SIC Vol. 46 Kamen Rider 1 & Cyclone

Super Imaginative Chogokin (S.I.C) is a popular line of figures created by sculptors Takayuki Takeya and Kenji Ando, based on characters created by Shotaro Ishinomori. The first 10 volumes of the S.I.C line were statuette figures, they were nicely sculpted, well detailed and realistically painted but lacked articulation. From volume 11 onwards, they incorporated very articulated joints and even bike sets making this line more popular than ever. I will be taking a look at volume 46, released in Feb of 2009, this is a re-imagination of Kamen Rider 1 with Cyclone based on the 2005 movie “Kamen Rider – The First” (仮面ライダーTHE FIRST)


Kamen Rider is a bike riding superhero character featured in Japanese special effects shows (tokusatsu). He is modeled on a grasshopper and is one of Japan’s most recognizable and iconic characters.Kamen Rider No.1 face

In the 2005 movie version, Takeshi Hongo (Masaya Kikawada) is a college student who was abducted into a terrorist organization called the SHOCKER (Sacred Hegemoney of Cycle Kindred Evolutional Realm). He was then given reconstructive surgery and mental conditioning turning him into an inhumanoid and becomes one of the SHOCKER soldiers known as “Hopper”.

Long story short, Hongo regains his humanity and using the powers SHOCKER had given to him, he starts to fight back against his creators as the Masked Rider No.1 (“Kamen Rider Ichigo” in Japanese). For the full plot summary see wikipedia.

Name: Masked Rider 1 & Cyclone(仮面ライダー1号&サイクロン)
Manufacturer: Bandai
Line: S.I.C Super Imaginative Chogokin VOL.46
Sculptor: Takayuki Takeya
Scale: Non-scale
Material: ABS, PVS, Die-cast
Release: 2009
Original Price: ¥7,140 (approx. $95AUD /$75USD)
Height: 180mm / 7inches
Bike Length: 220mm / 8.6inches


When I first received the box, it was larger than I had originally anticipated, not that it was a bad thing. The packaging was nice and effective, good solid rectangular box with large display window. Lots of nice images of the figure and bike in action on the back of the box, with information about S.I.C “philosophy” and the sculpture to give the product a background story for those that do not know the S.I.C line, a nice touch. The figure and bike “floats” in between two clear plastic lining, good thing there were only a couple of twisty ties.

Kamen Rider Vol.46 packaging


Kamen Rider 1 comes with an extra head of Masaya, a pair of handle bar grip hands and interchangeable waist for riding the Cyclone, a pair of half opened hands and two scarf pieces (normal and action). The extra head does sort of resemble the actor Masaya, but in a pale feminine kind of way, not the best but given that the S.I.C line does not usually include a human head, this was a good thing to have. There are a total for 3 pairs of hands in this set, however they should have also included a set of opened palm hands for Kamen Rider’s signature pose!

  • Takeshi Hongo head
  • Kamen Rider hands
  • Kamen Rider scarf
  • Kamen Rider parts


I must admit, this is the first Kamen Rider figure I’ve owned, in actual fact the first S.I.C series figure I’ve owned so I can ‘t really do a good comparison to the other figures in the line. I can say from what I’ve seen that this is a beautifully sculpted figure that has good detail and realistic human proportions. A lot of fine detail can be seen in the sculpt such as the rivets in the shoulder pads, elbow guard and knee pads as well as less noticeable things like the folds of the cloths all contributing to a very realistic, reimagination of the original comic book character.

Kamen Rider front and back

The bike is also beautifully sculpted, good proportions, looks mean as and you can really feel the weight of the diecast parts. The design is different to the movie version, it looks bulkier in comparison, the body is rounder and it has 6 exhausts instead of just the one, reminiscent to that of the old Cyclone design.



Articulation on this figure is not too bad, it has all the necessary joints, elbow and knees all have double joints and even the feet has a joint at the toes which makes him easy to balance, there are a total of 19 points of articulation (the helmet head as an extra tilt joint). The waist joint is a bit restrictive, as with the shoulder joints and thigh joints. Kamen rider is unable to raise his arms level to his shoulders without turning the shoulder pads under, and for him to be able to kick his legs high forward, you need to change the waist apron to the one riding Cyclone – why couldn’t they have made this part with soft PVC? Also he doesn’t seem very flexible for a superhero that can take on 20+ enemies at once, I mean he can’t even do a high side kick, the widest I could get his legs apart was about 90 degrees.

  • Kamen Rider
  • Kamen Rider riding Cyclone
  • Kamen Rider riding Cyclone
  • Kamen Rider holding helmet
  • Kamen Rider kick
  • Kamen Rider
  • Kamen Rider front kick
  • Kamen Rider balance
  • Kamen Rider
  • Kamen Rider kneel


The paint work on this figure is quite realistic, a brown wash has been applied in the folds of the cloths to mimic dirt, and the overall tone is quite dark adding to realism. Paint application is generally quite clean and precise, although you can see quite a bit of over spray and wobbly paint application on the white belt.

  • Kamen Rider paint
  • Cyclone detail

The bike’s paint job was not as precise as the figure, bit more overspray in some places, however the decals were clear and crisp. Good metallic paint applied to the bike’s frame and internals, as well as a beautiful titanium burn effect on the exhausts. Generally speaking I was quite happy with the paint quality and colour on both the figure and the bike.

  • Cyclone exhaust
  • Cyclone decals


Some nice details worth mentioning, Kamen rider’s helmet head has extra joint, allowing him to look forward on the bike (or upwards at the sky). Shoulder pads are hinged allowing it to move naturally with the arm. Elbow and knees are double jointed, and very strong.

  • Kamen Rider shoulder pad
  • Kamen Rider joint
  • Kamen Rider head
  • Kamen Rider on bike

Moving on to the bike, rear compartment can open to store helmet, lots of mechanical detail on the bike including headers, grooved foot rest and gear change, working diecast bike stand, rubber wheels, detailed internals and cluster. One thing I would have liked is to have had some decals in the cluster to represent the speedometer and gauges etc as they did with the Vol. 14 release, would have really brought realism to this toy.

  • Cyclone storage
  • Cyclone headers
  • Cyclone detail
  • Cyclone brake caliper
  • Cyclone exhaust
  • Cyclone gear lever
  • Cyclone cluster
  • Cyclone detail


I was quite impressed with this toy, there were a few down falls and room for improvement but overall a good design and good execution.

The price was set very reasonably for a toy of this quality. I am glad it is in my collection and I now have an appetite for more S.I.C figures!

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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    great photos and nice detail on the bike!

  • I like S.I.C.
    Nice review. I’m looking into getting this figure as well.

    Just reeled in a few. Vol. 37, Akumizer 3 and ZO & Dabora.

    • hey thanks for visiting, great collection you got going there, all very nice figures!!

      I’m hoping to get some more SIC figures when I’ve finished reviewing all the stuff I have so far….next SIC for review will the 2008 Vol. 16 reissue Black RX and Black!! Keep an eye out:)

    do you sell this item?

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