Figma SP-013 Dead Master


Dead Master is the main antagonist in the 2010 Japanese OVA Black★Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター). She is slender, sinister, mischievous and very powerful. Figma Dead Master FaceHer fashion of choice is a Gothic Lolita style outfit with a white ribbon on the waist, black leggings and pair of black gauntlets. She features a pair of black spiny horns and a pair of wings on the back. Her main weapon is a large scythe named “Dead Scythe” with boney features, she also has a pair of giant flying skull minions.

In the OVA, she takes over Mato Kuroi’s best friend -Takanashi Yomi’s (小鳥遊 ヨミ) body when their emotions synchronize. It is up to Black★Rock Shooter to help Yomi escape from Dead Master’s control!

Name: Dead Master
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Line: Figma SP-013
Sculptor: Max Factory x Masaki Apsy
Designer: Huke
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: October 2010
Original Price: ¥2,857 (approx. $35AUD / $34USD)
Height: 145mm / 5.71inches (to the top of horns)


Basically a green version of the Black★Rock Shooter SP-012 packaging (bar the foil lettering) which means the quality is tops! The packaging is very solidly constructed, great photos and graphics and very collector friendly. It also features a folded backing card which has been perforated in a pattern for use with the di:stage accessory.

  • Figma Dead Master packaging front
  • Figma Dead Master packaging back
  • Figma Dead Master packaging inside
  • Figma Dead Master packaging backing card


Dead Master comes with a good selection of accessories, the first and my favourite one is the cheeky tongue poking face – how cute (and evil at the same time)! Anywhere Dead Master goes, you’re sure to find her giant flying skull minions, and the Figma offering is no exception. They also come with their own base, one tall and one slightly shorter. Dead Master would not be Dead Master without her “Dead Scythe”. This is a formidable weapon that has been beautifully made with a slight aged copper tinge to it. Lastly there is of course the rack of hands, so many to choose from!

  • Figma Dead Master's cute cheeky tongue poking face
  • Figma Dead Master's giant flying skull minions
  • Figma Dead Master and Dead Scythe - display stand also included
  • Figma Dead Master's rack of hands - 5 pairs to be exact!


Hum, where do I start with this one? Well for one, I think she is super cute even though she is a villain. Her personality has been captured extremely well, from the facial expressions to the hand postures included in this package. I love the “flow-y” feel of her dress, even though the figure is static it gives the illusion that there is wind blowing all around her. Moving on, her horns and wings are translucent which adds another dimension to the toy, oh and did I mention she is super cute? XD

Figma Dead Master


Articulation is as good as any Figma action figure except that her skirt can sometimes get in the way as it is made from hard rigid ABS. It restricts her from lifting her leg up forwards, but any other direction is ok. A standard 14 points of articulation is offered here, nothing innovative but why change something that works well? Joints are pretty firm and she still manages to hold poses well while carrying a relatively front heavy weapon.

  • Figma Dead Master ready for action
  • Figma Dead Master being sneaky
  • Go minons, GO!
  • Figma Dead Master being sneaky again...
  • Figma Dead Master with her giant flying skull minions
  • Figma Dead Master fighting Black★Rock Shooter!


Paint scheme is pretty simple on this figure, which makes the coloured areas such as her eyes stand out even more. Good thing they are well printed. The ribbons however are a little bit lacklustre, there are no highlights or shadow which makes them rather bland. There is a tiny bit of wobbly paint on her back where the skin is showing, but it’s pretty minor.

  • Figma Dead Master's face and eye paint/print detail
  • Figma Dead Master's very plain looking ribbon paint detail
  • Slightly wobbly pain application on her back
  • Figma Dead Master's Dead Scythe paint & weathering detail

The “Dead Scythe” on the other hand has been well weathered which looks rather nice. The giant skulls are actually really nice to look at also, the surface has been given a sponge like paint application and the eerie green of the eye sockets and mouth really seem to glow (they don’t though)!

  • Figma Dead Master's giant skull paint detail
  • Figma Dead Master's giant skull paint detail


This is a pretty straight forward action figure, only gimmick here is the opening mouths on the giant flying skulls. Skull mouth open, skull mouth close, skull mouth open…you get the idea. Dead Master with Black★Rock Shooter standing together for reference. They don’t seem to like each other very much..haha.

  • Figma Dead Master's giant skull mouth closed
  • Figma Dead Master's giant skull mouth open
  • Figma Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master


While Black★Rock Shooter may be the main character of the anime, I actually like Dead Master more so I’m very happy to have this girl in my collection. She is just beautiful, so well made and heaps of fun to play with.

Thanks again for reading my review, I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay!

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