Figma 085 Metis メティス


Metis is an anti-shadow android weapon from the PlayStation 2 game “Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES”. Self-proclaimed as Aegis’s sister, it is later revealed near the end of the game that Metis is actually a manifestation of Aegis’s rejected human emotions – which explains Metis’s child-like personality.

Figma Metis

Name: Metis メティス
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Line: Figma 085
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS, POM, PP
Release: Dec 2010
Original Price: ¥2,857 (approx. $33AUD / $36USD)
Height: 150mm / 5.9inches


The Figma toy line packaging is always well made and solid. There is a window at the front of the box, and photos of the actual toy on the back. Inside, there is a tray with a cut out base for use with a di:stage, and the plastic trays securely holds the contents. There is no instruction printout with the toy, but you can find it printed on the flaps of the box – great paper saving idea.

  • Figma Metis packaging front
  • Figma Metis packaging back
  • Figma Metis packaging inside with tray
  • Figma Metis printed on packaging


Metis comes with quite a lot of accessories. She gets an additional facial expression, her Shiba dog Koromaru and a rack of hands. Her weapons include her Iron Mallet as well as a bus stop sign. Iron Mallet handle is made from wire. Figma stand also included.

  • Figma Metis calm face and stern face
  • Figma Metis Shiba dog Koromaru
  • Figma Metis Iron Mallet and bus stop sign
  • Figma Metis rack of hands


I’ve never played the game so I’m not sure how the toy design compares to the in-game design of the character but I really like the slim look of this Metis toy. There are a few things I’ve noticed which I thought was rather strange. Even at a neutral stance, her head seems to tilt at an angle, and her skirt parts appear not to be symmetrical, not a big problem but thought I should point it out. The figure balances well and can stand quite comfortably on her own however I’d stick her on the stand for display just in case.

Figma 085 Persona 3 FES Metis


There are a total of 21 points of articulation on this figure. This includes the skirt joints but not the visor and right wrist shield. Action-wise this figure is excellent, all the joints are nice and tight and have a good range of motion. Koromaru on the other hand only has an articulated swivel head. On my figure I did have a problem with the left leg popping out from time to time, this was easy to fix and was just a matter of pushing the joints in place until it “popped” back in.

  • Figma Metis ready to attack with bus stop sign
  • Figma Metis holding her ground
  • Figma Metis attack with Iron Mallet
  • Figma Metis bus stop sign attack!
  • Figma Metis kneeling down with Koromaru - good dog!
  • Figma Metis and Koromaru ready for battle


For an accessory, Koromaru is very well painted. Lots of detail on it including a printed S.E.E.S arm band.

  • Figma Metis's Shiba dog, Koromaru paint detail
  • Figma Metis detail

I love the gold trim on Metis’s armour. It contrasts really well against the red visor and armour parts and has been intricately painted. Her eyes are also astonishingly beautiful, and very well printed, really love her facial expressions.

  • Figma Metis face paint detail
  • Figma Metis visor paint detail
  • Figma Metis arm shield paint detail
  • Figma Metis skirt armour paint detail

Her weapons also have a high level of print detail. The bus stop sign is printed on both sides with the same graphic, and the Iron Mallet has a really fine print on one side, “aqapee” which I’m assuming is the weapon’s name.

  • Figma Metis's bus stop sign print detail
  • Figma Metis's Iron Mallet print detail


Features on this figure include a flip down visor, and a flip up shield on her right arm. I love these little touches, even though most of the time she will be on my shelf as a display, it’s always fun to be able “play” with the toys.

  • Figma Metis visor up
  • Figma Metis visor down
  • Figma Metis shield down
  • Figma Metis shield up

As per requested by our reader, here’s Metis with Hasbro War Machine and Iron Man VI. Scale wise, they’re perfect together although the Figma toy is by far better in quality XD.

  • Hasbro War Machine with Figma Metis
  • Figma Metis vs Hasbro Iron Man VI

Lastly a couple of shot of Metis with her sister Aegis, don’t they just adorable together? I can’t really pick a favourite, they are both so gorgeous!

  • Figma Aegis and Metis with Koromaru
  • Figma Aegis and Metis ready to fight together


This is another fine addition to my collection, or anyone’s collection. I love the fine details of this toy and especially love the sleek design. Not much I can fault with this toy, I just hope there will be more from this series to come!

Thanks for reading!

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