Hellboy 1.5 – Anung Un Rama

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“60 years ago, a plot to take over the world was defeated by the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, a Hellboy Anung Un Rama Facetop secret government agency. Now those sinister forces have returned, and only the BPRD’s unlikely team of heroes can save mankind. The BPRD are the ultimate last line of defense. When things go bump in the night, they are the ones who bump back.”

Hellboy is a demon whose true name is Anung Un Rama which means “The Beast of the Apocalypse”. He was summoned to Earth in the final months of World War II as an infant by Rasputin having been commissioned by the Nazis in hopes of changing the tide of war.

Name: Hellboy Anung Un Rama
Manufacturer: Mezco Toyz
Line: Hellboy 1.5
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: 2004
Original Price: $29.95USD (approx. $32AUD)
Secondary Market Price: $49.95USD – $122USD
Height: 220mm / 8.66inch (to top of horn)


As I purchase this figure loose (too expensive and rare new) I don’t have any photos of the packaging but with a quick google search you can see that the figure originally comes in a clam shell packaging. This type of packaging is cheap to produce, but unfortunately not very collector friendly.


Anung Un Rama comes with a crown of flames that can clip on between his horns, ad well as his trusty Samaritan gun. Unfortunately though, Anung Un Rama’s left hand is not designed to hold the gun properly as the index finger has not been extended to accommodate the trigger.

  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama's crown of flames
  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama's trusty Samaritan


Anung Un Rama looks means as, muscular upper body and demonic facial expression, perfectly suited for a guy whose name is “The Beast of the Apocalypse”. The body has a lot of muscle, vein and engraving detail, just like in the movies! Brilliant!

Hellboy Anung Un Rama


Articulation isn’t too bad, Anung Un Rama is pretty bulky which makes the movement in a lot of the joints quite limited. Despite this he can still be placed in some pretty nice poses. Anung Un Rama features an amazing 23 points of articulation, this of course includes the 3 in his tail. Different to the trench coat versions of Hellboy, his right arm which his “Right Hand of Doom” is on, has an articulated elbow.

  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama ready to kick your ass
  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama jump punch!
  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama power punch!
  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama quick draw
  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama trying to look like the movie poster pose
  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama has landed


Let’s take a close look at the paint job on this figure. Firstly a nice bit of detail on his horns where the crown of flame sits, the tips are blackened to simulate being burnt. The crown itself is made from red transparent material with a bit of orange painted on the base, giving the flame a bit more depth. The engraving on his “Right Hand of Doom” has bright orange paint filled in simulating the hand being on fire, again this looks great. A black wash has been applied to everything except his body, arms and head which bring out a lot of the smaller sculptural detail as well as giving him an ancient look.

  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama  crown and horn paint detail
  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama  right hand of doom paint detail
  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama belt buckle paint detail
  • Hellboy Anung Un Rama belt pouch paint detail


This is another great Hellboy figure from Mezco Toyz, definitely worth collecting. If you can find him loose for a good price, even better. There are heaps of variants of the 7” Hellboy figures out there but I don’t plan on collecting them all. I think if you just buy 1 or 2 of the ones you like, that’s plenty enough and I do like this one, even more than Wounded Hellboy!

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