Broken Blade Delphine 2nd Type

On my never ending search for new and interesting mecha action figures, I came across this guy when I was in Japan in September. It wasn’t cheap so I was a bit hesitant at first, but curiosity got the better of me and so here he is, please enjoy responsibly!


Delphine Face Broken Blade (a.k.a “Break Blade” ブレイク ブレイド in Japanese) started off as a manga series which is being adopted into six 50 minute animated movies which each of the movies based on the first six graphic novels (can’ wait!).

The story’s main protagonist is Rygart Arrow, who was born without powers into a world of people who can all use magic. Despite this, he becomes best friends with the future King and Queen of the Kingdom during military school. Basically, it is his “special” inability to use magic that allows him to pilot an ancient mecha called “Delphine” which cannot be pilots by any magic users and he must make a choice between two sides.

Name: Broken Blade Delphine 2nd Type
Manufacturer: Sentinel / Sen-Ti-Nel Co. Ltd
Sculptor: Chemical Attack
Designer: Takayuki Yanase 柳瀬敬之
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, PA
Release: Sept 2010
Original Price: ¥5,524 (approx. $67AUD / $65USD)
Height: 140mm / 5.51inches (To the top of helm)


The packaging design of this toy is not typical of most designs out there, there are no photos or pictures of the actual toy, no description of what it is or where it came from, nothing really to entice the potential customer to make the purchase. It tries a bit too hard to be fancy but fortunately you can flip open the front lid to get a glimpse of the contents. Once opened, the toy sits snugly in plastic trays, with some smaller accessories and instruction booklet packed in separate bags.

  • Delphine packaging front
  • Delphine packaging back
  • Delphine packaging opening flap
  • Delphine packaging inside
  • Delphine Delphine accessories parts and instruction packaging
  • Delphine's back fin is carefully bubblewrapped


When it comes to accessories, Delphine has more than enough. He comes with no less than 4 different sword / lance weapons. There is a Type 4 heavy lance, a Type 2 Gande, test type large sword, an East Seamister, a spear as well as hand parts to hold them. Each of the weapons comes with hilt parts that you need to cut of the sprue and plug onto the handle. There is also a display stand, which is very customizable and looks great with an ABS top layer.

  • Delphine with Type 2 Gande and test type large sword
  • Delphine with Type 4 heavy lance
  • Delphine with East Seamister and spear
  • Display stand with ABS top layer


Since I’ve never read the manga, or seen the anime I can’t really say how accurate the toy design is to its original drawings, but I do think it looks great. Every part on this toy is crisp and clean, you can tell it has been accurately produced and carefully assembled. Like a lot of obscure mecha designs, this one also takes a bit of getting used to, but once you are I’m sure you’ll grow to like it. This toy is all plastic (good quality though) so it’s actually rather light and it certainly looks heavier than it actually is.

Broken Blade Delphine 2nd Type


This was the main reason I bought this figure, the packaging didn’t have much information but luckily there was a sample on display at the store I could play with, and it was awesome. I don’t know how well the photos can show off the articulation, but trust me, this is one of the most well articulated mecha action figures I’ve ever encountered. All the joints are tight and holds poses well, it can kneel with no problems and even sit on the ground with its legs flat on the floor.

  • Delphine ready for sword fight
  • Delphine on standby with the spear
  • Delphine kick!
  • Delphine double sword rush
  • Delphine double sword rush
  • Delphine taking a break on the floor
  • Delphine sneak attack
  • Delphine stab!!!
  • Delphine looking awesome
  • Delphine in defense pose with spear
  • Delphine spear thrust!


Although the colour scheme for this mecha is rather simplistic, paint job is top notch. Body parts are coated in glorious metallic silver/gunmetal paint with subtle red highlights in square details throughout the figure. The only printing detail present are two emblems or flags which I’m assuming is the kingdom’s symbol? One on the collar and the other one the left shoulder, doesn’t really do much for me as they don’t have a lot of detail. I wanted to point out the sword paint job, with black inking applied to the battle scar of the blades, which I think shows great attention to detail.

  • Delphine head and shoulder paint / print detail
  • Delphine skirt paint detail
  • Delphine arm paintdetail
  • Delphine feet paint detail
  • Delphine head paint detail
  • Delphine's sword paint and ink detail


There are two quite cool mechanisms on this mecha that I want to share with you. Firstly, the knee joints has a folding mechanism that looks really cool, its not the only joint on the knee but it looks like it actually helps hold the pose in place.

  • Delphine's knee mechanism
  • Delphine's knee mechanism
  • Delphine's knee mechanism
  • Delphine's knee mechanism

The other cool mechanism is the retracting ankle joint. Again, this doesn’t do much just another gimmick but I’d rather have it than not:P And finally, just a photo to show you the relative size of this guy compared to Robot Damashii line Arbalest and GFF Exia.

