Gothitropolis Decimus Hrabban Black Raven


The Gothitropolis line of action figures were first offered by Four Horsemen Studios as a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, they exceeded their goal of $65,000 by a mile and eventually ended up funding the project with $303,666.

Gothitropolis Raven

Name: Decimus Hrabban
Series: Gothitropolis
Manufacturer: Four Horsemen
Sculptor: Four Horsemen
Designer: Four Horsemen
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVS, ABS
Release: Dec 2014
Original Price: $32USD
Height: 180mm / 7.08inches


The Decimus Hrabban Raven figure, a.k.a Raven comes in a reusable clam shell packaging which shares the artwork with all of the other Gothitropolis figures. While I understand why they did it from a production point of view it would have been nice if each character got their own card and bio. Overall it’s a nice compact clam shell which is collector friendly and allows you to display the figure even if you wish to keep it in sealed in the box.

  • Gothitropolis Raven packaging front
  • Gothitropolis Raven packaging back


Each Decimus Hrabban figure comes standard with a mace/bladed lance and two sets of interchangeable feet. The lance features real metal chain detail and comes apart in the middle to make it easy to slip into the figure’s hands, and the interchangeable feet pop off and on with ease.

  • Gothitropolis Raven with mace/blade lance
  • Gothitropolis Raven's interchangeable feet

And if that wasn’t enough you can also opt to purchase these extra accessories separately. The Black Raven Battle pack comes with a screaming Black Raven head, Raven War Helmet and a Raven Blood Saber. This set costs $16USD if purchased separately. The Raven wings comes in a selection of different colors depending on which Decimus Hrabban figure you want to pair it with, this set costs $18USD if purchased separately. And lastly there is the Bone Wings and Skull which again costs $18USD if purchased separately. These sets do increase the playability of the figure greatly, and I do recommend picking up at least the Battle Pack to give your Decimus a sword weapon.

Gothitropolis Raven Battle pack

Gothitropolis Raven Wing set

Gothitropolis Raven Bone Wings and Skull set


The Four Horsemen did a fantastic job with the design and sculpt of this figure, as can be expected. The Raven is full of detail, from the feathers on the body to the intricate design of the armor, it really is quite stunning. There are also a bunch of supplies and tools sculpted on Raven’s belt which looks rather realistic although they are not removable. Overall the proportions of Raven looks great, it’s sleek like a bird should be but still has the looks of a swift and capable warrior.

  • Gothitropolis Raven front view
  • Gothitropolis Raven rear view


Raven not only looks great but he is full of joints for great posing possibilities. He has a ball jointed head, universal shoulders, bicep rotation, double jointed elbows, wrist pivot and rotation, chest rocker, waist swivel, ball jointed hips, thigh rotation, double jointed knee with a reverse chicken leg joint, ankle rotation and pivot.

  • Gothitropolis Raven attack from above!
  • Gothitropolis Raven standing heroically
  • Gothitropolis Raven ready for war!
  • Gothitropolis Raven double weapon time
  • Gothitropolis Raven ready to strike
  • Gothitropolis Raven kick

With the optional accessories added Raven takes on a different look. The Raven Helmet only sits on top of the head with nothing to peg into or grab onto so it will fall off if you turn the guy upside down. The wings plug into the back, but you need to remove two small plugs in the shape of tiny wings before hand. The wings connect to Raven’s back with a universal joint so you can place them in almost any direction you desire, they also have a joint in the middle to allow them to be opened fully or folded down. Raven does look quite stunning with the wings attached, but they are a bit back heavy and tend to droop. The Bone wings on the other hand are much lighter, and retains the same points of articulation, looks really creepy but very nicely made.

  • Gothitropolis Raven with Battle Pack
  • Gothitropolis Raven ready to fly
  • Gothitropolis Raven wings open
  • Gothitropolis Raven in Bone mode
  • Gothitropolis Raven Bone mode from the back
  • Gothitropolis Raven with Battle Helmet, Bone Wings and Blood Raven Sword


Paint job is really well executed. The armor has several layers of different colored metallic paint to bring out extra detail in the sculpt and the items on Raven’s belt are painted to a realistic level.

  • Gothitropolis Raven chest armor paint detail
  • Gothitropolis Raven back armor paint detail
  • Gothitropolis Raven arm armor paint detail
  • Gothitropolis Raven belt paint detail
  • Gothitropolis Raven belt paint detail
  • Gothitropolis Raven leg armor detail


The Decimus Hrabban figures do not have a specific scale but they fit in nicely with other 6″ figures such as Marvel Legends and DC Collectibles figures. Just looking at this comparison photo, it is quite amazing to see how much more detailed the sculpt and paint is for Raven compared to the Marvel Legends and DC toys, yet the original price of the Gothitropolis figures were only about $12USD more.

  • Gothitropolis Raven vs Marvel Legends and DC Collectibles
  • Gothitropolis Raven vs Stormtrooper


I’ve been a fan of the Four Horsemen for some time now, and it started with their work on the MOTU Classic figures, The Gothitropolis line is another step up in terms of the design, intricacy and quality. I’m very impressed with this figure, and it goes to show how good something can be when the designers are passionate about their work, and when they work closely with the factory to iron out every issue fore they release a product to the public. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the review!

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    I don’t usually pay attention to US figures and I never buy stuff I don’t have a previous bond with (from watching a movie or reading a comic), but this certainly looks awesome!

    • This is a great figure designed and sculpted by the legendary Four Horsemen, so I had to have it!

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