Figure OH EVA Unit-03 エヴァ参号機

I’ve been a fan of this franchise for quite some time now and absolutely love the character and mecha designs, but can never quite understand what the story is about. It’s about time I revisited the anime, and catch up on the new Evangelion movies, but in the meantime, here is Evangelion Unit-03!


Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン) is set in a slightly futuristic Earth, the story revolves around an apocalyptic theme and features giant mechas known as Evangelions which are operated by a paramilitary organization called Nerv. Nerv must defend Tokyo-3 and fight against monstrous beings known as the Angels (使徒) which can appear at various times and places, even directly out of thin air!

Revoltech EVA Unit-03Evangelions are giant humanoid cyborgs with flexible polymer sheathing and armor plating and are piloted by the “chosen” Children. Evangelion Unit-03 (Sangōki: 参号機) is piloted by Toji Suzuhara (鈴原 トウジ) the fourth child, and first appeared in episode 17. By episode 18, it is revealed that Unit-03 was infected by the angel Bardiel (バルディエル) during its transit from the US to Japan, and ends up shredded by Unit-01 after the fight when Unit 01’s Dummy Plug autopilot system was activated.

Unit-03 is also shown in the movie “Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance”, with Asuka Langley Soryu (惣流・アスカ・ラングレー ) as the test pilot. For more information about this franchise, see wiki.

Name: EVA Unit-3 (参号機) Production Model New Movie Edition
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Line: Revoltech Figure OH Premium 4
Sculptor: Yamaguchi Katsuhisa
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: June 2009
Original Price: ¥2,381 (approx. $30AUD / $27USD)
Secondary Market Price: $45USD – $70USD
Height: 150mm / 5.9inches


Unlike most of the Revoltech series figures, this one did not come in the standard box. It was packaged accompanying a Figure OH (フィギュア王) Premium Series 4 magazine, hence the size. However, the box itself is nothing special, it’s a folded brown cardboard box that most magazine give-aways use, with some printed images and words about the figure. Once you open the box, you’ll see that all of the contents lie in one small hole in the middle of the box where the parts are stored in individual plastic bags.

  • Revoltech EVA Unit-03 Figure OH Packaging
  • Revoltech EVA Unit-03 Figure OH Packaging


I’m not sure if you can call the magazine an accessory, but it does come with the figure. It is basically a guide book called “Revoltech emotional movement Taizen” which has information about every Revoltech figure released from 2006 till 2009, including all the limited edition stuff. It also has an interview with Yamaguchi himself, as well as some of the other staff and sculptors at Kaiyodo (in Japanese). This is a must have if you consider yourself a serious Revoltech collector!

  • Figure OH Revoltech guide book
  • Figure OH Revoltech guide book open

Moving onto the figure, it comes with the “umbilical cable” (power cable) that inserts into the back of the Eva, elongated arms to simulate when Unit-03 becomes the thirteenth Angel, and the Entry Plug that is covered with the white sticky stuff (no, not that!) It also comes with an assortment of hands, among those, hands for holding the rifle (not included, borrowed from Fräulein Asuka Langley No.003).

  • EVA Unit-03 Power Cable and borrowed weapon
  • EVA Unit-03 with elongated arms when turning into Angel


Evangelions are gigantic humanoid mechas with a very agile and skinny frame which has been translated well to the latest Revoltech releases. Compared with the anime counterparts, the shoulder / upper chest and back area have been trimmed down thus reducing the “top heaviness” of the design to make it even sleeker in toy form.

EVA Unit-03 front and back view

It has also lost quite a bit of “chunk” compared to previous releases, as you can see when compared against the Mass Production Evangelion No. 026, which shares a lot of the same body parts as the other Eva Units from the earlier releases.

EVA Unit-03 compared to EVA MP No. 026


This guy was built for making poses, articulation is pretty awesome. It improves on the previous designs and adds double jointed knees, articulated toes (not revolver joint) and overall sculptural changes which all contribute to greater articulation. Let the photos speak for themselves.

  • EVA Unit-03 aiming
  • EVA Unit-03 flying kick!
  • EVA Unit-03 charging
  • EVA Unit-03 down kick!
  • EVA Unit-03 ambush
  • EVA Unit-03 turns Angel
  • EVA Unit-03/ Bardiel Angel ground kick
  • EVA Unit-03/ Bardiel Angel ready to pounce


The whole figure has been given a generous lick of glossy paint. All the details have been carefully painted and the quality is mostly good. Great detail all round with even some panel line work in the waist piece. The only thing missing in my opinion is some printing of “EVA 03 Product” on the arms which they had in the first release versions.

  • EVA Unit-03 shoulder paint detail
  • EVA Unit-03 head paint detail
  • EVA Unit-03 body paint detail
  • EVA Unit-03 other small paint detail


The mouth on this figure opens to simulate when it turns into the Angel, I think this is pretty cool and shows great attention to detail. The other cool thing is that “Umbilical cable” plugs into the back of the Unit-03, and the cable itself has wire in the middle so you can twist and position it the way you want.

  • EVA Unit-03 opening mouth
  • EVA Unit-03 power cable detail


For a while there, I was getting a bit sick of seeing all the “new” Revoltech Evangelion figures, they all looked so much alike but none of them really did it for me.

However, I am really starting to like the new Theatrical/Movie version figures. I love the sleeker look of the Eva units and the different and much more unique designs. This EVA Unit-03 especially was a great addition to my collection, as I actually wanted the magazine/guide book as much as the figure itself.

If you’ve ever wanted to grab a Revoltech Evangelion figure, now is the time!

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    Excellent review. I see one on eBay for about $100, but that seems overpriced. I don’t own a Revoltech figure, and wanted to know if I should go for it.
    I just ordered Bandai’s Robot Damashii model of Unit 01, so I’m pretty stoked to get that.

  • Hi VS Romero,

    Thanks for visiting, I’m glad you liked the review. I purchased mine for about $60AUD from the Japanese book store Kinokuniya in the city, I looked yesterday and they still have one left! If you’re in Sydney, definitely get that as it will save you $40!

    If you want, I can go grab it for you and ship it to you if you are not in Sydney, $100 is a bit much I think.



  • Hello Ken,

    I would like to ask you about the figure itself. Did that come with any special item inside the box? Such as a mini Assemble Borg figure?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi Patrick, the figure didn’t come with any other Assemble Borg figures. The only accessories it had was the power cord, entry plug, elongated angel and an assortment of hands. Cheers!

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