Guyver I – Bio Boosted Armor 強殖装甲ガイバー

Max Factory has brought to life an impressive line of characters from the popular manga / anime world of Guyver. I have only recently finished watching the 2005 series of Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour 強殖装甲ガイバー, and I love my Guyver action figures now more than ever!


Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor is a 26 episode anime series based on the long running manga written by Yoshiki Takaya. Guyver I Bio-fighter The series was first aired in 2005, and was based on the first 1 to 59 chapters of the manga.

The main protagonist in this series, a 17 year old high school student Sho Fukamachi (深町 晶) comes across one of the inactive Unit-G (Guyver Unit), accidentally activating it and becomes Guyver 1. Pursued by the evil organization known as Chronos who wishes to take over the world (what else could an evil coporation want?), Sho must now fight back against Zoanoids (genetically engineered humans than can turn into monsters) sent by Chronos in pursuit of the Guyver units and protect the ones he cares about in order to regain his life back.

Name: Guyver I / Image Head Plus BFC 05+
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Line: Bio Fighter Collection MAX
Designer: Yoshiki Takaya
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS, POM
Release: 2006
Original Price: ¥4,200 (approx. $60AUD / $45USD)
Secondary Market Price: $130USD – $199USD
Height: 180mm / 7inches


The BFC 05+ packaging differs slightly from the original 2005 Guyver 1 release, not only is there an extra head, the main colour of the inner cardboard artwork is now red. The graphics of the figure also shows the new image head, other than that the packaging remains quite similar. I must say, Max factory has put a lot of thought into packaging for this line, the figure and accessories sits nicely in between plastic liners, that slips into a cardboard inner box, that slips into another clear plastic box. All without destroying or removing anything apart from one tape that holds the outer box shut. This allows collectors to place their figures back into the box for storage and ensures they keep their value – a real bonus for adult collectors.

Guyver I Packaging


Guyver I comes with a few pairs of interchangeable hands, extended high frequency swords, inactive Unit-G and also a display stand (not shown). With the image head plus release, you also get an extra head, with half of Sho’s face showing, and also a grasping hand with part of the Guyver’s face armour to replicate the manga cover art of which the extra accessories are based on. All of the accessories are a good addition to the figure, even the Unit-G, although not really interactive with the figure, it’s still a nice thing to have as it shows the original form of the Guyver Units.

  • Guyver I image head plus accessories
  • Guyver I manga cover
  • hands to open chest for Megasmasher
  • Guyver Inactive Unit-G
  • Guyver I High Frequency Swords and fists
  • Guyver I open palm hands


Sculpt on this figure is amazing as always as can be expected from Max Factory, it is very much anime accurate down to even the very smallest detail such as the sonic orbs (silver spheres) on the face, and the control metal (silver circle) on the forehead. The form is also very nicely proportioned, he looks strong and agile whatever the pose you put him in.

Guyver I full view

One thing that I was really impressed with this line was the fact that Max Factory have taken the time to do new sculpts for each of the three Guyvers, this is evident when you place them together as they are different heights as seen in the anime, Guyver I being the shortest of the three.


This figure has an impressive 15 points of articulation (counting elbow and knee double joints as one point), and can be placed in all the poses as seen in the anime. Using various materials also helped with the articulation, the thighs for example are covered with the soft PVC material that extends all the way up to the waist. This figure is also very well balanced in most poses, it did come with a stand but I found it unnecessary so have kept it in the box. The one negative about this figure is that the shoulder pads tends to keep falling off when handling the figure and it does hinder the shoulder joints slightly.

  • Guyver I open face
  • Guyver I ready for battle
  • Guyver I kick!
  • Guyver I prepare to punch!
  • Guyver I MEGASMASHER!!!!!!!
  • Guyver I gathering energy


Not really much I can say about the paint job, apart from brilliant. The colour matching is great and all the little details are well painted with no overspray etc. There is good variation of tone across body parts, and good use of ink to bring out the shadows. There is a slight colour difference on the thighs (being on different material) to the rest of the body, but it is hardly noticeable.

  • Guyver I head paint and detail
  • Guyver I thigh colour


Wherever you look on this figure, there is an incredible amount of detail. Starting from the head, every little thing has been sculpted with 100% accuracy and attention. Moving onto the chest, it can be opened to show the Megasmasher (Guyver’s most powerful energy blast weapon). Moulded with a clear gel like finish, it really does look organic and biological. The elbow joints are also well designed, being able to bend more than 90 degrees to allow Guyver to pull open his chest for the Megasmasher.

