Iron Man MKII

It is always good to see when Hollywood takes a much loved comic book superhero and turn it into a realistic live action movie, and does a good job at it! Iron Man is up there with the best of them so let’s see if the movie merchandise action figures are as good as the film.


Iron Man is a fictional superhero character created by legendary American comic book writer-editor Stan Lee. The character first appeared in 1963, published by Marvel comics in “Tales of Suspense #39”.

Iron Man is the invention of industrialist playboy and genius engineer Anthony Edward “Tony” Starck of Starck Industries which design and manufacture military weapons and missile systems for the US government. He suffered a severe heart Iron Man MKIIinjury during a kidnapping where he was forced to build a destructive weapon for the terrorists. Instead, he builds a power suit to save his life and escape from his captors. Once returned to America, he develops and refines the suit to help the innocent and battle terrorists’ worldwide.

Throughout the character’s comic history, Iron Man is usually associated as being a member of a superhero team – The Avengers, but has appeared in several of his own comic book series, several animated TV shows, films and a live action movie in 2008. The Iron Man figure we’re looking at today is the MKII suit from the 2008 movie played by Robert Downey Jr.

Name: Iron Man MKII
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Line: Iron Man The Movie
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS
Release: 2008
Original Price: $16.99AUD / $10.99USD
Height: 155mm / 6.1inches


Iron Man comes packaged in a blister pack and the design suits the product quite well I think. There are some nice images of Iron Man with personalised information about the specific figure at the back. The graphics also complimented the product with bold industrial type fonts and lines. Use of bright colours makes it really stand out in the stores and the contents are also well displayed, except Iron Man is placed in a weird sideways running pose which I don’t quite understand.

Iron Man packaging


The Iron Man figure comes with two spring loaded missile blasters and the launching missiles. They clip to his forearms, but are massively out of proportion. I guess they are designed more for kids to play with rather than for adult collectors to display with.

Iron Man accessories


The design of the movie Iron Man was really successful in my opinion and at 6 inches tall, this figure fits in nicely with other 6 inch scaled action figures. This is a really sleek looking Iron Man, but may be slightly too sleek considering there is actually meant to be a man under all that armour. Nevertheless, the sculptural work is quite nice and I especially like the head design. I would have like to see much more defined lines and detail on the sculpt as some of the panel lines almost “disappear” into the body.

Iron Man front and back views


In terms of the number of articulation, this figure does quite well. It has double jointed elbows and knees which allows him to do a variety of poses, including kneeling which a lot of 6 inch figures can’t do. The chest is on a ball joint which allows rolling and makes up for the fact there is no waist joint. The Shoulder joints are also quite good, they have a 360° range of motion – until the shoulder pads get in the way and pops off (Which is really annoying and I’ll get to it further down). So far so good right? Well, heres what keeps this figure from being great and actually makes it freaking annoying – the hip joints. The hip joints are inserted into the body at a strange angle (not 90° as they usually are), which basically means you can either only raise the leg forward, or splay the leg out depending on the position of the joint. – Still it can do some pretty decent poses.

  • Iron Man fires blasters
  • Iron Man on the ground
  • Iron Man looking good
  • Iron Man flying
  • Iron Man side step
  • Iron Man side kick


This whole Iron Man series has got a bad case of bad paint work, and on most occasions, the lack of paint. The figure has been molded in colour, a dull grey-ish silver with about 20% of the surface painted in silver. And what paint there is, is applied very poorly. On top of this, the whole figure has had excessive black ink wash applied (looks like they’ve just dunked the whole thing in a tub!) making the whole thing look dirty, and on my particular figure there is even a finger print mark left by the guy doing the inking! Hasbro, please understand applying black ink wash does not automatically make your toys look good – it won’t hide the crappy paint job!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paint on head not the best
  • body molded in colour
  • back looks okay
  • finger print on the arm!!

They’ve even attempted to apply some pad printing on the figure, some were okay quality, but the ones on the hips – what the…?

  • Pad print detail is okay in some areas
  • Not sure what they're trying to print here....


Okay, this segment usually highlights the good details that are present on the toys. Unfortunately, there aren’t many (or any) on this figure so I’m afraid it’s more bad news for Hasbro. Firstly carrying on from the lack of paint theme, on this figure this also means there are bad flow lines visible in the plastic which does nothing for the appearance of the figure.

  • Flow lines in the plastic
  • Those damn shoulder pads keeps popping off!!

And also mentioned earlier, those annoying shoulder pads that pops off whenever you move the arms, I’m so tempted just to superglue the damn things on, or leave them off completely!


To sum it in a few words, this is a nicely designed and sculpted character that has been ruined (in my opinion) by bad engineering of the joints, lazy and lack of application of paint and poor quality control by the company. If Hasbro continues to pump out millions of these crappy toys then I wouldn’t be surprised that their toys will continue to occupy shelf space long after their initial release.

If you want people to continue to buy your stuff, then please make them something that is worth buying and I don’t mean crappy repaints of the same sh*t.

End rant/ Thanks for reading my toy review!

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