EM-Gokin Series EM-03 Blue Jet


EM-03 Blue Jet

Name: Blue Jet
Series: Machine Robo
Manufacturer: Fewture Models
Line: EM Gokin
Sculptor: Alan Moriguchi
Release: Jul 2012
Original Price: ¥7,178JPY
Height: 170mm / 6.69inches


I have always been impressed with the quality of Fewture products, even on the relatively low price point releases such as this one. There is an outer sleeve with beautiful artwork and photography that slips over the main box. Lifting this reveals a window giving you a sneak peak at the figure inside. Cardboard stock is solid and feels very sturdy. Inside you’ll find every single part wrapped in protective plastic showing the extreme care Fewture has towards their toys.

  • EM-03 Blue Jet packaging sleeve front
  • EM-03 Blue Jet packaging sleeve back
  • EM-03 Blue Jet packaging sleeve
  • EM-03 Blue Jet packaging front
  • EM-03 Blue Jet packaging inside top
  • EM-03 Blue Jet packaging inside bottom


Blue Jet comes with lots of parts which you’ll see later but the only two that I would classify as accessories is his sword and the display stand. The sword is nice and large but it is permanently attached to his right hand. The stand is a bit of mess, there are several parts to the arm that you must assemble and adjust, even after you’ve done this it doesn’t do a particularly good job of holding the figure. I wished they would have released stands similar to the Tamashii or Sentinel ones instead.

  • EM-03 Blue Jet's sword
  • EM-03 Blue Jet's sorry excuse for a display stand


The first thing I noticed when I picked up Blue Jet was the heft in his legs, his whole lower leg section is die-cast which gives him great balance. He also has die-cast in his upper body. The second thing I noticed was how off his face looked. In the original anime Blue Jet was a handsome and charismatic character who was popular with the girls. The face on this figure looks droopy and dopey, these are the first two words that come to mind. The rest of the body is nicely proportioned however I do question the choice of plastic used here, feels kind of cheap, like the ones you’d find on cheap plastic gardening tools.

EM-Gokin Series EM-03 Blue Jet

Jet mode:

Blue Jet looks lovely in jet mode, despite not being blue at all apart from his canopy. It’s a very simple and blocky design with no markings or unnecessary detail, very reminiscent of the anime style during that period. The display stand holds Blue Jet in jet mode reasonably well, so it’s not all bad.

  • EM-03 Blue Jet
  • EM-03 Blue Jet


Articulation is decent with Blue Jet, he can pull off a variety of dynamic poses with little to no problem. His head is on a ball joint but up and down movement is somewhat restricted. Shoulders are also on a ball joint which give good range of movement however I worry that this will loosen overtime. The elbows and knees are both double jointed but the design of the forearms and lower legs restricts the bending to 90° max. Blue Jet has articulated toes and heels which help to balance him in dynamic poses and keeps his feet flat on the ground even with a wide stance.

  • EM-03 Blue Jet charge!
  • EM-03 Blue Jet draws his sword
  • EM-03 Blue Jet looking handsome
  • EM-03 Blue Jet in defence


Paint application on the whole is tidy and clean. I do like the contrast between the glossy paint and the matte finished plastic parts. There’s even panel lining applied to the white wing parts in both robot mode and jet mode.

  • EM-03 Blue Jet head paint detail
  • EM-03 Blue Jet back paint detail
  • EM-03 Blue Jet leg paint detail and panel lining on wings
  • EM-03 Blue Jet body paint detail


To transform Blue Jet you need to pretty much pull him apart completely. This was a little scary for me as I didn’t want to break anything, all went well and nothing was broken. The only parts you need from the robot mode are his upper body and lower legs, everything else gets replaced. The die-cast parts have poly cap inserts which help to hold everything together. I am usually not a big fan of parts forming but I do understand that it was necessary in this case due to the extremely stylized design of the robot mode.

EM-03 Blue Jet in parts ready for jet mode

As I do not own any other Machine Robo toys or Gobots the closest thing I have to do a size comparison is the GN-U Dou Kenryu figure from Yamato. I don’t know how they are supposed to scale as it’s been more than 2 decades since I’ve seen the anime but I have a feeling Kenryu is supposed to be taller?

  • EM-03 Blue Jet vs GN-U Dou Kenryu
  • EM-03 Blue Jet vs Stormtrooper


I do like this toy, overall it’s well constructed and features a lot of die cast for such a small figure. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the head sculpt I do really like this character and this toy is probably the best we’ll get due to his obscurity. Hopefully one day we’ll see a matching Rod Drill to compliment this guy, until that day Blue Jet will remain in stasis in my storage.

If you like Japanese robots, die-cast and obscure characters then this is the toy for you. Luckily the secondary market price of this figure hasn’t been too crazy partly thanks to his obscurity, so you can still pick this guy up at a reasonable price.

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