Hellboy II – Wounded Hellboy

I have to admit that I had no idea who this brutish red character was until I saw the first Hellboy movie a couple of years ago, and immediately I was fascinated by him. But it wasn’t until the second movie, Hellboy II – The Golden Army that I really became a fan of ‘red’. This is the first Hellboy figure I have owned, and I have to say I am impressed! I finally purchased my Hellboy figure from Anime Abbotsford after a long and lengthy search, there’s not many of them left so better be quick!


Hellboy is a fictional character created by writer-artist Mike Mignola and first appeared in 1991 at the Great Salt Lake Hellboy face Comic Convention as a black and white illustration in the Comic Con program. Hellboy was later published independently at Dark Horse Comics and adapted into the first Hellboy movie in 2004.

Hellboy is a demon who was initially summoned by the Nazis in the final years of World War II to change the tide of war. He was discovered by the Allied Forces after they raided the summoning ceremony and was taken by the United States armed forces. He was raised and trained by Professor Broom Trevor, who is the head of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence (B.P.R.D), of which Hellboy is now the primary agent and top ‘investigator’. Hellboy was so named for his appearance, and it’s not hard to see why.

Name: Wounded Hellboy
Manufacturer: Mezco Toyz
Line: Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: 2008
Original Price: $34.95AUD / $28USD
Height: 190mm / 7.4inches


Hellboy comes in a traditional clamshell packaging with inner liner to hold the figure and accessories in place. The packaging here is simple but effective, and makes use of nice graphics. There is however, quite a bit of wasted space in the packaging, but I guess that makes them easier to stack and transport.

Hellboy Packaging


The wounded Hellboy comes with his trusty Samaritan (his gun) and a birdcage, I get the Samaritan but why a birdcage? I’ve searched through the movie and no sign of the birdcage, maybe I missed something? If anyone can shed light on this, that would be great. The Samaritan is well made and it can be opened to simulate changing bullets although I’m sure they could have done a better job with the paint. The birdcage has a yellow bird inside, which I assume to be a canary? This is also well detailed considering the size.

  • Hellboy Birdcage
  • Hellboy Samaritan gun
  • Hellboy Samaritan gun open


From the picture on the back of the packaging, there seems to be different variations to the wounded Hellboy, the one pictured on the packaging has more of a “in pain” expression on his face as well as an opened ‘Right Hand of Doom’. Whereas the figure I purchased, has an angry face with a close fisted ‘Right Hand of Doom’, which I actually prefer.First impression, Hellboy is well sculpted, the face has a lot of character, and the expression suits him perfectly even though he is supposed to be injured. What can I say, Hellboy is tough! The body is well detailed with markings that really bring realism to this toy.

Wounded Hellboy


The articulation on this figure is pretty awesome, having a total 22 points of articulation, with 8 of these being ball joint type, giving the figure more flexibility in movement and poses. Don’t get me wrong, this figure isn’t perfect and there are some issues with the articulation. Firstly, the hip joint doesn’t allow a 90 degree bend, so Hellboy can’t kneel without falling over, and secondly, there are no elbow joints on his right arm so his ‘Right Hand of Doom’ always stays straight. Other than that, this is a really fun figure to pose!

  • Hellboy looking mean!
  • Hellboy kick!
  • Hellboy big punch!
  • Hellboy looking cool~
  • Hellboy reach for gun
  • Hellboy ready to shoot!


As I mentioned before, the Samaritan could have been painted better, but overall the paint application on this Hellboy figure is quite nice. Some of the more impressive paint detail includes high lights on the folds of his pants, the black ink wash applied in the recess of his ‘Right Hand of Doom’ and of course his face, especially the eyes. For most figures, paint can be the deciding factor between a good figure, and a bad figure, but in this case, the paint is as good as the sculpt making Hellboy a very impressive toy overall.

Hellboy Face


There are some really nicely sculpted details throughout this figure, including his belt area, gun holster, pants and of course the ‘Right Hand of Doom’. Pictures speak louder than words so, enjoy!

  • Hellboy belt
  • Hellboy tail
  • Hellboy holster
  • Hellboy Right Hand of Doom


Like I said before, I was impressed by this figure, from a distance, it looks like Hellboy has walked straight out of the movie screen onto my desk!

Hellboy Feet

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    The reason he has a bird cage is because when he goes to the troll market, the lady that shows him the entrance is afraid of birds and that is why she took him to it

    • Hey Nick,

      Thanks for visiting, also thanks for clearing that up! I must have missed that part of the movie…..prolly watch it again in the weekend aha….

    yeah the troll (old lady)’s only weakness is the bird in the cage. their “key” into the market

  • Wish the prince they made was better…dont like him in “fairy uniform”. should have made a battle injured prince?

    • haha, yeah the prince didn’t look very tough in toy form hence why I skipped him. Was thinking of getting Abe though….but he didn’t look too tough either..haha

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