Blackest Night Series 6 Hal Jordan & The Flash


Green Lantern Hal Jordan – “As the personification of the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan has been at the center of the universe-shattering War of Light. Forced to confront the true power of the emotional spectrum, nearly consumed by it, Hal Jordan has emerged as the cohesive force, the leader who will forge on to the light, banishing the darkness wrought by the Blackest Night.”

Blue Lantern The Flash – “The Guardian Ganthet duplicates the unique qualities of Hal Jordan’s power ring, deputizing new members into each corps of color to spread the power of the unified light spectrum. After recently returning from the Speed Force and seemingly his own death, Barry Allen is chosen to wear and wield the power of the blue ring. Combined with his considerable speed, he is given the task of spreading the message of hope to all.”

  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan
  • Blackest Night The Flash

Name: Green Lantern Hal Jordan / Blue Lantern The Flash
Manufacturer: DC Direct
Line: Blackest Night Series 6
Sculptor: Jean St. Jean
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: Nov 2010
Original Price: $19.95USD / $24.95AUD
Height: 170mm / 6.96inches (both)


As with all previous series of the DC Blackest Night series action figures, these guys come in a heat sealed clamshell packaging. Each figure is secured with one twisty wire, not that they need to be though as they fit pretty snug in the plastic trays all by themselves. Artwork is great as always, with character bio on the back for all of the characters in the same series.

  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan packaging front
  • Blackest Night The Flash packaging front
  • Blackest Night series 6 packaging
  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan packaging inside


Accessories are pretty sparse with this line. Hal Jordan and The Flash each get their respective coloured lanterns, as well as a pegged display base. The blue lantern in this case is the nicer one of the two, as the green lantern looks slightly transparent, making it look cheap.

  • Blackest Night The Flash's blue lantern
  • Blackest Night The Flash's display base
  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan's green lantern
  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan's display base


Will you just look at these guys, they are absolutely stunning. They do share some common parts but this is inevitable with toys these days, luckily they still look very different to each other on the whole. The parts that they do share, are the arms and right hand, thighs and the upper shin section, and THAT’S IT. Each and every muscle has been sculpted beautifully, not to mention the realistic looking faces for this figures of this scale.

Blackest Night Green Lantern Hal Jordan

Blackest Night Blue Lantern The Flash


Now let’s move onto the not so great aspect of these toys. They do have joints in all the necessary places but movement is very limited. As you can probably see from the photos below, not a lot of cool poses you can pull. In the end, these guys are only really good at standing around looking heroic, but that’s about it.

  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan recharging his ring
  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan punch!
  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan looking heroic
  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan strikes
  • Blackest Night The Flash on the move!
  • Blackest Night The Flash ready for battle
  • Blackest Night The Flash ready to strike
  • Blackest Night The Flash looking heroic!


Paint is quite good on these guys, with the exception of a very few small scratches and stray splatters. Hal Jordan has a nice emerald green paint coat, but once again The Flash steals the show with a deep glossy metallic blue finish. I especially like the paint detail on the heads, Hal’s hair is nicely painted with highlights for realism, and The Flash’s eyes looks unreal!

  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan head paint detail
  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan chest paint detail
  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan ring paint detail
  • Blackest Night Hal Jordan head paint detail
  • Blackest Night The Flash head paint detail
  • Blackest Night The Flash head paint detail


A shot of Hal Jordan and The Flash fighting Black Hand. I don’t know the actual story so forgive me if this scenario doesn’t make any sense haha. And a final shot of Hal Jordan standing with The Flash, looking fearsome!

  • Blackest Night  Hal Jordan and The Flash vs Black Hand
  • Blackest Night  Hal Jordan and The Flash ready for action!


As far as I am concerned, these guys make great looking statuettes for your display cases, with the option to be re-configured slightly. If you’re looking for “action figures”, this isn’t the line for you.

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