IGear PP01B Nemesis Leader



Name: PP01B Nemesis Leader
Manufacturer: IGear Toys
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, rubber (wheels)
Release: May 2010
Original Price $90USD
Height: 210mm / 8.27inches
Length: 170mm / 6.69inches


The style of the packaging takes inspiration from the Transformers Masterpiece toy line with some noticeable differences. First there is a clear window at the front to see the figure inside, and on the back there’s only a single artwork of the character rather than a series of photos and details about the toy. The box itself is also not quite as solid as the real thing but it does do the job and keep the contents safe.

  • iGear Nemesis Leader packaging front
  • iGear Nemesis Leader packaging back
  • iGear Nemesis Leader packaging 3 quarter view
  • iGear Nemesis Leader packaging inside


Nemesis comes with an interchangeable G1 animated head on a head base, a pair of blaster rifles (one with round handle, one with flat handle), Megatron in P-38 gun mode, and an energon axe. One extra thing the Nemesis came with that the Masterpiece did not have was the individually articulated finger hands. It was a good idea, however the last joints of the fingers tend to fall off easily, and you have to unscrew the wrist to swap the hands over.

  • iGear Nemesis Leader with Megatron P-38 gun mode and Blaster rifle
  • iGear Nemesis Leader with energon axe
  • iGear Nemesis Leader with G1 animated head on head base
  • iGear Nemesis Leader's  individually articulated finger hands


Robot Mode: Being modelled after the Masterpiece Optimus, the design and proportions are of course spot on. The great thing about this kit is that it also includes the animated version of the head for true G1 fans (I personally prefer the other version). Different from the Masterpiece, it doesn’t have any die-cast parts, visually it looks basically identical apart from being smaller, but it is quite lightweight. The plastics used are pretty good though and overall construction is solid.

iGear PP01b Nemesis Leader

Alt Mode: In the alt mode, it looks just as good as the Masterpiece version. Transformation is exactly the same so there’s nothing new to learn if you’ve already got the Masterpiece. Nemesis features rubber wheels which also has the “Formula Desert Dog” labelling embossed, though not as well detailed.

  • iGear Nemesis Leader front 3 quarter view
  • iGear Nemesis Leader rear 3 quarter view


One benefit of not having all the heavy die-cast parts is that balancing some poses become easier. Articulation wise, it has all the same joints as the Masterpiece with nice ratchet action in the shoulders, waist, hips and knees.

  • iGear Nemesis on the communicator
  • iGear Nemesis in action
  • iGear Nemesis ready for attack with energon axe
  • iGear Nemesis in command
  • iGear Nemesis high kick
  • iGear Nemesis charge!


The quality of paint is much better than the 20th anniversary version I’ve got, and with all the chrome plated bits, I’d say it’s almost as good as the Masterpiece toy. I really like the colour scheme of this figure, and there isn’t really much I can fault here. The teal parts are nicely finished in metallic, there are silver detailing in panels, and a decal of Megatron in the right communicator, and Optimus in the left.

  • iGear Nemesis Leader cab/chest paint detail
  • iGear Nemesis Leader chrome plated abs detail
  • iGear Nemesis Leader feat paint detail
  • iGear Nemesis Leader back paint detail
  • iGear Nemesis Leader legs paint detail
  • iGear Nemesis Leader with Megatron in communicator decal detail


Comparing the size of the PP01B Nemesis Leader to Masterpiece/20th Optimus, you can see there is a massive difference. I actually prefer the Nemesis size, it fits in better with the rest of my collection, and it takes up less space (which means more toys!:P).

  • iGear Nemesis Leader vs 20th Anniversary Optimus
  • iGear Nemesis Leader vs 20th Anniversary Optimus in alt mode

Just like its larger counterpart, Nemesis features spring loaded suspension front and back. Actually the only gimmick that the IGear toy doesn’t have is the light up matrix of leadership.

  • iGear Nemesis Leader spring loaded rear suspension
  • iGear Nemesis Leader spring loaded rear suspension

Since this is not an officially licensed Transformer toy, there are no Decepticon logos on the toy. A few dollars on eBay, a couple of weeks later and the problem is fixed. Much better!

  • iGear Nemesis Leader with Decepticon decal - awesome!
  • iGear Nemesis Leader with Decepticon decal in alt mode


For a non-licensed product, it certainly beats 90% of the real stuff out there. It is nicely made and well put together and it’s at a scale which I personally prefer as it doesn’t take as much room. This of course comes at a price, which is close to some of the Masterpiece figures, so you’ve really gotta ask yourself if it is worth the money. The PP01B Nemesis Leader being a Limited Edition made it easier for me to justify the purchase, so I’m happy.

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