Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann

I’ve had my eyes on this figure ever since it popped up on the net earlier in the year, the prototype photos looked great and there was a serious shortage in options for this particular mecha in toy form. The Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann looked to fill the void, so let’s take a look and see how well it does it. Gurren Lagann Face


The Composite Ver. Ka Toy line saw it’s first release in June of 2010 with the Lancelot Albion from “CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion R2”, and the Gurren Lagann is the second offering from this line. As the title (Ver. Ka) suggests, it is designed by the famed Hajime Katoki whom is responsible for much of the Gundam Fix Figuration toys which makes this line a very much anticipated release. Known for his attention to small detail and love of decals, it is interesting to see what he does outside of the Gundam genre.

Name: Gurren Lagann グレンラガン
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: Composite Ver. Ka
Designer: Yoshinari You, Hajime Katoki
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, POM
Release: July 2010
Original Price: ¥4,800 (approx. $59AUD / $56USD)
Height: 150mm / 5.9inches


It’s hard not to compare this line to the GFF toy line, especially when talking about the packaging. The great thing about the new Composite line is how compact the packaging is, and how well they’ve managed to squeeze everything in (including the Giga Drill Break!). But, the BEST thing about this packaging over the GFF line for me is the lack of twisty wires, this makes me very happy!

  • Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann packaging front
  • Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann packaging back
  • Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann packaging inside
  • Closer look at the inside of the Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann packaging


Gurren Lagann wouldn’t be Gurren Lagann with out those Sunglasses, and he gets plenty of them in this release. Two stacking pairs that can attach to his chest, as well as two flatter and slightly larger pairs that Gurren Lagann can hold as weapons. Also included are a pair of wrist drills, a bit short for my liking and you have to remove the hands to fit them on, but good metallic paint job. Last but certainly not the least is the Giga Drill Break, and it is huge! So big in fact, Gurren Lagann can hardly hold it by himself, but not to worry as a display stand is included to give him a hand. The clever people over at Bandai have designed the Giga Drill Break to be assembled from 3 parts, thus allowing it to fit into the compact packaging. Almost forgot to mention, an angry faced head is also included for those battle poses.

  • Gurren Lagann with his sunglasses
  • Gurren Lagann Drill punch
  • Gurren Lagann Giga Drill Break!
  • Display stand included with Gurren Lagann Ver. Ka


Who can fault the mechanical designs of the famed Hajime Katoki, certainly not I. Proportions are great, there is a real sense of “volume” with this figure, and unlike the Revoltech offering, it was rather easy to place this one in a neutral pose. The plastic s used also feels quite solid and hard wearing with a good mix of matt and gloss finishes.

Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann


Articulation is really quite good, I love the way the joints feel, not too loose and not too tight with no ratchets which means you can really control the amount of movement in each joint. I did find the knee joints slightly restrictive as it couldn’t quite make it to 90° degrees (which I think should be the standard for a modern action figure).

  • Gurren Lagann sunglasses attack!!
  • Gurren Lagann flying through the air
  • Gurren Lagann side kick
  • Gurren lagann ready for Giga Drill Break attack, its quite heavy tho!
  • Giga Crill Break attack into the heavens!!
  • Gurren Lagann is No. 01! Disco baby XD


This is quite a controversial part of the figure, not the quality of the paint application itself but rather the choice in decoration. You may ask, where did these tribal tattoos come from? Well, I have no idea but my theory is Mr. Katoki may have been inspired by the fact humans lived in tribes in the anime? Who knows…the fact is its all done to quite a good quality, whether you like the tribal tattoos or not. Panel lining and paint highlights are also done here to a certain degree, which you’d expect coming from the GFF line.

  • Dai Gurren Brigade shoulder emblem paint detail
  • Chest face paint / print detail
  • Leg paint / print detail
  • Back paint / print detail
  • Thigh paint & panel lining detail
  • Waist paint / print detail


This is a pretty straight forward action figure, no features or gimmicks to speak of so let’s compare it to the Revoltech Gurren Lagann and see how it stacks up. Size wise, its slightly taller, bulker and much better proportioned. Comparing to the GFF line Gundam Exia, it is also taller, but both are fine pieces of work by Mr. Katoki. One thing I did noticed after I had done the photoshoot was the paint work on the waist area being rubbed off by the groin plate, you’ve gotta be careful of this as it kinda ruins the toy.

  • Composite Ver. Ka vs Revoltech Gurren Lagann
  • fight fight fight.....
  • Composite Ver. Ka Gurren Lagann and GFF Gundam Exia
  • Paint rubbing off on the front waist area, be careful!


By no means is this a cheap toy, at ¥4,800 I would have expected something a bit more, either that or I’m really falling behind with the whole concept of inflation? Still, a good toy to have if you’re a fan of the anime, I’m not too fussed by the tribal tattoos but I understand this is not to everyone’s taste. Perhaps we should petition Bandai to release an “undecorated” version?

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    not sure about the decals either, other than that its a great toy…

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