Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster

I’ve never played the games, I’ve never seen the animes but I’ve always thought Cybaster was an interesting and great looking mecha. So naturally, when I found out Bandai was releasing this guy in the Composite Ver. Ka toy line, I ordered it immediately.


Cybaster (魔装機神サイバスター) or alternatively spelt Cybuster is a fictional robot from the Super Robot Wars series. From what I’ve read, it comes from an extra-dimentional origin, it is a “Masouki” piloted by Masaki Andou. The Cybaster was blessed by the Wind elemental’s saint level spirit Cyfith, making it the fastest Masouki, and the only one with the ability to transform.

Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster

Name: Cybaster (Cybuster)
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: Composite Ver. Ka
Designer: Moriya Junichi
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC, POM
Release: Jul 2011
Original Price: ¥5,800 (approx. $70AUD / $75USD)
Height: 160mm / 6.30inches (to top of head trim)


Packaging wise it is a pretty standard Composite Ver. Ka design, with large window at the front. There are graphics and photos relating to the toy as well as some explanation text (in Japanese) at the back. Inside, the figure lies between some plastic liners with the wing parts and display stand parts in a separate layer beneath.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster packaging front
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster packaging back


Cybaster comes with a pair of swords two High Familiars, optional hands and a Display stand. The two swords included are the standard Discutter as well as the Vanity Ripper which splits to form two separate swords. To split the Vanity Ripper in two, it does involve some parts swapping, namely detaching a little tab and attaching the sword handle in place – no big deal but it have should been retractable to minimize the possibility of loosing parts. Aside from that I found swapping out the hands a near impossible task, the ball joints were just way too tight, unnecessarily tight.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster with Discutter
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster with Vanity Ripper
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster with Vanity Ripper split in two
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster's High Familiars


Robot Mode: Sculpt wise I recon it is absolutely spot on. It looks great, well proportioned and finely detailed. However, this is one very spiky figure and it doesn’t help that the body parts are made from rigid ABS material. Another problem I found was with the balance of the figure. The wings are pretty solid and it makes Cybaster very back heavy so he does not tend to stay standing straight up very well without the help of the stand.

Composite Ver. Ka The Lord of Elemental Cybaster

Alt mode: To be honest, I’ve never really liked the alt mode of Cybaster, it looks a bit like an after thought transformation, and the head of the bird coming out of the crouch just looks wrong. But it is what it is, and for what it is, it looks okay. You may not be able to tell from the photo, but in Cybird mode, the peg hole for the stand is not at the very bottom of the figure, and as the stand is fixed in position the Cybird will end up pointing upwards when connected to the stand.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster in Cybird mode
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster in Cybird mode


Looking purely at the amount of movement in each limb, I’d say this is a figure with good articulation. However, there are quite a few problems with it. Firstly as I’ve mentioned already it is very unbalanced and putting it in any sort of pose without a stand is going to be difficult. Secondly, it is very spiky so handling the toy is not the most joyous thing I can think of, and yes those spiky bits do tend to fall off from time to time, adding to the frustration. Then theres the problem of the knees bending the wrong way (as if it was going to transform). Once you do get over these few issues, the toy looks great in most poses.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster looking for a challenge
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster attacking with High Familiars
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster ready for action
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster double sword attack
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster double sword attack
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster double sword attack with High Familiar


The figure is covered with a nice metallic silver coat of paint but I did notice a few imperfections straight out of the box which you sometimes do get with mass produced toys. Otherwise the paint app is mostly tidy and there are nice details throughout. The figure also has a few transparent green panels which look rather nice, giving it a bit more depth. The swords are well decorated with little “gems” and panel lining. I really like the High Familiars included with this set, and you can see the paint and detail quality is very good on them.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster head paint detail
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster leg paint detail
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster back paint detail
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster weapons paint detail
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster chest paint detail
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster High Familiar paint detail


In terms of scale, I’m not sure if this particular Cybaster is in scale with the Volk’s version (Dengeki hobby limited) as I don’t have one to compare with, but I do have Dygenguar to give you an idea of the size. For those of you unfamiliar with either line, here’s a 3.75” Stormtrooper which should help you visualize the size of this thing, its not big at all.

  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster vs Volks Dygenguar
  • Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster vs 3.75'' Stormtrooper


This could have been a great toy if some of the issues were fixed before release. It just felt like there was a lack of concentration from the engineering team towards the end of the project. Things like the overly tight ball joints for the hands, the back wings being way too heavy, the spikes being too sharp (should have been made with a softer grade of plastic) and the display stand not being able to rotate up and down, but alas.

I’m a little unsure whether or not I’d recommend this toy. On the one hand it looks great, but on the other hand it can seriously drive you nuts trying to “play” with it so I’ll leave the decision up to you guys.

Thanks for reading!

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    I know what you mean with regards to the hands. First time I tried to swap the holding things hands on, the force I was using travelled through the figure and popped it apart at every other possible ball joint!

    After putting him back together, I used a small knife to scrape some plastic off from the inside of the hands, which had inconsistent molding on the inside between them anyway. After this, they went on without any trouble, but I don’t see myself changing them anytime in the future.

    • Cybaster is now residing at the bottom of the box…if I have time I’ll dig him out and fix his hands…thanks for the tip!:)

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