GFF RX-78-02 Full Armor Gundam

Introducing the first Gundam action figure to our website, it’s the Gundam Fix Figuration #0000 Limited Edition FA-78-01 Full Armor Gundam Frame Model. The Gundam Fix Figuration (aka GFF) series of figures are based on the mechanical designs of Katoki Hajime (カトキハジメ) and his “Gundam Fix” illustration artbook. These are highly articulated and detailed figures that are sold already complete ready for play or display.


The FA-78-01 and the RX-78-02 Gundams are part of the Mobile Suite Variations (MSV) which are variations of designs seen in the anime Mobile Suite Gundam, specifically those of the Universal Century (UC) during a period known as the One Year War.

The FA-78-01 Gundam Full Armor type was developed under the Full-Armor System and Weapon System (F.S.W.S.) upgrade program of the Earth Federation forces, it was designed to increase the already considerable power of the RX-78-02 Gundam. The RX-78-02 Gundam continued to perform beyond expectations during the last months of the One Year War against the Zeon Forces GFF #0000 Full Armor Gundam (Initially a colony that declared independence from the Earth Federation), as such was a perfect platform for upgrades. The FA-78-01 Gundam Full Armor type features removable external armor modules all over the Gundam’s body, new weapons such as shell firing cannon, several missile launchers and a large two barrel hand held beam gun which vastly increased the Gundam’s firepower and armor.

Despite all the weapons upgrades and the addition of extra thrusters mounted in the external armor, the extra weight created such an unacceptable loss of speed and performance that the development of the FA-78-01 Gundam concept would never be completed. It later serves as a basis for the much improved FA-78-02 Heavy Gundam.

Name: GFF FA-78-01 Gundam Frame Model Blue
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: Gundam Fix Figuration
Sculpter: Takahashi Nobuhito / Moriwaki Shuji (MIC)
Scale: 1/144
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: 2008
Original Price: ¥4,725 (approx. $65AUD / $50USD)
Height: 125mm / 5inches


The packaging of the newer GFF series are quite nice, it features a sturdy box with a clear plastic cover, the cover has information of the designer, modellers and the name of the figure printed as well as a transparent lineart of the figure. Detailed explanation and photos of the toy can be found on the back of the packaging showing the two different configurations. The contents are well secured in two plastic trays, but Bandai continues to make use of twisty wire ties despite criticism from the toy collecting community. Overall the packaging is quite successful albeit being a bit larger than it really needs to be for the amount of contents in my opinion.

GFF #0000 Packaging


As with most GFF figures there is an abundant amount of accessories including the signature beam rifle, two beam sabres, shield, 3 pairs of hands (2 closed fists, 2 for holding beam sabre, 2 for holding guns) plus an open palm left hand, a decal sheet, a display stand and of course all the components to turn the RX-78-02 into the FA-78-01.

  • GFF RX-78-02 Beam Rifle
  • GFF RX-78-02 Beam Sabre and Shield
  • GFF RX-78-02 Decal Sheet
  • GFF #0000 Display Stand


This release of the Full Armor Gundam is essentially the same as the #0036 Full Armor Gundam with the exception of the colour scheme. However, the size and proportions are different to the first release of the #0001 Full Armor Gundam. The figure is now taller, with better proportions due to the fact that the new models have been redesigned to incorporate the “Frame Model” design.

GFF RX-78-02 front and back

With the extra armor and weapons off, it is a good representation of the RX-78-02 Gundam with great detail, however QC is a little bit off and some parts such as the should armor, the backpack and sometimes the forearms have a tendency to be quite loose and / or to fall off quite easily.


The articulation has been greatly improved with the new “Frame Model” design. This inner frame is similar to those that can be found in the Master Grade Gundam kits, however with this design using mostly peg and rod connectors for the joints, parts tends to come off quite easily. The theory behind this design was good, it has double joints for the knees and the elbows and all limbs can swivel 360 degrees. The shoulders have a complex triple hinge joint that allows for a large range of motion however, as soon as the Gundam parts go on, it loose some of its new found articulation.

  • GFF Frame Model articulation
  • GFF Frame Model knee lift
  • GFF Frame Model ready for combat
  • GFF Frame Model ballet

In the RX-78-02 form, the knees become slightly restricted and won’t allow the figure to be placed in a kneeling position without looking awkward and the waist joint basically becomes obsolete. It is still capable of some rather nice poses though.

  • GFF RX-78-02 in reach for beam sabre
  • GFF RX-78-02 kneel
  • GFF RX-78-02 二刀流 two sword attack
  • GFF RX-78-02 armed and ready
  • GFF RX-78-02 punch
  • GFF RX-78-02 high kick

In the FA-78-02 form, it looses more of its articulation mostly because everything tends to fall off as you pose the figure. When you move the shoulders the breast plate comes off if you touch it even slightly. When moving the legs, the apron falls off (both the front and back) due to the fact that there isn’t much of a peg left once you clip on the extra armor. If you can get past all this and eventually have the whole figure holding together in a good pose, it does look good.

  • GFF FA-78-01 armed and ready
  • GFF FA-78-01 all weapons fire
  • GFF FA-78-01 attack to the left!!
  • GFF FA-78-01 back view

But there are advantages with getting all these extra armor parts, and I found it the most fun when you get rid of all the crappy parts that tend to fall off easily and make your own custom Gundam. Who doesn’t love putting extra armor on stuff!? – I call it HA-78-01 (Half Armor-78-01)!!

  • GFF HA-78-01 Custom armed and ready
  • GFF HA-78-01 Custom shoot!!


Paint application is mostly good on this figure, though there are a few places with wobbly paint work, overspray and random smudges of paint. The good thing about this figure is that it is so small you’d hardly notice the imperfections. Of course the print detail is amazing as always, very sharp and defined and this is what brings the figure to life and gives it that extra level of realism.

  • GFF RX-78-02 head paint detail
  • GFF RX-78-02 shoulder print detail
  • GFF RX-78-02 chest print detail
  • GFF RX-78-02 knee print detail
  • GFF RX-78-02 apron print detail
  • GFF RX-78-02 beam rifle print detail
  • GFF FA-78-01 leg armor print detail
  • GFF FA-78-01 back pack print detail


Few details worth mentioning, the hilt of the beam rifle has a small metal ring which I think shows great attention to detail. As mentioned earlier, when the extra armor is placed on the apron parts, the pegs become very short, maybe Bandai should have considered only wrapping 3 sides of the apron?

  • GFF Beam Rifle metal ring detail
  • GFF FA-78-01 apron armor makes pegs short!


I think this is not a bad toy straight out of the box, it’s great as a display piece and still fun to pick up and play with from time to time. The new “Frame Model” is interesting but needs improvements to stop it from falling apart so easily, QC needs be improved to ensure parts fit together properly and paint application is up to standard as this line is mainly aimed at adult collectors.

There will be more GFF reviews to come as this is a great toy line for those that want the look and feel and detail of MG kits without having to do all the hard work, ie me!

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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