S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Decade

Firstly, Merry Xmas and thanks for your support so far in 2009!! Now onto the review:)

There aren’t many guys out there that pull off a pink shirt, let alone a pink suit. But Decade wears it perfectly, in fact the design is very refreshing compared to the other Kamen Riders…once you get used to it!S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Decade


As his name suggests, Kamen Rider Decade (仮面ライダーディケイド) is the tenth rider of the Heisei Rider series which begun in 2000 with Kamen Rider Kuuga.

In the 2009 series, the story revolves around the nine previous universes of the Heisei Kamen Riders merging into one which in turn would destroy all the worlds. To prevent this from happening Tsukasa Kadoya (門矢 士) transforms into Kamen Rider Decade and must travel to the other rider’s worlds and eliminate the anomaly in that world in order to save his own.

Name: Kamen Rider Decade
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: S.H.Figuarts
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS, Die-cast
Release: Aug 2009
Original Price: ¥2,800 (approx. $35AUD / $31USD)
Height: 145mm / 5.7inches


Bandai has done it again, by no means is the packaging revolutionary but like most of their other lines it is very practical yet highly recognizable in the store. Adding to this the distinctive pink colour of Kamen Rider Decade, it makes for very visible packaging. The contents sit nice and secure in the plastic trays and can be seen through the window of the outer box.

  • Decade Packaging
  • Decade Packaging inside


Decade comes with his weapon of choice, the Ride Booker, in all three modes (Book mode, Gun mode and sword mode) and a printed card with two of each of the 11 Kamen Rider cards. In book mode, the Ride Booker can be attached to the belt and it also can be hinged open (not shown) but will not fit any cards inside. Both gun and sword mode looks good and close to the live version. Also included are 3 extra pairs of hands (4 pairs in total), closed fist, open palm, weapon holding, and Rider card holding hands.

  • Decade Ride Booker - Book Mode
  • Decade Ride Booker - Gun Mode
  • Decade Ride Booker - Sword Mode
  • Decade Rider Cards


As you can probably see, the toy version is pretty close to the live version in all aspects of the design. However the advantage of being a toy means that it doesn’t have to conform to the size of an actual person inside, this means the toy version can be much slimmer hence the improved proportions, i.e. slimmer waist line and limbs to give a taller and more agile look (in my opinion).

Kamen Rider Decade front and back view


Toys have really come a long way in the last few years, even a relatively low price toy such as this has very good articulation, 28 points in total!! Elbows and knees are double jointed, hips and shoulders have ball joints as well as hinge joint to lift the limbs sideways. The neck has two joints to allow a vast array of head movement, even the feet has toe articulation! All joints are pretty tight and hold poses well.

  • Decade ready for a fight
  • Decade kick
  • Decade flying stick
  • Decade aims to shoot
  • Decade sword attack
  • Decade looking good!


Paint work is not too bad, there are a few places where it isn’t very consistent and slightly untidy but generally speaking it is acceptable. The Ride Booker is well painted as is the Decadriver. Unfortunately there are no Rider Symbols printed on the Decadriver, but it is such a small detail on this figure that it can be forgiven! The only printed stuff is the Rider cards themselves, print quality is okay, but you have to cut them out yourself. Would have been nice if Bandai perforated the cards.

  • Decade chest paint detail
  • Decade thigh paint detail
  • Decade head paint detail
  • Decade Ride Booker paint detail
  • Decade Decadriver paint detail
  • Decade Rider Card detail


The fins on the head are very nicely executed, they are so intricate and as such can be fragile so be careful when handling the toy not to snap them. The shoulder pads are hinged so they don’t fall off and helps greatly with the articulation. The feet are die-cast and this is one of the appeals of the S.H.Figuart line, it makes the figure much more balanced as the weight is towards the ground, and also gives the figure a nice weighty feel. I have noticed that in the 3 different modes, the size of the Ride Booker is actually slightly different. The sword and book mode are around the same size, but the gun mode is slightly larger, not sure why.

  • Decade head fin detail
  • Decade hinged should pad detail
  • Decade die-cast feet detail
  • Decade Rider Booker all 3 modes detail


This is a great line of action figures by Bandai, the toy is nicely made with quality materials and not only does it look great, it is also very play friendly.

It took me some time to get used to the radical design of Kamen Rider Decade, but once I did, he has become one of my favourite Kamen Rider character designs. You’ll either love the design, or hate it but if it is the former, then this is a great toy to have!

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    i like it because i look at the cartoon

    • I like it cos I think the suit design is interesting, even though I’ve never seen the show:P

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