Mezco One:12 Collective Dawn of Justice Batman

Guest review by fellow Aussie toy collector Pen Chan.

A lot of people wonder why Mezco 1:12 figures are asking for a much higher price in comparison with other 1:12 size figures on the market, and there appears to be a few good reasons.

This is my first Mezco, so I hope it should be a pretty honest review.

Mezco One:12 Batman

Name: Batman
Series: Dawn of Justice
Manufacturer: Mezco
Line: One:12 Collective
Scale: 1:12
Material: PVC, ABS, Fabric
Release: Dec 2016
Original Price: $75USD
Height: 160mm / 6.29inches

Let’s start with the packaging. Usually, there isn’t really much to talk about when it comes to packaging for 1:12 sized figures. The usual window box, plastic tray and cover, pictures on the back, etc. Mezco takes this one step up for their high end collectible line up. The box comes wrapped in a clear plastic bag. Box has a plastic sleeve with print on the front and back, and with another soft plastic wrap to protect the plastic sleeve and print from scratches.

  • Mezco One:12 Batman packaging front
  • Mezco One:12 Batman packaging back

Remove the sleeve and you have an attractive and sturdy with a window display under a cover that can be closed magnets, and the window is also protecting by yet another plastic piece. They really have gone the extra mile for the box only as we get a lot of plastic protecting other plastic and cardboard. Inside we have two plastic trays containing the figure and all the accessories, which include multiple weapons, hands, a BVS figure stand, a plastic bag to hold your accessories (one like most Figma’s get), an extra head, some wire things which I suspect is for posing of the cape. Even Hot Toys would provide the most ambiguous instructions, however, none here.

  • Mezco One:12 Batman packaging flap opened
  • Mezco One:12 Batman packaging inside

The tray for the figure has the figure’s cape tucked outside of the tray and protected by yet another plastic sleeve. A very common thing with Hot Toys and capes, but this is a first seen on any 1:12 figure for me. Definitely added a few extra points! However, the hole in which the cape has been fed through was cut poorly and the edges were extremely rough. Bit scared of damaging the cape when trying to pull the cape through to get the figure out. You can hear the cape rubbing against the rough edges which didn’t add to the experience here.

There is also some tape covering up the accessories to hold them in place. Personally I don’t prefer tape as it can sometimes get messy. A sheet of adhesive plastic would have a better choice, or even if Mezco can make a tray that the cover fits snug enough, the accessories will not fall out, which it will if there is no tape.

Mezco One:12 Batman packaging - hole for the cape

The figure wears a material bat suit, hands, feet and heads are plastic. The head sculpts are amazing, paint work is amazing, likeness of Affleck is amazing. For the scale of the toy, being able to do this at this level gives you an extra wow. Especially, for your first Mezco.

  • Mezco One:12 Batman
  • Mezco One:12 Batman
  • Mezco One:12 Batman
  • Mezco One:12 Batman

The figure is very articulate even with a material costume. Joints are not too restricted. The hands use a softer plastic that makes exchanging hands and holding accessories very easy. The belt also has a tab which can hold the grappling gun while Batman can free up his hands to hold a beer with his peers. The cape appears to be made on synthetic leather, there is no wire in the cape so it drapes down nicely.

  • Mezco One:12 Batman
  • Mezco One:12 Batman

Body has large build especially the shoulders and chest, a much more menacing figure as oppose to his Mafex counterpart. Slightly taller, but not by much, but everything makes the figure look huge.

Mezco One:12 Batman vs Mafex Batman

  • Mezco One:12 Batman vs Mafex Batman
  • Mezco One:12 Batman vs Mafex Batman

Final thoughts:

Overall, the outer box is extremely well presented. It’s too bad the inner packaging didn’t seem to have received the same affection. The figure is awesome and definitely brings 1:12 scale collecting to a whole new level. How durable the materials are going to be cannot be answered at this point in time, but hopefully, long enough to feel paying the premium will be totally worth it. The price point isn’t for everyone, but for what you pay, there can be room for improvement either by slightly reducing the price, or by improving on the negatives mentioned.

Still extremely impressed by the toy itself if we disregard price. I am now very much looking forward to the Mezco 1:12 Collective BVS DOJ Superman.

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