Iron Man 2: Iron Man MKVI Walmart Exclusive

While I’m still in the mood for Iron Man, I thought I might as well review the Hasbro MKVI suit. At first, I wasn’t really interested in this particular figure but after reviewing War Machine and seeing all the improvements Hasbro has made to the new movie toy line, I couldn’t help but wonder if the MKVI is just as good, so I bought it for the review, and all will be revealed.


Iron Man MKVI FaceThe MKVI suit is the latest and most powerful Iron Man suit from the 2010 live action movie “Iron Man 2” produced by Marvel Studios.

Tony Stark is slowly running out of time as he is gradually being poisoned by the palladium core in his arc reactor. But thanks to clues his father left for him, Tony was able to create a new element to replace the palladium core. The new core is now triangular in shape and much more powerful then the previous, and forms the basis of the new MK VI suit.

Name: Walmart Exclusive Iron Man Mark VI
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Iron Man 2 Movie Series 6” Figures
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: May 2010
Original Price: $14USD (approx. $15AUD)
Secondary Market Price: $20USD – $30USD
Height: 160mm / 6.29inches


I finally had my hands on the packaging after receive my War Machine loose, and I can tell you now that although the improvements aren’t huge, its there. For one, the MKVI is not placed in a weird position in the pack, and all the accessories are clearly laid out. The profile of the packaging is flat now making it easier to stack in stores and during transportation. Good clear images of the containing figure at the back, as well as other figures from the line however for some strange reason the photos are always different to the actual toy you get. Look closely at the photo of the MKVI, it has red paint on the thighs, as well as gold highlight on the forearms and no silver paint. If this ain’t false advertising, I don’t know what is.

  • MKVI packaging front
  • MKVI packaging back


As with the MKII Iron Man figure, you get a spring loaded repulsor that clips onto Iron Man’s forearm, however this time around you only get one (I’m not complaining as I don’t display my figure with it anyway). As with War Machine, you get two extra pairs of hands, all together you have a pair of closed fists, half open hands and fully opened hands which is great for different poses.

  • MKVI with spring loaded repulsor
  • MKVI has three pairs interchangeable hands


I was really happy with the way the MKVI has turned out in toy form, it looks much bulkier than previous versions, and the proportions are spot on, it actually looks like a suit now. All the panel lines and sculpture detail are pretty sharp, and as far as I can see, the only major problem on my figure is its left foot which doesn’t sit quite flat on the ground even when it is in a neutral pose.

Iron Man MKVI


When it comes to putting the MKVI in various poses, the articulation works a treat, in most cases. Head has a good range of sideways as well as up / down motion for flight poses, elbows are double jointed as before, shoulders on ball joint with hinged shoulder pads (good in theory however I had a loose left hinge so it still comes off) and the biggest improvement on the upper body is the articulated wrists. This small little joint can make such a difference to a pose, as they say some people talk with their hands. As far as the lower body articulation is concerned, it still retains the same non-play friendly hip joints, other than that, I’m pretty happy with the double knee joint and ball joint feet.

  • MKVI looking good
  • MKVI in flight
  • MKVI kneel pose
  • MKVI fire repulsor
  • MKVI hover
  • MKVI battle in flight


While there is certainly much improvement since the first movie release figures, there is still much to improve on. All the paint is in the right place in the right colour, but there is still plenty of overspray, uneven application and generally a sense of carelessness when it comes to the hand done parts. In terms of printing, the arc reactor and the repulsor on the hands have been printed to a fairly good standard but the foot repulsor was left unprinted. If I was to give this a score out of 10, I’d give it 8 for effort (improvement since previous release) but only a 6/10 for the actual paint job.

  • MKVI's head has overspray
  • Messy paint on MKVI back thigh
  • More overspray on back of knee joint
  • MKVI back paint detail
  • MKVI arc reactor print detail
  • MKVI hand repulsor print detail


Its good to see when a toy line releases a new figure, they don’t simply recycle parts, it shows care and that its not just about making money. The clip on repulsor that comes with the MKVI figure is very similar but still different to the MKII, however the spring was not nearly as powerful.

  • MKVI repulsor vs MKII repulsor
  • MKVI hinge detail

As mentioned earlier, the shoulder pads are now hinged to the main body, this is good in theory however there were problems with the moulding on my left pad, meaning the hinge was distorted and still pops out at times.

  • MKVI vs War Machine
  • MKII vs MKVI

Compared to the War Machine toy, I’d say this one isn’t quite as good, it may be because the darker gunmetal grey and silver colour of War Machine hides imperfections easier, or because the printing makes it look more realistic, or simply because I prefer War Machine hence the biased opinion:P But when compared to the MKII, theres no doubt, it sh*ts all over it, three times over…at least.


Seeing as this toy only costs $13USD (approx. $15AUD) at Walmart, I’d say it’s a bargain considering most 6 inch toys in Australia costs around $20AUD. However, there are no Walmarts in Australia so unfortunately you’ll have to jump on the net for this guy.

If you can manage to find the MKVI shipped for under $30AUD, then it’s not so bad, but good luck as most sellers are cashing in while the item is hot. It may be good to wait a few weeks for the hype to fade and the price to come down, definitely a good toy for Iron Man fans, especially being a 6 inch figure!

Thanks for reading my toy review, please check out my other reviews and share them with your friends if you’ve enjoyed it!

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    I wonder if you can get mark 5 too. I been searching and end up mark up price.

    • i want to get my hands on a Mark 5 also, but the prices are too high at the moment. Seen a few going for $35USD+, and thats not including shipping! best to wait until the hype goes away, then the prices will come down…hopefully:P

    for a tiny thing, this dude is camera lover (^o^) all im saying that this figure ain’t that bad for collection. you can do lots of pauses with it according to Ken its awesome ain’t bad really

    great photography

    • yeah he sure looks good on camera doesn’t he…really too bad we dun get this in Australia and they had to make it an “Exclusive”….

      thanks for your compliment:)

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