Figma SP-018 Strength

There is a popular saying “Last but not least” and it certainly applies in this case. The last of the four Black★Rock Shooter girls have finally arrived and I am absolutely smitten!


From the anime OVA Black★Rock Shooter, Strength is one of the supporting casts that did not receive a lot of screen time. Shown at the start of the anime approaching the battle between Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master, it reflects Yuu’s (Strength’s other self) growing feelings of being left out.

Figma Strength

Name: Strength
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Line: Figma SP-018
Sculptor: Masaki Asai
Designer: Huke
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC
Release: Aug 2011
Original Price: ¥3,619 (approx. $49AUD / $47USD)
Height: 120mm / 4.72inches


Strength comes in the same format of packaging as the other BRS girls, her packaging colour of choice is a mustard yellow which suits her just fine. As always, a good sized window displays the contents, with photos at the back showing the features of the toy. All the contents are well laid out and fits snugly in the plastic liners and the cardboard liner again has the perforated di:stage cover.

  • Figma Strength packaging front
  • Figma Strength packaging back
  • Figma Strength packaging inside
  • Figma Strength packaging cardboard liner


Strength doesn’t come with a lot of accessories but I think it’s enough to make this a good toy. Firstly there is only one extra face part with the same emotionless expression looking slightly further off to the side, then there’s the pair of huge mechanical “Ogre Arms” each with individually articulated fingers and stabilizing rods (long & short x 2 each) and a standard rack of spare hands and a figma display stand. It’s also worth noting that Strength’s hoodie is made from soft PVC and can be taken off.

  • Figma Strength interchangeable face
  • Figma Strength Ogre Arms
  • Figma Strength's rack of hands
  • Figma Strength with display stand and Ogre Arm stand


Sculpturally speaking, Strength is as cute as a button although her facial expression doesn’t quite convey the same message. Her hoodie and dress are made from soft PVC and contrasts nicely against the rest of the toy which are made from harder plastics. Strength also features a soft translucent purple bony tail coming out from the top of her panties (I only peaked for review purposes! XD). Her Orgre Arms are simply amazing, they swap out from the shoulders and fit very tightly in the joint.

Figma SP-018 Strength


Like most figma toys, articulation is pretty amazing. The only part that has been hindered in this particular toy is the hip joints due to her dress, other than that I can’t really spot any faults. Not counting the fingers in the Orgre Arm, I count about 20 points of articulation for this toy, impressive for something so small. As for the Orgre Arm fingers they each have 4 segments, and 3 for the thumbs.

  • Figma Strength dropping in
  • Figma Strength taking off her hoodie
  • Figma Strength ready to battle with her Ogre Arms
  • Figma Strength taunt...
  • Figma Strength ready to pounce
  • Figma Strength smashing Black★Rock Shooter


I’m happy to report there are no problems with the paint app on the Strength figure I received, unlike Black Gold Saw which was a bit effy. The face is absolutely gorgeous, the Orge Arms are well weathered with paint chips and the white trim on her costume is pretty tidy on the whole, oh and I love the bow on the back of her dress! The only small problem I can see is that the matt finish of her hoodie and dress may be prone to scratch marks so be careful with it.

  • Figma Strength head paint detail
  • Figma Strength Ogre Arm symbol paint  detail
  • Figma Strength dress & bow paint detail
  • Figma Strength arm paint detail


Finally its time to put Strength up against Black★Rock Shooter and see who is the tallest!! BRS wins by half a head. What about the rest of the BRS ladies? Strength needs to eat more veggies! Aren’t they all just adorable?

  • Figma Strength
  • All my girls are here!!<3


There are many reasons why you should buy this toy, not only is it actually a really well made toy, the characters and the designs are just absolutely stunning. It’s hard for me to say which of these four lovely girls is my favourite, but I do know Strength is definitely up there.

If you like Huke’s work, if you like Black★Rock Shooter, if you like figma action figures then this is a no brainer. Or if you simply like small cute girls with massive mechanical arms that can tear a bus apart then this is definitely the toy for you!

Thanks for dropping by:)

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