DC Comics Designer Series Greg Capullo Thrasher Suit


Batman Thrasher Suit

Name: Thrasher Suit Batman
Series: The Court of Owls
Manufacturer: DC Collectibles
Line: DC Designer Series
Jay Kushwara / Jonathan Matthews
Designer: Greg Capullo
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, POM, ABS
Release: Dec 2014
Original Price: $39.95USD
Height: 230mm / 9.05inches


Being a Designer Series figure, the minimalist and clean cut packaging works really well here. The box art is primarily monochrome with the exception of photos of other figures in the wave on the back. There’s a large display window at the front which wraps to the left to give you not only a nice frontal view but also a nice side-boobesque angle from which to inspect the figure inside. The figure itself is enclosed in some plastic trays with some wire ties to keep it from popping out during transportation. Box is collector friendly but I don’t find it necessary to keep for this particular figure.

  • Batman Thrasher Suit packaging front
  • Batman Thrasher Suit packaging back
  • Batman Thrasher Suit packaging
  • Batman Thrasher Suit packaging inside


Not counting the helmet that comes packed separately, Thrasher Suit Batman does not come with any accessories.


I haven’t read the comics but I have seen drawings of this particular design and from what I can remember the sculpt is very faithful to the design. Other than that, the figure itself is solid, very hefty and very imposing when you display him with other 6″ Batman figures. I really love the mechanical detail throughout the figure, there’s cable detail, interlocking armor plates, pipes, rivets, you name it it’s got it! Proportionally as a figure it looks awesome, however if you do stop to think about it, there’s no way Batman can actually fit in this armor suit without having his body completely stretched apart. Actually better not think about it and just enjoy the figure as it is.

  • Batman Thrasher Suit front view
  • Batman Thrasher Suit rear view


For a big ass bulky figure I’d say the articulation is quite good, but range of movement is hampered by his bulk in places such as the knee and ankles. The helmet for the suit just sits on the top so there’s no articulation to speak of, but Bruce’s head is on a ball joint with a decent amount of side to side as well as downwards motion, not much for looking upwards though. The shoulders are on a universal joint which allows the arm to rotate all the way around as well as left up almost horizontally. There’s bicep swivel, ratchet elbows and universal jointed wrists. Even though the wrists are on a universal joint, you can’t really move it very far due to the huge spiky armor plates on the suit’s forearms. The best and waist both have a swivel joint, hips are on a universal joint, thighs have swivel joints, knees are double jointed and has a ratchet and there is an ankle tilt and roll but it’s not much. The best part though is the fully articulated hands, 3 sections per finger/thumb and each joint is pinned securely together, very nice!

  • Batman Thrasher Suit ready for combat
  • Batman Thrasher Suit peekaboo!
  • Batman Thrasher Suit side kick (assisted)
  • Batman Thrasher Suit smash!
  • Batman Thrasher Suit standing heroically
  • Batman Thrasher Suit is number one!


Paint scheme on the Thrasher suit is 90% gunmetal with black and silver detail, and of course the yellow utility belt. The gunmetal color has a metallic sheen to it, coupled with the rough texture of the sculpt it really mimics metal plating quite well. The visor of the helmet is painted in a rich metallic candy red which stands out really nicely against the rest of the suit. Underneath the helmet, Bruce has been given big blue eyes with a sort of serious but non-threatening expression, all nicely painted but my particular figure has some black paint splatter on the forehead, which is unfortaunte.

  • Batman Thrasher Suit helmet paint detail
  • Batman Thrasher Suit Bruce head paint detail
  • Batman Thrasher Suit armor plating paint detail
  • Batman Thrasher Suit forearm armor paint detail


Here’s a closer look at those awesomely articulated hands I was talking about earlier, they are seriously impressive for a DC figure. Even most of the Japanese toys I have do not have this amount of articulation of their hands, let alone ones at this price point. Now, not sure if you have noticed in the previous photos but my Thrasher Suit Batman actually came missing the left forearm armor piece. It wasn’t until I had taken most of the photos until I realized. I will talk a bit more about that further down the review.

  • Batman Thrasher Suit awesomely articulated hands
  • Batman Thrasher Suit missing left forearm armor piece

Size comparison with the Wave 1 Batman from the same series, big size difference! Then a comparison with another armored Batman from the DC Armory series, again massive size difference. Lastly a comparison with the Movie Masters Batman, even more massiver!!

  • Batman Thrasher Suit vs Batman
  • Batman Thrasher Suit vs DC Armory Batman
  • Batman Thrasher Suit vs Movie Masters Batman
  • Batman Thrasher Suit vs Stormtrooper

Now back to the story of the missing forearm armor piece. I purchased this figure from my local comic store (If you live in Sydney you know which one I’m talking about) without noticing the missing piece. Some weeks later when I was taking photos of this guy I finally noticed and contacted the store. Unfortunately I paid by cash, and didn’t think that a simple toy like this would EVER require warranty so I (stupidly) threw out the receipt. Many attempts were made to ask the store to help me out but they outright refused, even though the box still had their store barcode on it. I wasn’t even asking for a refund, I was asking to see if they could help me get a hold of a replacement part. No dice. Needless to say I was quite frustrated. My next option was to contact DC Collectibles directly by email, 3 sent over a 2 week period, no reply. At this point I was very disappointed but then I thought I’d try one last avenue of hope.

Special shout out to BigBadToyStore for helping me find the missing piece even though I didn’t purchase the figure from them. They didn’t even charge me for it, only asked that I pay for postage which I happily did.

You may be wondering why I’m writing all this but there’s a point, I promise. Firstly, always keep receipts. Secondly, customer service is important, and it’s worth paying for. This is not the first time BBTS has helped me out, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

  • Batman Thrasher Suit receives a care package from BBTS
  • Batman Thrasher Suit fixed!


I love Batman and I love robots, so when Batman is in a giant robotic armored suit, then I gotta change pants. This figure is simply awesome, the size of it alone makes it an impressive display piece, then you take into account the great articulation and beautiful design and you’ve really got a winner. Everyone who collects Batman figures should definitely check it out. Anyone who like big, heavy, solid superhero figures should check it out. At this price point, you really can’t go wrong!

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