Broken Blade Delphine 3rd Type


From what I’ve read, the Delphine Third Form (3rd Type) appears at the end of the second episode of the Broken Blade (aka Break Blade) movie. The short clip shows Lygatto Arrow piloting the Delphine Third form, and looking serious.

Delphine 3rd Type

Name: Delphine 3rd Type
Manufacturer: Sentinel Co. Ltd
Line: Riobot R03
Sculptor: Chemical Attack
Designer: Takayuki Yanase
Scale: Non-Scale
Material: ABS, PVC, PA
Release: May 2011
Original Price: ¥7,429 (approx. $92AUD / $97USD)
Height: 140mm / 5.51inches


Packaging design is taken directly from its predecessor with updates to the graphics. Again there are no actual photos of the toy or features, but at least the box is quite sturdy and has a flip open front panel to allow a sneak peak at the toy. The figure, armour parts and some weapons are nestled in a plastic tray while the rest are in sealed bags stored loose behind the tray.

  • Delphine 3rd Type packaging front
  • Delphine 3rd Type packaging back
  • Delphine 3rd Type packaging flip open front panel
  • Delphine 3rd Type packaging inside


The good news with this figure is that you get all the accessories that come with the 2nd Type figure, and some more. It comes with one extra weapon, the test type large sword aka Bastard Sword (Big), shown in the photo compared to the standard sized one. Then there are the awesome looking armour parts which simply clip onto the figure (with a bit of difficulty I might add). A display stand and extra hand parts are also included.

  • Delphine 3rd Type weapons - Heavy Lance, Gande, Bastard Sword, Javelin
  • Delphine 3rd Type big Bastard Sword vs regular Bastard sword
  • Delphine 3rd Type armour parts
  • Delphine 3rd Type display stand


Just as with the 2nd Type, you can see that the 3rd Type has been carefully assembled with nice detailed parts made from high quality plastics. This is not surprising as they share about 90% of the same parts on the actual figure. The bits that are new include the head, the chest piece and the waist aprons. I didn’t count the leg and feet armour parts as they are actually removable and simply clip on. Once all the armour is on, it does look rather impressive. However getting the armour to fit properly was no easy task. The shoulder armour fits quite nicely, but the arm armour parts do not like to stay in place, as the clipping mechanism is rather flimsy and fragile.

Broken Blade Delphine 3rd Type


There isn’t much more to say about articulation that I hadn’t already in the review of the 2nd Type figure. Every limb is super articulated, holds poses well and looks great doing it. There are a few draw backs to the 3rd Type though, the head is now slightly bulkier which means it interferes more with the collar and restricts movement, and once all the armour parts are on, arm articulation is basically non-existent – which may be okay if it was designed to turn into a battering ram.

  • Delphine 3rd Type ready for battle
  • Delphine 3rd Type looking cool
  • Delphine 3rd Type sword block!
  • Delphine 3rd Type resting
  • Delphine 3rd Type armour on!
  • Delphine 3rd Type charge!


There is quite a bit of print detail on the toy which is always a good thing especially when it is done right. On top of that, the paint job is quite clean and tidy. I did notice that the paint scheme of the body is a bit more silver than the 2nd Type which has a slightly golden sheen to it. Another thing that I noticed is that the colour on the armour parts do not all match, not sure if this was done on purpose but the head and chest parts are a much brighter shade of red than the rest of the armour, a bit too obvious for my liking.

  • Delphine 3rd Type chest print detail
  • Delphine 3rd Type armour print  detail
  • Delphine 3rd Type mismatched armour colour paint detail
  • Delphine 3rd Type leg paint detail
  • Delphine 3rd Type shoulder print detail
  • Delphine 3rd Type head paint detail


I wanted to show that once you unclip the leg and feet armour parts, the legs are actually the same mold as the 2nd Type. Also another interesting thing I hadn’t noticed before is how the shoulder pads can be unclipped quite easily, but stays firmly in place otherwise, which is really good engineering.

  • Delphine 3rd Type leg armour on and off detail
  • Delphine 3rd Type shoulder pad unclipped detail

Because the 3rd Type is basically the same toy as the 2nd Type, it also gets the awesome folding knee mechanism and retracting ankle joints. Its not all positive with this toy though, I did mention the flimsy and fragile clipping system on the arm armour, and you can see here that is very complicated in design but not sturdy at all. The glue marks are very visible, and in my case some of the joints actually broke as I tried to clip the armour on.

  • Delphine 3rd Type knee joint detail
  • Delphine 3rd Type arm armour clipping design detail

Lastly a shot of the 2nd Type with the 3rd Type. Here you can clearly see the colour difference as well as all the shared parts between the two figures. If I had to choose, I’d go with the 2nd Type as I prefer this design more.

  • Delphine 2nd Type vs 3rd Type
  • Delphine 2nd Type vs 3rd Type


It all boils down to whether or not the toy is worth its price. At the current exchange rate (at the time of writing), the Delphine 3rd Type is almost $100USD, plus you have to add in shipping if purchasing online. This is a lot to ask for a plastic toy which only stands at 140mm tall, the same size as most Revoltech toys which cost well below half this price.

I wouldn’t recommend this toy to anyone except for the most diehard Broken Blade fans, or for completists who must have all of the Riobot Delphine figures. It has flaws which the 2nd Type doesn’t have and costs quite a bit more as well.

Thanks for reading, please share if you’ve enjoyed it!

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