  • Delphine's ankle mechanism
  • Delphine's ankle mechanism
  • Delphine's ankle mechanism
  • Delphine vs Robot Damashii vs GFF


This is a good toy, but an expensive one at that. If you are a mecha collector like me, then definitely go for it otherwise for the same price there are many other options out there, some including die-cast parts! Anyway, metal is not the only measure of a good toy, I like this toy a lot and I look forward to watching the anime if I can get my hands on it.

Thanks for reading my toy review, please check out my other reviews and share them with your friends if you’ve enjoyed it!

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    Awesome review, this would be a great addition to my mecha collection!

  • Nice review you got there ^^

    I’m planning to buy for my own, but, i saw the 3rd type is being pre-ordered. 3rd type is Riobot Delphine with red armor, taken from the 2nd episode of the OVA.

    struggling with myself, which one to take, since, the 2nd type is good enough with 5 weapons, and the 3rd type just 2 weapons and more expensive price o__o,

    • hehe thanks for the compliment:)

      I just pre-ordered the 3rd type myself, its such a cool toy I dun really mind having both XD. The 2nd type is much cheaper and you’ll have just as much fun I think, the red armour does look good though…sorry I dun think I’m much help:P

    • i think the upcoming 3rd form has more than 2 weapons… according to information stated on amiami as well as on other toy forums..

    • from what i can see on the ami ami website, it looks like the 3rd type only comes with two swords, and a whole heap of armour parts. I could be wrong though…

    Awesome mecha figure. Do you have plans to pre-order the 3rd form Delphine?
    There weren’t many retailers willing to import this one to HK thus I missed my chance to grab one, thus I’ll definitely get the upcoming 3rd form!

    • Yup, it is an awesome figure. I was lucky enough to stumble across it while I was in Japan last July…I’ve already pre-ordered my 3rd form delphin, can’t wait:)


    • there is a type 1? Or do you mean type 2? I’m sure you can get the type 2 for way less than 25,000 yen. let me know if you are interested and I’ll find a good price for you:)

    It is a dengeki limited, i found it around 25.000 yen at yahoo auction…

    I already bought delphine 2 and 3 from auctions…

    Delphine 2 also already high…i got it at 9000yen, while delphine 3 is still around 7000 (normal)

    • hum…I see, I didn’t know about this one. It looks to be mostly the same as the 2nd type except for the shoulder pads, some accessories and paint app, yet it cost so much more money:(

      I’ve found on on yahoo for 20,000 yen…
      still expensive though…

    And u know what….they will make zone of enders ver of jehuty and anubis….

    • oh…are you talking about the Kotobukiya kits? Anubis looks good!

    No i mean riobot, sentinel Already got the license of z.o.e

    Btw, when your 3rd form delphone arrived please review it :p

    • oops, sorry:P

      3rd form has arrived, working on the review now:)

    review almost done, I can confirm that the 3rd type comes with all the weapons the 2nd type comes with, plus an extra larger version of the test type sword aka Bastard Sword:P

  • How are the hands that grip the weapons? Do they stretch out too easily, is it easy to insert/take out the weaponry? I have another figure from sentinel (the monster hunter one) that has a large problem with hands, both being difficult to swap/in out, and the hands being very difficult to put weapons into, and then getting stretched out after inserting the weapons in the hands. Also, the arms joints, especially the elbows are a bit looser than I would like. Does this sentinel release share the same problems? I had ordered both but I won’t get the riobot delphine for another 2 weeks, and would like to know about these issues. Thanks!

    • Hi Lord Mercat, thanks for the visit. I found the hands of the Delphine to be quite good at wielding weapons. They don’t loosen over time and the weapon stays in place quite well. The hands are a little difficult to swap in and out as but once you’ve done it a couple of time you’ll get used to it. The joints are all very solidly made, I haven’t experienced any loose joints on my figures. The only problem I’ve found so far with these are the arm armor mechanisms on the 3rd form figure. They are quite fragile and do not always lock into place. I hope this helps!

    You know a figure is amazing when you’re looking at a 2010 and it still holds up in such an incredible way with current tech utilized for new ones.

    It’s a shame that this was really expensive back then to afford; for nowadays economy the same amount would be more reasonable but of course knowing Sentinel the price would be adjusted.

    • Sure is, it’s a very well designed and engineered toy. I think it will hold up for at least another 5 years if not more! Good toys will always go up in price, always!

    No doubt many sentinel action figures are attractive when it comes to quality / finish (MH was one of the exception). Comparing with bandai robot spirit items, i’d definitely go for sentinel even though prices seem to be higher. Just look at the painted finish / decal of the delphine 2nd (mine is the 3rd type) as well as the varieties and finish of weapons, it’s already worth the price!

    • I agree with you Roundbun, Sentinel is definitely more expensive but it’s well worth the money. I love the attention they pay to engineering, paint and design!

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