Composite Ver. Ka Temjin

This was one of my favourite arcade games back in my high school days, but at $2 (that was a lot back then!) a pop it wasn’t a game I could play often which meant I never really got very good at it. However, I did quite like the mecha design, even though Temjin wasn’t the Virtuaroid of my choice it’s still great to see it being made into a toy.


Composite Ver. Ka Temjin

Name: Temjin
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: Composite Ver. Ka
Designer: Katoki Hajime
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, POM
Release: Oct 2010
Original Price: ¥4,800 (approx. $60AUD / $62USD)
Height: 148mm / 5.82inches


Packaging is relatively compact and slim, there is a bit of wasted space being in a box format but this is pretty standard nowadays. The box itself is quite sturdy, it features a large display window at the front which wraps around to the top allowing a view of the contents. Inside, there is a backing card with a nice artwork of Temjin that sits behind the plastic liners which holds the toy in place.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin packaging front
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin packaging back
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin packaging backing card
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin packaging inside


Temjin comes packed with quite a few weapons, ready to wreck havoc. It comes equipped with the MPBL-7mk2-d assault rifle, the MPBL-7mk3 beam rifle, a power bomb and beam blade attachment for the beam rifle. Other accessories include an optional soft type antenna for the head, disc for the backpack, optional hands and a display stand. The weapons fit very nicely and easily in the hands and the bomb has a little tab which fits into the open palm hand.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin with power bomb
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin with assault rifle
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin with beam rifle
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin with beam rifle blade attachment


I can’t say that I remember Temjin very much from the games as I didn’t used to use him, however compared to the artwork on the packaging backing card, I’d say this toy is relatively accurate to its original design. Being an original Katoki Hajime design, it doesn’t surprise me as this line is overseen by the man himself. In terms of materials used, the toy feels great and the details are really quite sharp thanks to the use of ABS on the external parts.

Composite Ver. Ka Temjin


Temjin is one nimble Virtuaroid, it features many useful joints which holds poses beautifully. What I like about this toy is that all the joints are relatively simple yet effective. The head shoulders and hips for example are on ball joints which works well and give a huge range of movement. Temjin also features toe articulation which really helps with a lot of the wide stance poses.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin stepping forward
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin shows off his power bomb
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin takes aim
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin side kick
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin ready to launch
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin stab with beam blade


This toy also features plenty of pad printing detail, a signature of Katoki’s works. The paint app is really nice and tidy which is further accentuated with the use of translucent parts. Its worth noting that there is a pearl paint effect on all the blue and white parts of the toy which the photos may not have picked up very well.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin shoulder paint/print detail
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin feet paint/print detail
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin arm paint/print detail
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin waist paint/print detail


There is quite a fun gimmick on this toy and that is the opening console styled backpack which houses the boosters. As you open the lid of the console, a little tab lifts the disc up.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin opening backpack detail
  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin opening backpack detail

When compared to the 1/144 scale GFF RX-78-02 Gundam, the Temjin stands only about half a head taller, but due to the body proportions it does feel much bigger than the GFF counterpart.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Temjin vs GFF RX-78-02 Gundam
  • ''hum..I wonder what this is...?''


This guy is by no means my favourite mecha, nor was he the mecha I chose when I used to play this game, but this toy was just so much fun to play with that I’d happily recommend it to anyone. Another great thing about this toy is that it is mostly overlooked, so most places (HLJ, AmiAmi) have him on sale at the moment for a great price, get yours today and enjoy the fun!

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    on 02/09/2013 at 14:12Hey guys, I’ve been watching since epdisoe one, but was very busy recently and have been playing catch-up with your wonderful show.I have two questions for you. First of all, why are you so awesome?Secondly, I got way too excited over the Ver.Ka Nu Gundam’s hyper-articulated hands, but now it has come time to cut them off the runner and attach them to the model. However, some of the fingers are falling off, and won’t go back on. I had a similar probel with the RX-78-2 2.0 s core fighter wings, but at least they can be folded up so they don’t fall off. Hands and fingers are a whole different story. I’d rather not have a three-fingered Gundam. What can I do to fix this?Keep up the great show, and hopefully your fingers don’t decide to fall off at random.~Thomas

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