Garada K7 AD-1901 ガラダ

Been stock piling quite a few toys lately but can hardly find any time to review them, and when I do find the time, it’s a hard choice to pick a toy to review. This figure has been on my wish list for some time, and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to buy it at a decent price, so here he is, to share with you all.


Garada K7 is one of the Mechanical Beasts of Dr. Hell’s army, antagonist to Mazinger Z and its pilot Koji Kabuto. Most of the Mechanical Beasts were created by Dr. Hell to achieve his dream of world domination, they came in different shapes and sizes with different weapons and powers however they were usually no match for Mazinger. Garada Face

Garada K7 is the one of the first Mechanical Beast Koji encounters in the anime, it has a skull head with two large scythes attached on either side. The scythes can be used in close combat or even thrown like a boomerang, oh and it has missiles that fire out of its eye sockets!

Interestingly, Fewture has decided the Dr. Hell should be the pilot of this particular Garada even though the Mechanical Beasts are supposed to be controlled remotely.

Name: Garada K7 (ガラダ)
Manufacturer: Fewture – Art Storm Co. Ltd
Line: Action Figure Series FA-Z03 (AD-1901)
Designer: Yasushi Nirasawa
Sculptor: Toshimitsu Usui
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC
Release: 2001
Original Price: $39.99USD (approx. $43AUD)
Secondary Market Price: $60USD – $120USD
Height: 240mm (to the top of head) / 9.44inches
265mm (to the top of scythes) / 10.43inches


Different to the Mazinger and Aflodai packaging, Garada comes in a rectangular box. It still has the same kind of retro / industrial graphics and images but the main colour has changed from greenish to purplish. You can clearly see the figure and all the accessories through the windows to give you a good idea of what you’re getting even before opening the box. Garada fits pretty snuggly in there too in between the plastic liners.

Garada packaging


Garada comes with two extra pairs of hands which include a pair of clenched fists, a right side boomerang holding hand and a left side hand that is holding a cross brace to attach weapon parts. Speaking of weapon parts, you get bits and pieces which you can customize to make your own weapon design, pretty good idea except some parts fit tighter than others, and some parts are too loose making it difficult to put together and pull apart, quite fiddly to be honest. Garada also comes with its own named display base.

  • Garada customizable scythe weapon
  • Garada display stand


Unique is probably the best word to describe the design style of this figure, followed by steampunk and retro. Very different to the early cartoon rendition, this guy is very aggressive looking, with sharp features and athlete like proportions. Sculptural detail is quite good, for example the detailing of rivets throughout the figure. Unfortunately, even though the toy looks heavy and quite substantial, there are no die-cast parts. Nonetheless, this is one angry, evil, aggressive not to mention awesome looking mecha.

Garada K7


Garada has joints in all the right places, even the toes are articulated. Range of movement is not great in some joints especially the knees (less than 90 degree bend) but I’m actually pretty happy with the upper body articulation in general .The arms can be placed in almost any position you can think of thanks to rotating triceps and double jointed elbows, and the waist can rotate and roll making Garada much more flexible than Mazinger! I’m also quite impressed with the range of movement for the head which comes with articulated jaws.

  • Garada ready to strike
  • Garada reaching for his head mounted scythe
  • Garada throwing scythe
  • Garada K7 vs Mazinger Z
  • Garada going in for the kill
  • Garadaaaaaaaaa!!!


If you look closely, you can see the flow lines in the plastic meaning most of the body is actually unpainted. The chest and waist areas are painted, however there is bad colour matching between the left and right chest pieces, only ever slightly but still noticeable. Waist area has been dry brushed silver, giving it a nice metallic look, except there’s a few fingerprint marks. Forearms painted silver with black ink weathering effect, which is also applied to some other areas such as the back spinal cord. All in all the paint job is not too bad, bearing in mind this used to be a relatively low price toy when it first came out.

  • Garada chest area bad colour matching
  • Garada waist area good metallic effect but there are fingerprint marks
  • Garada inner forearm black ink weathering effect
  • Black ink weathering also in spinal cord area


Chest pieces open up to reveal the rib cage through which you can see Dr. Hell in the driver’s seat. You can also flip open the back cover to access the cockpit and take a closer look at him. Too bad he is stuck to the seat and not removable like Mazinger’s pilot.

  • Garada's chest opens to reveal Dr. Hell
  • Garada's cockpit accessible through hatch on back

On my particular figure I found one of the hands has a missing thumb, probably from being moved around in the box all these years from shelf to shelf. So if you get a chance to inspect before you buy, would be good to look out for this.

  • Dr. Hell in the pilot seat of Garada
  • Garada's missing thumb

Another thing I found slightly annoying was the toes constantly coming off the feet. Its not broken or anything, it is meant to be friction fit but I super glued mine in place before it drove me crazy!

  • Garada's toes keeps coming off
  • Glue his toes on before it drives you crazy!


Garada is a great figure to have, especially if you already have the Mazinger figure, after all you need a good villain for him to fight against. Speaking from my personal opinion, I actually much prefer the Garada toy over the Mazinger toy, Garada has nicer proportions, better paint application, overall better joint design and just looks heaps more bad ass.

If you’re in the market, go the Garada first, as long as you don’t pay too much for it I’m sure you won’t regret it. FYI I purchased mine for around $60AUD + shipping.

Thanks for reading my toy review, please check out my other reviews and share them with your friends if you’ve enjoyed it!

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    Hey Ken,

    That’s one mean ass robot you got on sale there!! Never seen such incredible detail of the alternate version of Garada K7. The TV version certainly looks a lot tamer compared to this!

    It’s not from the Revoltech series is it?

    • Hi Andy, yeah he is one badass robot, unfortunately he isn’t for sale, he is MINE!!:P
      Its not a revoltech, it is much larger in fact! Its from an 2001 series of robot by Fewture toys, Mazinger AD-1901.

    Hehe. I thought so! It’s not that I couldn’t afford it. Just got things to do with my changing personal circumstances at the moment… Looks excellent nevertheless!

    BTW, I sent you a FB message. Check it out when you’re free!

  • Thanks for posting this great review, even though I didn’t grow up watching Mazinger Z, I’ve always liked the Garada K7 aesthetic.

    And Fewture’s version is pretty amazing, enjoy.

    Awesome poses btw…

    • hi chris, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the review. How awesome does this Garada K7 look!:)

    ..nice review..and great sculpt on this figure..checked it on ebay..$600 us..damn it!..toy collecting is getting crazy unless you pick up at presale..

    • thanks Anth, glad you liked the review. Wow $600 on eBay? This is a nice figure but not $600 nice…toy collecting is getting crazy these days!

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