  • Guyver I Megasmasher detail
  • Guyver I elbow joint detail

A couple of things to note, when changing the hands and frequency swords, be very careful as the pegs are quite small and can be fragile. I’ve heard of a few people breaking theirs and this can be quite painful as the figure will never be the same even after repairs. Speaking of breaking, I was quite unfortunate to have snapped the ball joint on the head when switching heads, it is now super glued back on and I have filed the ball joint down slightly to make it easier to change the heads to prevent future breakages. This may be a good thing to do if you’re worried about your figure, but do not file down too much as this may make the heads too loose.

  • Guyver I hands and high frequency sword pegs
  • Guyver I head ball joint glued back on!


This is a great figure to have in your collection even though it is a re-issue, the Image head plus release may be a better choice for first time collectors of this line as it gives you the extra head, however it is usually more expensive and harder to find.

The secondary market price of these figures have been held relatively high due to their rarity and demand, they are mostly sold out everywhere so be prepared to pay a premium if you can find one. If you do want one of these figures in your collection and are not too fussed about which character to collect, Guvyer II is usually cheaper and easier to find, and have the same amount of detail and quality as all other figures in the line. Definitely worth getting!

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    Great review and really love your photography btw. I have wanted one of these for years, but the prices on ebay etc, have always been ridiculous. So when I saw one for $50AUD (mint condition) in a Mandarake store while on holiday in Tokyo, it was an instant purchase. I’m not really into action figures, but this figure is superb, maybe I’ll grab Guyver 2 & 3 next time?

    • thanks again for your feedback:) $50AUD, that is a bargain! Toy hunting in Tokyo is the best, I must go again sometime, never know what gold you’ll find..haha..Guyver 2 can be had for a somewhat “reasonable” price on eBay however Guyver 3 can fetch a pretty hefty price…but believe me, they look great standing all together ^__^

    • but Guyver one is definitely still my favourite :)

    Great review,everything you said is so true about this figure. Before Guyver figure was released, I seen it and said to my self(MUST HALF)!!! I found it for 40.00,luckly the new release anime that came out wasn’t big. So i lucked up big time.

    • hey timisdeath, thanks for checking out my site:) You got one for $40.00!! That is awesome!! I must find time to review more toys from this series…..really great toys!

    • @admin I was just saying to my girl, how great this site is. I just came across it, when i was looking at your review bout the Super Evangelion. I’m an early 80(s) baby,so when i seen this figure i didnt care how much it was i was gone get if you havent checked out that Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22 anime, you might want to. I just seen it and it made me go out and buy Chogokin Eva01 and super Eva01

    • haha you are too kind:P Yes I love the design of the Super Evangelion, I was also set on getting it way before I knew the price…I’ve got the anime but haven’t had time to watch it…will do soon!!:)

    • I preorder this new devilman figure..its pretty cool on how it looks(

    haha, I’ve pre-ordered this guy too, looks so tough and mean! love it!

    • LMAO! I guess we bout have the same taste in figures bro. I guess it like, if you cant have them as a kid…get them when your grown…heads up bro if you dont own one yet, medicom 12inch figures look sooooooooo outstanding. Sad enough their built like crap. I have a few of them and all had to be snake was broke in the

    haha sure seems that way…I have looked into 12inch figures before but i’ve been too scared to get into them…I’m having a hard enough time trying to collect all these others toys…:P Would love to see photos of your collection!

    • bro,I’ll say this if its and 12inch figure you want…try to get them cheap..their not worth NOOOO 200 something marker. Snake is the highest i paid for..i got him for 250.00, but on the other hand its only 1000 like mine made. Now i will say the MGSpeacewalker Kai figures are better than the 12inch..hands down…if you click on my name you can see some of my old pics of them…i need to update start uploading on collectiondx

    mate, saw your page, you have some mad talent there!!! Nice photos of your toys too, very creative..haha….

    • Thanks truly bro, glad you enjoyed the art. as soon as I get a chance to really sit down and update all I have gotten, I’ll be happy.

    great, look forward to seeing more awesome work from you:)

  • interesting…any more details on this toy? when its out etc? Personally I’d love to see an Anima version of the Eva 00, saw a drawing of it somewhere before….

    • It’s a book, it has Eva 00 and 02. Only prob its in Japanese, so no way in hell of knowing lol..I’ll try to find more pics

    sweet, thanks man:)

  • Nice! Its just to bad that I wont be able to get this because:

    1. Its so expensive
    2. Dont want to take my chance because of its fragile joints/parts tends to break.

    anyway, just want to ask if what make and model of camera are you using? Im really liking your shots dude. :)

    • This is a really nice figure if you like the series. The figure is actually not that easy to break if you don’t swap the heads. I’ve yet to experience another other breakages from any of my other Guyver figures…

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