Figma 010 Kanu Unchou 關羽雲長

When you get a bunch of hot looking anime girls, add in lots of fighting and violence, plus some easily shredded uniforms and clothing, you get something quite special indeed!


Ikkitousen 一騎当千, literally translates to “one lone rider against a thousand”, started as a manga series based on the classic Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” (三國演義). Set in modern Japan in the district of Kantou, students from the seven schools in the area are constantly fighting with each other. Guided and strengthened by the fate of their Magatama (stones that contain the spirit and destinies of the warriors from the Three Kingdoms period of China), they must fight to become the strongest fighter and claim the title of “Ikkitousen”.

Kanu UnchouThe story was adapted to an anime TV series which aired from July to October of 2003. Since then there has been 2 sequel series – Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny & Ikkitousen: Great Guardians, and a number of OVAs, most of which are only suitable for adult viewers.

Kanu Unchou 關羽 雲長 (pronounced “kan wu”)is one of the anime’s most powerful toushi (warrior), and the character most depicted in statuette and figure form from this series. She is armed with the nearly invincible Blue Dragon Crescent Blade which unfortunately does not appear in the first anime series, as Kanu only appeared in two of the episodes in this series. The story of Ikkitousen is quite complicated, best to watch the anime for yourself – you won’t regret it!

Name: Kanu Unchou 關羽 雲長
Manufacturer: Max Factory / Good Smile Company
Line: Figma Action Figure Series 010
Sculpter: Masaki Apsy
Scale: Non-scale
Material: PVC, ABS, POM, PP
Release: 2008
Original Price: ¥2,800 (approx. $35AUD / $29USD)
Height: 130mm / 5.1inches


What can you expect from the Figma action figure series packaging, well, nothing except a sturdy, well made, well designed box that secures the contents nicely and still manages to display what’s on offer at a glance. You can tell a lot of thought has been put into the packaging in this line, the only things I didn’t like was the Chinese style graphics with the calligraphy and the dragon, which is mainly influenced by the actual storyline, and the fact that the packaging could have been smaller (lots of air inside).

Kanu Packaging


As with all Figma figures, Kanu cames with the standard Figma rack of hands and display stand, as well as two interchangeable faces, torn top chest and torn skirt for that battle damage look and her signature weapon of choice, the Blue Dragon Crescent Blade. I love that the skirts are made from soft PVC, really helps with posing and feels great.

  • Accessories | Rack of hands | Display Stand | 2 Interchangeable faces | Torn chest and skirt
  • Kanu's weapon - Blue Dragon Crescent Blade


I love the way this figure looks, especially her sailor uniform (what little there is that resembles a sailor uniform), sure there are many versions of her out there, most of which are sculpted with unrealistic and outrageous proportions to emphasize her “femininity”. However, I prefer the anime look and the simplicity of this design, not to mention the articulation which none of the other figures/ statuettes of Kanu has. The best part of this figure I think, is her hair which is just so beautiful and fluid and gives the figure a sense of motion.

Kanu's full view

A couple of things which could be improved on, the socks are a bit too fat and could have used a bit more detail in the folds. The shoes doesn’t really suit her, they’re just too bulky, needs to be more refined and feminine perhaps.


This figure is well articulated, 17 points of articulation including one on her hair piece. In every pose Kanu looks great and there isn’t really any pose she can’t do. All the joints are tight and have a good feel to them.

  • Kanu kick
  • Kanu kick close up
  • Kanu powerful pointing
  • Kanu on ground

Using the display stand, you’re able to do even more dynamic poses, and because the stand is transparent, the figure will still be the centre of focus!

  • Kanu attack
  • Kanu attack close up
  • Kanu getting tired from fighting
  • Kanu attack pose
  • Kanu attack stance
  • Kanu attack stance close up


Overall the paint application is not too bad, good clean lines on the uniform but not so much tonal depth at all on this figure. The eyes are very detailed and well printed which I’m assuming was done by pad printing. It’s a bit of a shame that the hair covers one side of her face and only the right eye can be seen but at least it keeps her in character.

  • Kanu uniform sleeve paint detail
  • Kanu eye detail


Some good detail on this figure, the uniform ribbon scarf is molded in soft PCV which is a nice touch and makes things easy when swapping the chest pieces. Her hair even has a point of articulation where she wears a metal brace thingy which is handy for posing as you can change the direction of her hair flow!

  • Kanu uniform ribbon scarf
  • Kanu metal hair brace

Her Blue Dragon Crescent Blade is also nicely sculpted with great detail on the dragon’s head. The body of the spear is painted in silver whereas the blade is a gunmetal colour.

  • Kanu's crescent blade head
  • Kanu's crescent blade end

One problem I found with this figure was that the chest piece didn’t fit in very well, from the side you can see a massive gap, not a huge problem but it’s something that should have been addressed – perhaps a quality control issue?

Kanu's chest fitment

Two more images for your viewing pleasure, not much to say here:P

  • Kanu's......erm.....belly button..
  • and....erm.....


I really like this figure, or perhaps it’s the character that I like. Regardless of which, this is a great toy and it basically got me into the whole series. Ryomou Shimei (呂蒙 子明) is on her way and I’m sure she will be just as good as this Kanu figure.

With such a huge number of Kanu figures available on the market, it is always hard to choose the best or your favorite one. So why not start with the cheapest one that is also the most fun to play with!

Thanks for reading my toy review!

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