First Gokin NT-01 Cerebral


Cerebral is a 3rd party Krang and exo-suit figure made by First Gokin. Unfortunately there isn’t much information available about this company however from the looks of their first release, they have the talent to produce great products.

First Gokin Cerebral

Name: Cerebral
Manufacturer: First Gokin
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS, Die-cast
Release: May 2015
Original Price: $119USD
Height: 265mm / inches


Cerebral comes beautifully packaged in a large sturdy gift box style packaging with a full color sleeve. The artwork on the sleeve is really nice and shows the features and accessories that comes with Cerebral. Once the sleeve is removed the black gift box is revealed with a nice monotone comic style artwork on the front. All other sides of the box are blank. Inside the box Cerebral and all his accessories are held in securely with foam which has been perfectly cut out to fit all the contents. Overall I’m very impressed with the packaging, it shows that they care about their product and its presentation.

  • First Gokin Cerebral packaging outer sleeve front
  • First Gokin Cerebral packaging outer sleeve back
  • First Gokin Cerebral packaging front
  • First Gokin Cerebral packaging inside


Technically Cerebral refers to Krang, so accessory wise you’d probably count the exo-suit. Apart form the suit he also comes with a pair of axes that pop onto the wrist ball joints. The swap is relatively easy but be careful with the pointy bit on the end of the axe, it’s really sharp!

First Gokin Cerebral with axes attached


Design wise Cerebral is light years ahead of its source material. It’s well proportioned with loads of mecha style detail whilst still being instantly recognizable. Sculpt and build quality wise it’s surprisingly good for a first release from any company. The sculpt details are sharp and plentiful, and everything has been put together quite solidly. The skin texture of the exo-suit feels very similar to that of Bandai’s S.H.Figuarts Broly’s skin which is a sure sign of quality. In terms of die-cast parts, they are in the shoulder pads and both feet.

  • First Gokin NT-01 Cerebral front view
  • First Gokin NT-01 Cerebral rear view


Cerebral himself only has two little ball jointed tentacles, each of the tentacles also has a hinge joint to allow some swinging action. Moving onto the exo-suit, it has a ball jointed neck with a swing arm to allow up and down movement, universal shoulder joints, bicep rotation, double jointed elbows, ball jointed shoulder pads, wrist rotation at the cuffs, ball jointed wrist to connect to the hands, slight chest rocker, full waist rotation, universal hip joints with ratcheted forward movement, thigh rotation, double jointed knee, ball jointed ankle and hinged toe. Oh yes and I almost forgot about the individually ball jointed fingers and thumbs. Unfortunately being such a bulky design there are limitations to the amount of movement in the joints, especially in the hips. The fingers are also hard to move as they are made from a soft material and tend to stick rather than rotate.

  • First Gokin Cerebral hanging out in his exo-suit
  • First Gokin Cerebral being held by his exo-suit
  • First Gokin Cerebral ready for action
  • First Gokin Cerebral run away!
  • First Gokin Cerebral double axe time!
  • First Gokin Cerebral axe attack!


Cerebral is well painted with lowlights and highlights to resemble a brain, unfortunately the texture on his whole body feels somewhat sticky, and dirt can stick to it quite easily.

  • First Gokin Cerebral paint detail front
  • First Gokin Cerebral paint detail back

The exo-suit has a fair bit of paint app applied, most of it is quite good especially on the metallic gold and red parts. The skin also has subtle lowlight applied to bring out that extra level of detail. First Gokin even went to the trouble of painting and detailing the inside of the stomach chamber. Overall it’s a very nice paint job, especially considering this is a first figure released by the company.

  • First Gokin Cerebral exo-suit head paint detail
  • First Gokin Cerebral axe paint detail
  • First Gokin Cerebral exo-suit body paint detail
  • First Gokin Cerebral exo-suit stomach chamber paint detail
  • First Gokin Cerebral exo-suit back paint detail
  • First Gokin Cerebral exo-suit feet paint detail


To ensure that Cerebral always sits in the center of the stomach chamber, First Gokin have embedded magnets inside, won’t even budge if you tip him upside down. On the back of the exo-suit, there is a hatch which you can open to reveal the battery compartment. The toy takes 2 x LR44 batteries, and once installed lights up the stomach chamber for a cool sci-fi looking effect.

  • First Gokin Cerebral magnetized
  • First Gokin Cerebral battery compartment
  • First Gokin Cerebral light up without plastic cover
  • First Gokin Cerebral light up with plastic cover

Moving on to the all important size comparison, after all what good is a great toy when you can’t display or play with other toys in your collection right? I’m happy to report that despite its huge size Cerebral scales very nicely with the Neca Ninja Turtles, as well as the Ninja Turtles Classic Collection figures, here Cerebral is pictured with Rocksteady. For those that may not have any Ninja Turtles figures, here’s a scale comparison with 6″ Marvel Legends Cyclops. As you can see Cerebral absolutely towers over regular 6″ figures.

  • First Gokin Cerebral vs Neca Ninja Turtles
  • First Gokin Cerebral vs Classics Collection Rocksteady
  • First Gokin Cerebra vs Marvel Legends Cyclopsl
  • First Gokin Cerebral vs Stormtrooper


I grew up watching the Ninja Turtle cartoons but I was never a huge collector of Ninja Turtles merchandise or toys, however as soon as I saw Cerebral’s images appear online I knew I had to have him. Being a new company releasing their first figure I can understand if people are reluctant to make the purchase until the quality has been confirmed. I can tell you right now that this is a very solidly built, wonderfully designed and lovingly packaged figure. If you are a Ninja Turtles fan, you MUST get this not-Krang, I doubt there will be any official Krang figures that will even come close to the quality and design of Cerebral. I am truly pleasantly surprised at the quality of First Gokin’s first release and I hope they continue to make more toys like this one.

P.S we need a decent Shredder!

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    any idea where to buy one that isn’t a scam or over $150? Ebay is all fake auctions

    • Hi Mike, I originally purchased this from Chimungmung but it doesn’t look like they have this item in stock anymore. I did a quick search and found that Toy Arena still has stock of this item, but it’s $199.99. This item was never under $150 so it’s going to be hard to find it for that price tbh. Goodluck hunting!

    • Hi Mike, I also found him on a local Australian online store. I’m not sure where you’re located and not 100% sure if TFI ships over seas but it’s worthwhile getting in touch with them. Cerebral is listed for $170AUD on their site which makes it around $122USD.

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