statuette with some movement, then this line is for you. It has great sculptural detail and fine paint application, definitely worth checking out!

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    I am seriously considering this guy…can get him for under $10.00, so… I love the DCD Blackest Night figures. As much face time as Mattel DCUCs get, I still love the artistry of my DC Direct toys.

    • hey mate, thanks for visiting. If you can get this guy for under $10, go for it. Its a really nicely sculpted toy and looks great on display. I agree, the DC toys are simply beautiful, especially the BN line!

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