Fans Toys FT-03 Quakewave


FT-03 Quakewave is Fans Toys’ homage to the Transformers G1 character Shockwave, designed and built in the style of the Masterpiece series.

Name: Quakewave
Manufacturer: Fans Toys
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, Die-cast
Release: Mar 2013
Original Price: $159.95USD
Height: 220mm / 8.66inches


To my surprise the size of the box for Quakewave was quite small compared to the official Masterpiece boxes. This was a good thing in my view as storage is always an issue for me and I like keeping boxes! On the front of the box there is an artwork of Quakewave doing some sort of punch shoot combo attack, and on the back there are photos of the toy showing features and alt mode. Box artwork is not the prettiest, they’ve tried to emulate the feel of the MP boxes without ripping it directly with a hint of G1 mixed in by using the grid background. The box also flips open to reveal a window display, a nice idea but pretty much unnecessary for a figure that will primarily be sold online. Construction of the box is also not the best, it almost wants to come apart whenever I open the front lid. On the inside, Quakewave is sandwiched between plastic trays for protection without too much wasted space.

  • Fans Toys Quakewave packaging front
  • Fans Toys Quakewave packaging back

Fans Toys Quakewave packaging opening lid

  • Fans Toys Quakewave packaging
  • Fans Toys Quakewave packaging inside


Quakewave doesn’t come with much in terms of accessories, not that he needs them. He comes with a nice plastic collector bio card which features the same photos as those found on the packaging. The card itself is nice and thick, but it’s not my thing. Shipped separately to my original order was a pair of optional clear hand and blaster, and alternate left forearm. I’ve shown the photo of the solid purple ones as I’ve already swapped them around. The alternate left forearm piece allows you to change the hose connection from the top of the forearm to the bottom, however you have to forego the electronics for the light up blaster in order to use this “upgrade”, so I didn’t. Later shipments of Quakewave may have had these optional parts included in the box but I’m sure. Just make sure you do get them from your retailer if you didn’t, this is a free upgrade kit you don’t want to miss out on!

  • Fans Toys Quakewave bio card front
  • Fans Toys Quakewave bio card back
  • Fans Toys Quakewave optional hand parts
  • Fans Toys Quakewave alternate left forearm


There’s no doubt who Quakewave is supposed to be, the design reeks of Shockwave and it smells oh so good! The figure is nicely detailed without being over the top, exactly what an MP figure should be. The only “flaw” in the design you could really point out is that the shape of his lower legs and feet are too square, but I’m not a G1 nazi so I don’t really mind it, I like my bots square and bulky! On the build quality side of thing it gets better, this thing is hefty and solidly constructed. Plastic quality is top notch, nothing feels like it might snap or break. The inclusion of the die-cast on the legs is a master stroke, it balances the toy beautifully and adds to the quality feel.

  • Fans Toys Quakewave front view
  • Fans Toys Quakewave rear view

ALT MODE:Alt mode of Quakewave is a space gun of sorts, it looks cool and fits pretty well in my hand. Again, you can distinctly see who this character is supposed to be based on the design. Not entirely identical to the G1 toy but close enough, if anything it’s a better representation of the cartoon design due to it’s squareness. Transformation is not complicated but still quite engaging and a fun process.

  • Fans Toys Quakewave front
  • Fans Toys Quakewave back
  • Fans Toys Quakewave side
  • Fans Toys Quakewave in hand


Articulation is very nicely done on this figure. The head is on a ball joint, it has double jointed shoulders with the outer one being ratcheted, shoulder swivel, bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, wrist articulation for the right hand, waist swivel, ratcheted hip joint, thigh swivel, ratchets knee joint with swivel, ankle tilt and bend, and toe and heel bend from the transformation. The ratchet joints are very nice on this guy, not too tight but clicks satisfyingly and holds the poses well. The hip armor skirts can also be lifted out of the way to allow Quakewave to be placed in dynamic splayed poses. Quakewave also has individually articulated fingers for added “expressions”.

  • Fans Toys Quakewave pointing
  • Fans Toys Quakewave being Shockwave
  • Fans Toys Quakewave takes aim
  • Fans Toys Quakewave trying to kneel
  • Fans Toys Quakewave punch!
  • Fans Toys Quakewave kick!


I have to firstly point out that the Decepticon insignia was applied by me, the figure does not come with them as it is not an officially licensed product. There really isn’t much paint app on this guy, as far as I can see there is silver and purple, lots of purple. My camera couldn’t quite capture the true color of the toy but it’s really purple, and not the dark purple found on the old G1 toy, this purple is a lot brighter and high in saturation. I would have preferred a darker, less saturated purple for a more evil Decepticon look. I do really like the use of the pink clear parts on this toy, although not technically a paint app it does add depth to the look of the toy overall.

  • Fans Toys Quakewave chest paint detail
  • Fans Toys Quakewave body paint detail
  • Fans Toys Quakewave back paint detail
  • Fans Toys Quakewave leg paint detail


As I mentioned earlier Quakewave does have some electronics inside which allows him to have light up eyes and blaster. Unfortunately no batteries are included so you have to get them yourself. The head takes a Lithium cell CR1020 and the arm takes a CR2015, both compartments require a screw driver to gain access. Once installed the figure really comes to life. The head lights up orange and the blaster lights up red. The cool thing about the arm blaster LED is that it works even in gun mode which is why I couldn’t give it up just to have the hose connect to the bottom of the arm. Quakewave would have been absolutely perfect if Fans Toys could have engineered the figure to do both! One other gimmick is that there is a trigger than you can flip out in gun mode, unlike the G1 toy it doesn’t do anything, purely decorative.

  • Fans Toys Quakewave head LED
  • Fans Toys Quakewave blaster LED
  • Fans Toys Quakewave blaster LED in gun mode
  • Fans Toys Quakewave gun mode trigger

In gun mode, you can also rotate the sight forward for a slightly alternate transformation. Quakewave has been designed so that he is capable of holding onto Megatron in gun mode that comes with other MP figures, deadly!

  • Fans Toys Quakewave alternate transformation
  • Fans Toys Quakewave holding Megatron

Lastly the all important size comparison! As you can see Quakewave is MP sized and scales perfectly with MP-10, he’s a monster compared to MP Sideswipe. Couldn’t be bothered transforming Grimlock into robot mode but I think this gives you a good idea. Stormtrooper is confused…official or not?

  • Fans Toys Quakewave vs MP-10 Optimus Prime
  • Fans Toys Quakewave vs MP-12 Sideswipe
  • Fans Toys Quakewave vs MP-08 Grimlock
  • Fans Toys Quakewave vs Stormtrooper


Quakewave is a solidly built, well designed toy that homages Shockwave brilliantly and I would certainly recommend it. It has shown us a new level of quality and standard that 3P companies are capable of, and what HasTak should be giving us. However it is quite a rare piece now and I’ve seen it listed on eBay for over $1K which is absurd. For that money you can almost buy the entire line up of MP Autobots from MP-10 onwards, and if you do have a spare $1K to spend I’d recommend you do that instead. Quakewave is nice but it’s not quite worth its weight in gold (565grams).

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