Hero Collection Getter Dragon – ゲッタードラゴン

Hi there fellow toy fans, welcome to my first review. I’ll be taking a closer look at the Hero Collection Getter Dragon.Getter Dragon I have always had a fascination with Japanese characters, so I figure, what better character to start reviewing than one from the Getter series!


Getter Robo G is a super robot anime series that was broadcast from May 15, 1975 to March 25, 1976 in Japan with a total of 39 episodes. Getter Robo G is a sequel to the popular Getter Robo series which also features three jet-like vehicles that could combine to form three different super robots. The Getter Dragon was one of the three combinations, as well as Getter Liger, and Getter Poseidon.

Name: Getter Dragon (ゲッタードラゴン)
Manufacturer: YAMATO Co.
Line: Hero Collection No. 0004
Scale: Non-scale
Material: Die-cast, Plastic, POM
Release: 2005
Original Price: ¥4800 (approx. $62AUD / $50USD)
Height: 145mm / 5.7inches


The Getter Dragon comes well packaged, the box is sturdy and the display window is large and shows all the contents well. It’s a pretty standard design with two piece clear plastic liners inside holding the figure in place that slides out the top of the box. The graphics attempt to capture a bit of the retro styling, but in my opinion it doesn’t really suit the product. Overall it is nicely constructed, and serves the purpose.

Getter Dragon Packaging


The Getter Dragon doesn’t come with a lot of accessories, just his two Getter Tomahawk. However you don’t really need much with this figure, it feels quite substantial as it is.

Getter Dragon Axe

The Tomahawks are well made, a bit tight on the left hand side when inserting into the closed fist – at least it’s not loose! I really like the way the paint has been applied to the blade of the Tomahawks, there is a gradual fade from dark gunmetal to light silver towards the edge of the blades, and really gives them the metallic feel. The only thing which should have also been included, are perhaps a pair of open hands, when you don’t feel like posing with the Tomahawks.


Getter Dragon

The Getter Dragon has very nice proportions, and the form really resembles some of the more vintage toys. The sculpt is simple but has some really nice details, for example the two red lines running down the neck has etched detail, and paint applied. The same detail has been done to the shapes on the waist and the chest piece. The face is also nicely sculpted and what really stands out for me here is the use of soft rubber like materials on the two pointy bits on the head (most likely to be POM or PVC), no chance of them snapping, however, they have not used the same materials on the three flat bits.


  • Getter Dragon ready for battle
  • Getter Dragon holding 2 Tomahawks
  • Getter Dragon kick!
  • Getter Dragon still holding 2 Tomahawks
  • Getter Dragon still holding...
  • Getter Dragon kick again!!

The Getter Dragon has 14 points of articulation, pretty decent for a die cast model! The feet are on ball joints with good movement, and the knees have double joints allowing for bending and rotating, same design is used in the elbow joints. The knee joints are nice and tight and makes a nice clicking sound as you bend them with no signs of becoming loose. The hip joints on the other hand, are quite restrictive and not nearly as tight, it was hard to keep a kicking pose as the legs were so heavy that the hip joint simply couldn’t hold it very well, which resulted in a bit of paint damage as you can see in the picture.

Getter Dragon Leg

The waist has a small degree of movement, nothing dramatic. The shoulder joints give the arms a wide range of movement, the only restriction being the cape that the figure wears. The head was disappointing as there was no tilt movement, other than this and the fact that you can’t really bend the knee joints and elbow joint all that much (about 60 degrees), it is actually a pretty fun figure to pose, and you can still get some pretty nice action.


Overall the paint was nice and sharp, especially the black inverted V shapes on the shins, and the face detail, however there was a bit of blurring on the painting of the shapes on the waist and chest, and the biceps (white parts on the arms) had some fine hair line cracks. I’m not sure if this is a regular occurrence, but on mine it appeared on both sides.

Getter Dragon Arm


If you want a nicely constructed, sturdy die cast toy you can play with and be proud to display, you can’t go wrong with the Hero Collection Getter Dragon, there may be some minor flaws, but overall, it is a nice toy at a nice price. Thanks for reading!

Getter Dragon Foot

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    How do you think these stack up to some of the SOC offerings? or the Aoshima lines?

    • The Hero Collection is much more lower end than the SOC or Aoshima SSG lines. It does feature a lot of die-cast, probably more so than SOC toys but due to it’s smaller size it is no where near as heavy as the Aoshima SSG toys. In terms of articulation, it is not as good as the more modern SOC toys, but comparable to the Aoshima SSG toys. I personally prefer the styling and size of the Aoshima SSG toys, especially the weathered versions!

    Thanks for the info.

    I picked up a Aoshima Mantle Getter and the two Yamato offerings for 85 bucks plus shipping. At that price.. I couldn’t turn down all three! haha.

    I had the choice to get an older SOC but I felt the Aoshima had nicer packaging and extras, plus I don’t have any of their offerings.

    • Wow, that is a good deal indeed! I used to have a couple of SOC but I’ve since let them go…Aoshima SSG however will always be a part of my collection:)

    I’m excited to get them! I’m a big fan of Yamato as well and I never see these for sale so they should be nice entry level pieces.

    I do want the GX-51 Getter Dragon. Love the sculpt on that guy!

    Thanks for your inputs.

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