GFF GN-001 Gundam Exia

Who doesn’t like highly detailed completed action figures ready to be displayed straight out of the box?! That’s what I love about the GFF toy line, for a lazy toy collector like me, they are the perfect alternative to Gundam kits:P


Gundam Exia is the main protagonist Gundam from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (機動戦士ガンダム00). This is the seventh series of the Gundam franchise consisting of two seasons that was first broadcasted from late 2007, each with 25 episodes. A movie sequel is planned for 2010.

Gundam Exia, officially GN-001 Gundam Exia is piloted by Setsuna F Seiei during the first season of the series. GFF Gundam ExiaBuilt by the private paramilitary group called Celestial Being, they use the Gundams to rid the world of war and conflict. Designed for close combat, Exia’s main weapon is a massive metal blade mounted on its right forearm which folds down to reveal a beam gun. In addition to its main weapon, Exia is also armed with handheld swords, beam blades and a shield.

At the end of season one, Gundam Exia is heavily damaged after a battle with the upgraded GN-Flag and was left drifting in space. In season two, the partly repaired Exia makes a brief appearance and later by combining its GN drive (some sort of solar reactor) with GN drive from Gundam 0, a mobile suit with two GN drives is finally completed, known as Gundam 00.

Name: GN-001 Gundam Exia
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: Gundam Fix Figuration 00 Region
Sculptor: Based on Design by Hajime Katoki
Scale: 1/144
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: Mar 2008
Original Price: ¥4,000 (approx. $50AUD / $44USD)
Height: 120mm / 4.72inches


Packaging is a pretty standard GFF affair, functional but nothing too fancy. To be honest, I find it a little bit wasteful as there are is so much empty space inside. Not only that, when you compare the amount of material in the packaging to the actual contents, they weigh almost the same. Oh, and there are those twisty ties, need I say more?

Gundam Exia Packaging


This Gundam Exia action figure comes with all of its signature armaments which includes, GN sword (flips to reveal gun mode), GN long blade, GN short blade, a pair of GN beam sabres and GN beam daggers, and a GN shield. All of which are nicely modelled and painted, with small print detail. A display stand is also included.

  • Gundam Exia with GN-swords
  • Gundam Exia with GN beam sabre and dagger
  • Gundam Exia with main weapon GN beam rifle and sword
  • Gundam Exia with GN-shield


There really isn’t anything to fault here, I love Hajime’s interpretation of Gundam Exia, especially the face design. Proportions are great and there is plenty of nice sculptural detail to admire.

Gundam Exia front and back view


Contrary to the superb sculpt and form of the toy, articulation is not at all impressive. The problem with this figure is that the key joints do not have a big range of movement, namely the knees and elbows. These two joints alone make a huge difference, as you can imagine if the knees and elbows can only just make it to 90 degrees it really does cut down on the possible poses.

  • Gundam Exia in mid air
  • Gundam Exia aiming GN rifle
  • Gundam Exia GN Sword charge!
  • Gundam Exia reaching for GN beam sabre
  • Gundam Exia fully armed
  • Gundam Exia STABBBBBBB!!


One thing I’ve noticed with the GFF line of toys is how good they look on the shelves. Yet if you pick them up and look closely, you can see all sorts of imperfections on the paint job and print detail. Majority of the print detail is quite clear, and still readable but the paint can be a bit fluffy in places and quite uneven. It all looks very “hand crafted”, but somehow it kind of works.

  • Gundam Exia upper body paint and print detail
  • Gundam Exia print on GN-shield
  • Gundam Exia print on GN-drive
  • Gundam Exia GN-sword paint detail


Detail wise, it lives up to expectations. The green gems like parts are nicely replicated in the head, arms, legs and chest area. Look closely at the waist and lower chest and you can really appreciate the sculptured design of this Gundam, very different from the traditional boxy design.

  • Gundam Exia arm detail
  • Gundam Exia leg detail
  • Gundam Exia head detail
  • Gundam Exia sculptured waist detail


It’s hard for me not to like this line of toys, even with all its little flaws and restricted articulation in this particular model. The GFF toys just displays so well, they are affordable and really good value for a fully assembled, painted and printed Gundam model. Being a 1/144 scale, they are also quite easily collectible as they don’t take too much space, and can be displayed with other 1/144 toys!

Unfortunately sold out at most places including Hobby Search (they are popular!), but HLJ may get them back in stock soon!

If it’s articulation you’re after, then best to try the Robot Damashii Line!

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    I think the number #2301 is probably a reference to the year where Celestial Being’s first intervention and rolling out of the 0 Gundam in 2301 while the first season of 00 happened in 2307.

    • I see, I never thought about it actually as I haven’t actually seen the show. But thanks for the info:)

    Thought it wouldn’t to give it a shot. I was right.

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