Iron Man 2: War Machine Walmart Exclusive

If you thought the Iron Man suit was cool, then you’ve gotta love the War Machine suit. Yes, it is based on a modified Mark II suit so it’s probably not nearly as powerful as Iron Man, but it has a sh*t load of guns, and big ones too! Its just too bad he really only appeared towards the last 30 minutes of the film.


The background of War Machine in the comics seem to be quite complex and spans a few stories and arcs, since I am reviewing the 2010 Iron Man 2 movie action figure I will just briefly explain the background of War Machine in this movie. For those of you that have not yet watched the film, please skip this paragraph and go right to the review below (*spoiler alert*)

The 2010 movie “Iron Man 2” marks the first live action appearance of the War Machine character and suit. In the story, Tony Stark is battling to find the right element for his arc reactor which will not poisoned him whilst keeping him alive. War Machine FaceAs he runs out of options and nearing death, he resorts to alcoholism and the world peace keeper and enforcer image of Iron Man crumbles.

It is at this time, Tony’s dearest friend and experienced combat pilot James Rupert Rhodes (aka Rhodey) decides that it was time for him to step up and take Tony’s place as a symbol of world peace in the Iron Man suit. He takes the Mark II suit which was on display in Tony’s garage, duels with the drunken Tony in his Mark IV suit and takes off to a military base to have the Mark II suit fitted with weapons and upgrades, by no other than Hammer Industries (Stark Industries’ rival). Hence the birth of War Machine, and the rest is history….as they say.

Name: Walmart Exclusive War Machine
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Iron Man 2 Movie Series 6″ Figures
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: May 2010
Original Price: $13USD (approx. $15AUD)
Secondary Market Price: $20USD – $35USD
Height: 160mm / 6.29inches


Well, I can’t say much in this department as I acquired my figure loose (save on postage as this item is only available in the US as a Walmart Exclusive!!), but from what I can see online, it seems like there is much improvement in the new packaging in terms of looks. It’s much more angular now and a bit more grown up, still at the end of the day, it’s just a toy and not an adult collector figure so the packaging will never be collector friendly.


I have to say the new line of Iron Man toys sure have improved in this department. You now get extra interchangeable hands, and two pairs at that! First I’ve seen of a US toy company doing this for a Super Hero toy line but I may be wrong. War Machine also gets a shoulder mounted mini gun which can slide to both sides, shoulder mounted missile pod with replaceable cover panel (right only), and a ammunition belt to connect from his back to the mini gun. All in all I’m very happy with the amount of accessories and detail paid to them.

  • War Machine with missile pod and open palm hands
  • War Machine mini gun and closed fists


One look at him, and you’ll fall in love. Not in a gay way, more an awe struck jaw wide open literally making the sound “AWWW!!” kind of way. The design has great proportions with clean and sharp lines giving it a slightly futuristic military feel, the size of the limbs actually look like it is possible someone is in there piloting the thing, unlike the anorexic looking MKII . Sculpture wise, the lines are also much sharper and more defined than the previous release but there are still room for improvements (Hint to Hasbro: take a look at some Japanese toy lines, Figma, S.H.Figuarts, SIC etc)

War Machine


Good articulation in the upper body region, I especially like the range of movement in the torso. Head is a bit tight and can only tilt up slightly, just enough to look forward for a flying pose. Arms are great and I am glad to see they have hinged the shoulder pads to the body so you no longer have the problem of them popping off. The knee joints are actually quite impressive, they are double jointed and mimics interlocking sliding armour action. Now to the bad, Hasbro has decided to stick with the weird hip joints. Sure it looks good as it is a complete ball, but it is such a pain in the ass to pose with. The problem with this joint is you can only either splay the legs or raise the legs (which is very limited anyway) depending which way the ball is pointing, not very play friendly at all.

  • War Machine in flight
  • War Machine mid air battle
  • War Machine ground defence
  • War Machine ready for action
  • War Machine repulsor at the ready
  • War Machine charge


From a short distance away, the figure looks really good. Paint is relatively movie accurate and there are print details to give it a bit more realism. As you get closer though, you’ll start to notice some wobbly and uneven paint application throughout the figure. This is especially apparent on the head of my figure as the paint area on the left is not quite even to the right hand side.

  • War Machine head paint application left
  • War Machine head paint application right

The other thing to note is, even though there are print details on the figure, the ink seem to be thin in places which detracts from realism a little bit. Again, overall I’m still quite happy with the figure, and I can assure you it is 100% better than the MKII in this department (ie no finger print marks!!).

  • War Machine print detail
  • War Machine more print detail
  • War Machine slightly blurry paint application
  • War Machine repulsor print detail


I have to emphasis again how good it is that Hasbro have included the ammunition belt that clips into the back of War Machine and his mini gun, there are “other” War Machine figures out there that don’t have this, and it just doesn’t look quite right.

  • War Machine mini gun ammo belt detail
  • War Machine knee articulation detail

I also wanted to show you a closer image of the awesome knee articulation I mentioned earlier, I was really surprised that a company like Hasbro would do such a great design feature on a toy like this. Also a closer look at the hinged shoulder pads, and impressive small detail of the hinged armored wrist plate.

  • War Machine's hinged shoulder pads
  • War Machine's hinged armored wrist plates

Lastly, to give you a better idea of the improvements since the first movie release, here is War Machine with the Iron Man MKII Suit, the before and after shot. A good size comparison against the Iron Man MKI suit just cos I felt like it, and they both look great!

  • War Machine vs Iron Man MKII
  • War Machine with Iron Man MKI


I highly recommend this toy to any collectors of 6 inch figures, even if you’re not one you should definitely start with this, oh and forget about the 3 ¾ toy, it is no where as nice (unfortunately that’s all we get in Australia!!) as the 6 inch. Compared to the previous release Iron Man figures, there is just no question about the improvements. Hasbro has taken a big leap forward with the new movie line, and I hope they continue to do so. MKVI review on it’s way!

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    Hahaha, waiting for mk6 review.

    I bought 1 set (mk6 and warmachine) but I sold MK6 coz I only wanted warmachine

    • LOL you should have sold the MK6 to me then…mine is still on its way from the US but hoping to get it this week!

      Isn’t War Machine just incredible!!<3

    My brother Chase would love this iron man toy he loves iron man

    • Hi Larissa, if you’re quick you may still be able to find some at Walmart..:) I’m sure Chase would love it, I know I do!

    Hey where did you get the stand that lets the figure do flying poses?

    • Hi Jacob, these are called Tamashii Stage stands made by Bandai. They come in all sorts of colours but this particular one I have actually came with one of the S.H.Figuart toys I bought a while back…you can get them at stores like HLJ or AmiAmi:)

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