Figma No.231 Guyver 1


Figma Guyver 1

Name: Guyver 1
Series: Bioboosted Armor
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Line: Figma
Sculptor: Atsushi Yagi
Designer: Yoshiki Takaya
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVC
Release: Dec 2014
Original Price: ¥5,200JPY
Height: 140mm / 5.5inches


Guyver 1 comes packaged in a standard format Figma box with a window in the front. Nice photography of the figure on the back showing off articulation and features. The colour on the top of the box follows the colour scheme of Guyver 1, and matches really well with the black bottom and yellow features. Inside Guyver 1 is well protected in between the plastic trays as well as plastic film wrapped around the main body. check out my unboxing video for more details.

  • Figma Guyver 1 packaging front
  • Figma Guyver 1 packaging back
  • Figma Guyver 1 packaging
  • Figma Guyver 1 packaging inside


Guyver 1 comes with an inactive Unit-G, a rack of optional hands, extended high-frequency swords and a static optional chest piece which sculpted sides to allow for better arm articulation across the chest. swapping the hands is quite easy and there is a satisfying pop when the hands are on, but sometimes the wrist joint can come off with the hand you are taking off so it can get a bit fiddly, luckily Max factory has also included an extra wrist joint incase you drop and loose one. The optional chest piece and the high frequency swords are connected by tabs which hold quite well and not prone to breakage.

  • Figma Guyver 1's inactive Unit-G
  • Figma Guyver 1's rack of hands
  • Figma Guyver 1 with extended high-frequency swords
  • Figma Guyver 1 with optional chest piece


sculpt wise this is a very good looking Guyver, but if you haven’t handled any Figma figures before I have to point out that it is relatively small, not quite as big as Marvel Legends toys. That being said, it is super detailed and solidly built and not as fragile as you might imagine. The organic nature of the Guyver suit has been well captured in this small form factor but I feel like the proportions are a little slim for my liking, I would have preferred the torso and waist sections to be a bit bulkier.

  • Figma Guyver 1 front view
  • Figma Guyver 1 rear view


Articulation wise, I have nothing but praise for this little guy, the joints are smooth yet sturdy and there is fantastic range in most of them. The head is on a ball joint, the shoulders are on a ball and swivel joint, the elbows too have a ball and swivel joint, the wrist is on a swivel joint with the pegs acting as pivot joints, upper body is on a ball and swivel joint, waist and hips are on ball joints, there’s a swivel joint in the thighs and knees, a single swivel joint for both the knee and ankles, pivot in the foot and hinge joint for the toes. All of this added together means great posing possibilities!

  • Figma Guyver 1 ready to use Mega smasher
  • Figma Guyver 1 double sword attack
  • Figma Guyver 1 pressure cannon attack
  • Figma Guyver 1 ambush
  • Figma Guyver 1 Mega Smasher!
  • Figma Guyver 1 sprinting
  • Figma Guyver 1 kneeling
  • Figma Guyver 1 side kick


For such a small figure the paint job is quite good really, not the cleanest I’ve seen but certainly not lacking. The sonic orbs and control metal are all faithfully reproduced with decent paint app. The whole figure has been given a ink wash to bring out the sculptural detail but I feel there’s just a bit too much ink making the figure feel a bit grungy, not the traditional clean look I’m used to with most Figma toys.

  • Figma Guyver 1 head paint detail
  • Figma Guyver 1 Mega smasher paint detail
  • Figma Guyver 1 arm paint detail
  • Figma Guyver 1 leg paint detail


In order to achieve both good looks and great poseability Max Factory has used soft PVC on parts of the figure such as the thighs which can bend and flex as needed, similar to what they did with the BFC Guyver they released in 2006. And unlike the BFC Guyver which has annoying popping off shoulder armour, the Figma Guyver has the shoulder armour connect to the shoulders. Both of these figures are great Representations of the character, however if I was forced to choose I’d still prefer the BFC Guyver for its size and proportions.

  • Figma Guyver 1 soft PVC thighs
  • Figma Guyver 1 connected shoulder armour
  • Figma Guyver 1 vs BFC Guyver 1
  • Figma Guyver 1 vs BFC Guyver 1
  • Figma Guyver 1 vs BFC Guyver 1
  • Figma Guyver 1 vs Stormtrooper


This is another great release in the Figma line and an absolute must for Guyver fans such as myself. Hopefully this figure sells well enough for Max Factory to consider the other Guyver Units as well as Zoalords for production.

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    Pretty awesome review; I checked on this one after finding your review of the previous guyver figure by Max Factory and I’m pleased by the fact you’re still collecting after all these years and you practically have an identical view on figures as I do (detailed in the “about me” section). For some strange reason it always makes me sad when I see these kind of websites no longer updated, kinda like a proof of no interest ever lasting more than a few years. Keep it up!

    • Hi Nova, thanks for checking out my review, glad you enjoyed it! I don’t think I will ever stop collecting, although I did take a year off last year from doing reviews as there was a lot going on in my life. Good to know you have a the same view on figures, they need to be played with and enjoyed for sure! I know what you mean, but it’s also understandable as it’s actually very time consuming running a blog! But I enjoy it:)

    Nice to see you putting up reviews again :) I totally dig this Guyver, especially as he scales nicely with Max Factory’s Model Kit Zoanoids from the 1990s. But yeah, if I had to choose one Guyver, it would be the BFC version.

    Regardless of that though, I really hope we see Guyver 2 & 3. Here’s a pic you might like –

    • Hi Chris, thanks for checking back again. Yeah I found some motivation this year to start doing reviews again and so far I’m enjoying it:)

      Oh nice, which Mizuki is that? Yup definitely want to see Guyver 2 and 3 from this line. Then if we’re lucky we’ll get the council of twelve!!

    I enjoy your photography and thoughts, so I hope you continue to enjoy reviewing. Here’s a pic of the box – It’s a garage kit from back in the day by Max Factory.

    • Thanks, really appreciate it. You’ve got some nice photos yourself :) Do you live in Japan?

      Love the old box artwork, it’s worthy of display just by itself!

    Thanks! No, I’m a Sydney-sider, but I somehow manage to spend about a month there annually. Yes, the boxart is a big draw for me too, it just isn’t like that anymore.

  • Oh cool, I’m in Sydney too. Are you in any of the AUS FB toy groups?

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