Figma SP-012 Black Rock Shooter

ラックロックシューター 何処へ行ったの? Black Rock Shooter, where did you go?
聞こえますか? Can you hear me?….

ブラックロックシューター ひとりじゃないよ Black Rock Shooter, you aren’t alone
声をあげて泣いたって構\わない I don’t mind if you cry aloud
ブラックロックシューター 見ていてくれる Black Rock Shooter, just you watch
今からはじまるの わたしの物語 This is where my story begins…

Love the song, love the OVA, and definitely love the toy!


The story begins with the start of a new school year in April. Mato Kuroi (黒衣 マト) makes friends with a new girl in town named Yomi Takanashi (小鳥遊 ヨミ) on her first day of junior high school. They quickly become inseparable and spend much of their time together over the next year. Mato joins the basketball club and Yomi joins the volleyball club which train at the same time in the gymnasium. One day, while they were out shopping, Mato gives Yomi a star shaped cellphone charm, the same one she carries.

Black★Rock Shooter FaceIn the second school year however, they were assigned to different classes, which meant they couldn’t spend as much time together anymore. Mato also starts to spend more time with her basketball club manager and now classmate Yuu (ユウ). Yomi seem to become jealous of this, and one day she disappears….

Ok, I’m going to stop here as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched this yet. If you’d like to know what happens next, ask wiki. Definitely worth watching!

Name: Black★Rock Shooter
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Line: Figma SP-012
Sculptor: Max Factory x Masaki Apsy
Designer: Huke
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS, POM, PP
Release: July 2010
Original Price: ¥2,800 (approx. $35AUD / $33USD)
Height: 130mm / 5.11inches


The Figma series packaging never disappoints, the colours and graphics look amazingly sharp and well balance. High quality foil lettering gives the product a premium feel, which is enforced by the solid construction of the packaging. The figure and accessories are well protected in their vac formed casing, which is nestled in a folded backing card. Speaking of which, I love how Max Factory have given a second life to this backing card by perforating a base card for use with a di:stage, shown below.

  • Figma Black★Rock Shooter packaging front
  • Figma Black★Rock Shooter packaging back
  • Figma Black★Rock Shooter packaging inside
  • Figma Black★Rock Shooter packaging backing card


BRS comes with her signature weapons, her katana and the absurdly oversized Rock Cannon. She also comes with an array of hands, 2 optional faces and interchangeable fringe with the blue flame over her left eye. To my surprise, there were also two black chains included, as well as a 50 min DVD of the Black★Rock Shooter original animation. Figma display stands also included, but you get two this time, one for BRS and one for her Rock Cannon.

  • Black★Rock Shooter with her katana
  • Black★Rock Shooter with Rock Cannon in chains
  • Chains and Rock Cannon stand part
  • Black★Rock Shooter showing you the DVD
  • Black★Rock Shooter's extra hands
  • Black★Rock Shooter on her stand, with the di:stage decorated with the backing card base


Max Factory has done a pretty good job in translating BRS into a toy figure and capturing all the details and characteristics, however you can never make things in real life look quite as dynamic as they do on screen. If I was to be very picky, I’d say BRS should have been made a bit taller and more slender, but that could potentially make the toy quite fragile, and we wouldn’t want that now, would we? So good job Max Factory!

Figma Black★Rock Shooter


As you can probably tell by the amount of photos I’ve taken for this figure, I absolutely love the way it looks, and it’s not just because of the sculpt alone. Articulation has a huge impact on the “coolness” of a toy I think, and this toy is as cool as it gets! Plenty of articulation with good range of movement which makes for a very fun figure to pose. Even without a display base, BRS quite happily balances on her own, in her tiny boots. Although not made from a flexible soft material, her jacket is also articulated so you can simulate the “softness” of it as BRS jumps around during battle.

  • Black★Rock Shooter in her thoughts
  • Black★Rock Shooter in heated battle
  • Black★Rock Shooter in heated battle
  • Rock Cannon, fire!!
  • Black★Rock Shooter is entangled in chains - nothing kinky XD
  • Black★Rock Shooter swooping down elegantly
  • Black★Rock Shooter resting on her Rock Cannon
  • Has she fallen asleep?
  • Nope, shes always ready for battle!
  • Black★Rock Shooter charging with Rock Cannon


Paint job is very nice on BRS, hardly any mistakes or defects I can see. Her blue hair has subtle changes in colour and shade throughout with great highlighting to enhance the depth. Her jacket is painted in gloss black which contrasts beautifully with her almost pale white coloured skin in matte finish. Same gloss black finish on her shorts, bikini and boots. My favourite part is the two distinctive scars on her upper body, very fine paint detail here. On the back of the jacket, she has a white star motif, and you can see the joints for the jacket just below.

  • Black★Rock Shooter upper body paint detail
  • Black★Rock Shooter boots paint detail
  • Black★Rock Shooter waist paint detail, note the scar!
  • Black★Rock Shooter back paint detail


Well, there aren’t any extra details/features to mention, I mean the WHOLE figure and every aspect of it is so detailed that if you really wanted to read about the details of this toy just scroll to the top and read the review again XD.


I ♥ BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER! All I can say is get your hands on her before she sells out, you may already be too late.

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