Figma 107 Robocop


Figma Robocop

Name: Robocop
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Line: Figma 107
Sculptor: Maki Asai
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS, POM, PP
Release: Nov 2011
Original Price: ¥3,500 (approx. $39AUD / $42USD)
Height: 150mm / 5.90inches


The Figma line of packaging is always solidly built, coupled with Robocop graphics and images it simply looks great. There are some very nice studio shots of the toy in action on the back of the box as well as close ups of features and gimmicks. The inner cardboard liner has been given the 80’s circuit board treatment with a nice large Robocop logo in the centre which really gives this toy a nostalgic feel for me.

  • Figma Robocop packaging front
  • Figma Robocop packaging back
  • Figma Robocop packaging liner
  • Figma Robocop packaging inside


Robocop comes relatively well equipped and ready for battle. He has a large assortment of hands including both left and right trigger hands for his Auto-9 pistol, pair of finger pointing, open palm, fist hands and a “data spike” (not really sure what it’s called) hand. Unfortunately the storage gun compartment in his leg does not open like I had hoped for, rather you have to swap out some parts – which is also included. To replicate Robocop mowing down the baddies there is a gun firing effect part included which plugs into the barrel of the Auto-9 pistol, and to replicate Robocop having been shot up by baddies there is a battle damaged head part. A Figma stand is included but I didn’t find it necessary for this particular figure.

  • Figma Robocop with data spike hand
  • Figma Robocop pointing his fingers
  • Figma Robocop hands up
  • Figma Robocop's gun storage compartment
  • Figma Robocop Auto-9 firing effect part
  • Figma Robocop battle damaged head part


At first glance this toy really blew me away, being so small but still packing in so much detail and best of all it captures the feel of Robocop perfectly. However, after studying this figure for a little bit longer I felt there was something not quite right. The most obvious being the simplification of the face sculpt which fits nicely with the style of the Figma toy line but doesn’t really resemble officer Murphy at all. I also think the head is slightly too big and the shoulders too slim, it almost seems as if Robocop has been “cartoonified”…but that’s just my opinion. Overall it’s still a great looking figure!

Figma 107 Robocop


It’s not often you find a toy that is actually much more agile and pose-able than its on-screen counter-part whether it be from a movie or anime, but this is definitely a good example. The joints on this toy have a really good range of movement, much more than what Robocop actually needs which I think is a good thing. All the joints are nice and tight and can hold poses without a problem at all. The only frustrating thing I encountered was the pistons on the back of its heels falling off every time I moved its legs.

  • Figma Robocop ready for action
  • Figma Robocop mowing down some baddies
  • Figma Robocop reaching for its gun
  • Figma Robocop is damaged and down
  • Figma Robocop keeps on fighting
  • Figma Robocop shows off his knee joint


The paint app on this figure is very clean, tidy and shiny. Little details have been brought to life such as the model designation on Robocop’s helmet. What’s more commendable is that Max Factory actually attempted to replicate the pearly effect of Robocop’s armour by using subtle purple highlights throughout. It’s by no means a perfect replica of the effect but I think it’s quite well done considering the size of the toy and it definitely makes for a much more interested to look at toy.

  • Figma Robocop helmet print detail
  • Figma Robocop body armour paint detail
  • Figma Robocop leg armour paint detail
  • Figma Robocop back armour paint detail


As I was saying before, I was quite disappointed to find out that Robocop’s leg compartment doesn’t swing open like I had hoped for, instead it requires some parts swapping. Luckily the parts are quite easy to swap and fit on quite nicely.

  • Figma Robocop leg armour off
  • Figma Robocop

Time to compare the Figma Robocop to the only other Robocop toy I currently own, and that is the NECA 7” version. Whichever way you look at it, the Figma version wins hands down – even if the NECA version had come with straight legs!

  • Figma Robocop vs NECA Robocop
  • Figma Robocop vs 3.75'' Stormstrooper


I’ve been a Robocop fan since I was young and have been quite lucky to have owned a few of its toys in the past. None of them are as well made as this guy in terms of detail and intricacy although the size does leave you wanting. At around $40USD a pop it ain’t exactly cheap either but as with all toys from the Figma line you really do get what you pay for, I’d definitely recommend this toy!

Thanks for reading folks!

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