Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes (Iron Patriot)


Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot

Name: James Rhodes
Series: Iron Man 3
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Marvel Legends
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: April 2013
Original Price: $18.99USD
Height: 164mm / 6.46inches


To my surprise the packaging of this toy is actually very nice, a big improvement on previous Iron Man releases in my opinion. The overall design is more square and clean and the illustrations and artwork are now in a comic style which suits perfectly.

  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot packaging front
  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot packaging back


Iron Patriot doesn’t come with any accessories, but being a BAF (Build A Figure) collection it comes with the left arm to form the comic series Iron Monger figure.

  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot - BAF Iron Monger left arm


Looking objective at this, the sculpt of the toy is actually not too bad. It represents the movie character very well but somewhere along the production line things went horribly wrong. There are a lot of imperfections in the mold, bad part lines and even worse flow lines in the plastic which I’ll talk about in more detail later, but all of this distracts from what could have been a great looking toy.

Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot


For the most part, articulation is okay. Shoulders, elbows and knees are ratcheted with a nice feel. Head, hips and upper torso are on ball joints. Swivel joints on the biceps and thighs rotate all the way around. The wrists rotate and the hands can only be turned inwards. Unfortunately the feet does not have any amount of movement in them which mean when ever you place Iron Patriot in a neutral standing position he will fall over backwards unless you tilt his upper body forward slightly resulting in a semi-bowing stance.

  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot trying to aim with repulsor
  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot ready to protect
  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot fails at Iron Man pose
  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot ready for smack down


I can appreciate what Hasbro was trying to do with the paint app on this toy but in my opinion it has failed miserably. The overall quality is very poor, paint app is messy and inconsistent with the reds looking too pink. As mentioned earlier the blue of the plastic is molded with a metallic effect causing visible flow lines throughout the figure, some people call this “marbling” but that’s just a pretty way of saying it’s messed up. I would much rather have a clean and tidy flat blue finish as shown on the prototype photo which appears on the back of the packaging. Honestly, it looks like Hasbro hired a bunch of 5yr olds to paint up these figures…

  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot head and torso detail
  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot pad print detail
  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot pad print detail on arm
  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot leg paint detail


The only notable feature on this toy is that you can position the back cannon on either side by way of detaching and plugging back on the other side. Slight step backwards from the Iron Man 2 War Machine figure where the mini gun can slide along the back without the need for detaching.

  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot back cannon on right side
  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot back cannon on left side

In terms of scale, the new Legends Iron Patriot stands slightly taller than the Iron Man 2 toys, which I don’t actually mind so much.

  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot vs MKVI & War Machine
  • Iron Man 3 Legends Iron Patriot


I am quite disappointed with this release, especially because of how awesome the movie was. This toy doesn’t do the character any justice at all. Maybe I’m being too picky for a toy which costs less than $20, but that’s $20 I won’t be able to spend on other potentially good toys. The fact is, this figure is a step backwards from the previous 6″ Iron Man 2 movie releases in terms of both design and execution and it costs more which is what makes it so disappointing. I would skip this, unless you really must have a 6″ Iron Patriot in your collection, oh wait there is always S.H.Figuarts (hopefully)!

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    nice review. i like this figure and the colors. i was very disappointed with the movie. the only part i liked was the iron patriot segments. thinking america has its own watchdog seems very appealing. hence, why i liked iron patriot. wit ha little paint touchups, i fixed up mine and i love it.

    • If this figure had a nicer paint job from the factory I probably would have liked it more, maybe I’ll try and repaint him at some stage…

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